Sunday, 31 March 2013

Uganda police to deploy plain-cloth officers in bars during Easter

Public is advised to hire drivers who do not drink alcohol if they intend to celebrate the season in bars.

As people in Buikwe District wait to celebrate Easter tonight, police too are putting in place measures to ensure that it is celebrated peacefully.
As one of the measures, police intend to deploy plain-cloth personnel in bars and all places where there will be merry-making. “People should enjoy as much as they can, but avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, because we are going to arrest any person we get in that state,” said Buikwe traffic chief Alex Mulamuzi on Friday.
“This move is aimed at ensuring that people celebrate the resurrection of Christ peacefully and also pass through the long holiday without any problems in terms of road accidents,’’
According to the plan, the plain- cloth men, to be assisted by civilian crime preventers, will be moving from bar to bar, including night clubs, to monitor how people are consuming alcohol, and whether they will drive after.
They will then call in the traffic officers to take action in case they detect any person drink-driving.
The traffic chief asked people to hire drivers if they intend to go out to take alcohol. “If one fail to get a driver to take him or her home after drinking, let that person call the police we shall provide a driver. But please don’t dare drink and drive, because you will not survive the police,’’ said Mr Mulamuzi.
 or pedestrians, Mr Mulamuzi advised them to avoid motor ways once too drunk. The warning comes at a time when people, especially in Lugazi Town Council, have organised a series of parties. Police blame majority of road accidents on driving under the influence of alcohol.