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Doctor sacked over patient’s death.Drive Hot News

KAMPALA-The Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council has recommended the suspension of Dr Ben Ayiko, a senior gynaecologist at Entebbe Grade B Hospital, over negligence that allegedly led to the death of a pregnant mother three years ago.
According to an October 3 report from to the medical council, which Saturday Monitor has seen, Dr Ayiko neglected a pregnant mother Ms Patricia Gitta leading to, her death in March 2011 at Mulago hospital where she had been referred from Entebbe Grade B Hospital.
“The council has carefully perused the complaint, response, the clinical notes and the evidence given by the witnesses during the inquiry. Dr Ayiko acted inappropriately when he referred the patient from his private clinic to Entebbe hospital where he is the obstetrician without a clear reason for referral and no instruction to what should be done,” the council report reads in part.
Holding fort
At that time Dr Ayiko was acting medical superintendent and holding fort for Dr Moses Muwanga who was on studies abroad.
Medical reports from Mulago hospital, where Ms Gitta died after an emergency operation, indicate she suffered an eclampsia, which required emergency C section and could be managed by Dr Ayiko at Entebbe but he chose to refer the patient to Entebbe hospital from his private clinic and did not follow up on the patient.
The report, signed by Prof Joel Okullo Odom, chairman of the council and other members, cites poor funding to the hospital and poor management of personnel.
It recommends that these institutional ills be addressed urgently.
Despite the council’s interdiction order, sources close to the matter at Entebbe Hospital, said Dr Ayiko is still at work.
Dr Moses Muwanga, the hospital superintendent, said they had not received any communication from the medical council to suspend Dr Ayiko.
“We have not received any document from the council in regard to that matter. We have neither the report nor the suspension letter, thus we have no basis to stop him from working,” Dr Muwanga said by telephone

Why you should give up sugar.Drive Hot News

Even though we have come a long way from the cave days, we are still programmed to seek out and enjoy sugar.
Sugar causes rampant inflammation when it gets in the body. In medical terms, you could say that sugar makes any condition ending in “-itis” worse. PHOTO 

When Baby Boy Mukherjee hit 10 months, something inside my head went off telling me that I needed to get back into shape.
Sure I’d lost the pregnancy weight, but as every woman who’s given birth can testify, pregnancy leaves you with these strange squishy bits.
So, as I embarked on a strict regimen of early morning yoga. Baby Boy Mukherjee was hitting that age where his requirements for breastmilk were at their peak.
As readers of my Wednesday column will know, this is when I started the R&D process for my famous granola bars.
With each iteration, I would wake up feeling different. Some days I’d be more bloated, other days I’d sleep better and there were some days I’d be really stiff.
Now as arthritis sufferers may know, it’s the nightshade vegetables (tomato, pepper, aubergine and potato), as well as citrus fruits, that are notorious for causing joint stiffness. But with Baby Boy Mukherjee various colic woes, I wasn’t indulging. So what was turning a simple sun salutation into a torturous exercise?
In a word
In a word, sugar. Sugar causes rampant inflammation when it gets in the body. In medical terms, you could say that sugar makes any condition ending in “-itis” worse.
So, if you have a problem with your eyes (say iritis) or an issue with your joints (arthritis), sugar can aggravate both. Issues with your gut?
Sugar can make conditions like gastritis (stomach) and colitis (large intestine) worse too. Sugar also depresses the immune system, in as little as 30 minutes after eating it. So if you think you might be coming down with a cold or sore throat one evening, if you have a sugary drink, I can guarantee that you’ll be ill the following day.
A 300 ml bottle of soda contains about 30 grammes of sugar – that’s 7.5 teaspoonfuls, or what you’d find in a tube of chewy sweets.
A 250 ml carton of a ready-to-drink “cordial” drink contains about the same. Energy drinks are worse still. One of them (obviously I can’t name names) contains 64 grammes of sugar in a 380 ml bottle – that is 16 teaspoons of sugar!
But it doesn’t need to be sugar in its raw form either. Refined carbohydrates have the same effect – things like chips, mandazis or white bread.
And this is even before I start talking about teeth or skin for that matter. Did you know that sugar actually ages your skin as much as smoking?
So, look for natural alternatives where possible. My granola bars actually use dates and honey to sweeten, and it appears that by combining with slow-release carbohydrates (oats), good fats (nuts) and protein (peanuts) the effect on joints is lessened further.

Why you need to rethink your retirement plan.Drive Hot News

I always used to wonder why the subject that teaches you how to take care of a home is known as ‘home economics’. 
Think you have your retirement plan nailed? Think again, because your pension may not be able to sustain you. Here’s a smarter way to prepare for retirement. PHOTO/FILE 

Julius is 35 years old. He has just started a new job and currently earns a monthly income of Sh100, 000.
Julius has never taken retirement savings seriously and has never contributed to any of his previous employers’ retirement schemes.
During induction to his new job, he was taken through the importance of retirement planning and has started getting interested in putting aside money for this eventuality.
A huge motivating factor for Julius to register for the organisation’s retirement benefit scheme is that his employer will match his contribution up to a maximum of 10 per cent of his income. Julius starts contributing Sh10, 000 a month towards this and his employer another Sh10, 000 per month. Julius is happy to keep it at this level (a total of Sh20, 000 per month) as this is the amount that he will receive a tax benefit on.
He hopes to retire at the age of 60 (in 25 years). 
Julius has done a rough calculation based on past performance of this particular pension fund. In 25 years, assuming his contribution remains the same, he will have put in a total of Sh6 million together with his employers contribution.
He expects his retirement savings to be worth Sh25 million. This is assuming that he never pulls out, the fund achieves on average a return of 10 per cent per year and all the returns are reinvested.
Secure future?
According to Julius this is a lot of money and is enough to see him through his sunset years. With 25 million shillings, he can live for over 20 years based on his current lifestyle.
He figures he can now concentrate on other things such as educating his children, buying a home, enjoying his life, travelling, etc. That is exactly what Julius does. After all, his retirement plan has been secured or has it?
Fast forward to the future; Julius is 60 years old and his day of retirement has come.
A party is held for him at work and his achievements are recognised. He goes to the home he has now finished paying off with a fat cheque of 35 million shillings.
The investments in the pension fund did even better than he expected due to some bumper years on the stock market.
He banks the money, settles into his retirement years with ease, and draws on the funds to sustain his lifestyle. Three years later, Julius is dead broke. What happened? Isn’t this the guy who walked away with millions? Did he spend recklessly? No, he did not. He just did not know what planning for retirement is.
The first mistake Julius made is thinking that he can forecast his retirement needs (25 years later) based on his current income. Let’s even assume Julius maintains the same standard of expenses; that is he continues to spend the equivalent of Sh100, 000 per month today.
Well, there is still this animal called inflation to deal with. Assume inflation rate over the period is at 10 per cent per year. It is currently a bit lower than this but let us be conservative. 
That means a year later Julius’s lifestyle will be 10 per cent more expensive. In 25 years when he wants to retire, his lifestyle will cost him over one million shillings a month.
That is the figure he needed to have made his plans with from the beginning.
So what seems like a huge amount of money to receive will in actual fact, sustain him at that lifestyle for 35 months. This is a very common mistake that people make when planning for retirement. With inflation the value of money today is not the same as it will be in the future. This is the primary reason why your pension fund is not going to be enough.
The second mistake that Julius made is putting the money in the bank and consuming it. When you receive your pension fund, you should not consume the capital or principal.  As we have seen with Julius, because of drawing on the funds, he really can’t live very long off them.
What Julius should have done is put the money where it can earn interest or income and then live off the income only.
That way the capital is preserved and therefore it’s ability to generate income continues. For example if Julius put this money into a bond earning 10% p.a., each year, the bond will give an income of three and a half million shillings. He needed to be disciplined enough to cut expenses and live off this money without touching the thirty five million.
You don’t know whether you will live another 20, 30 or 40 years post-retirement so do not eat into your principal because when it is gone, what will you do?
Gravest mistake
The last and gravest mistake that Julius made is assuming that his pension fund would be the source of his retirement income.
It can only be a part of his income, not the sole source of income. Julius needed to have made other investments along the way, investments that would generate income to sustain the lifestyle he wanted to have at retirement.
In this example we assumed he maintained the same lifestyle but in reality expenses may change.
Remember, every time you increase the amount you currently spend on your lifestyle, it will mean a bigger retirement portfolio that you need to have. Plan for it.
Your pension fund is not the sum total of your retirement plan.

Rita Jeptoo's doping claims hit Kenyans hard.Drive Hot News

This file picture dated April 21, 2014 shows Rita Jeptoo of Kenya crossing the finish line to win the Women's Elite division of the 118th Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts. World Marathon Majors organisers announced on October 31, 2014 they were postponing the awarding of this year's prize to Jeptoo after a report she has tested positive for doping. PHOTO | TIMOTHY A. CLARY |
This file picture dated April 21, 2014 shows Rita Jeptoo of Kenya crossing the finish line to win the Women's Elite division of the 118th Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts. World Marathon Majors organisers announced on October 31, 2014 they were postponing the awarding of this year's prize to Jeptoo after a report she has tested positive for doping. PHOTO

Kenya’s Rita Jeptoo, who made history by winning four events in A World Marathon Majors (WMM), when she defended her Boston and Chicago Marathons titles, has failed a doping test.
Following the development, the WMM organisers who were due to reward the winners of the 2013/2014 WMM on Sunday after the New York Marathon, have cancelled the ceremony.
A statement from Athletics Kenya late Friday also confirmed the incident saying they will now convene a meeting with Jeptoo next week to establish whether she would wish to order for testing of the “B” sample.
In such situations, and as per the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) rules, a ''B'' sample of Jeptoo must be tested, and the representative of the athlete, or athlete may be in attendance. The B sample has not been tested at this time.
The out of competition urine sample testing procedure was done in Kenya.
Jeptoo was at AK headquarters on Thursday evening to be informed of the news from the IAAF. Jeptoo’s victory in Chicago saw her accumulate 100 points to win the WMM.
Jeptoo is managed by Rosa Associati of Federico Rosa, who also managed Mathew Kisorio before the athlete served a two-year international ban for steroid use.
Kisorio was the highest profile Kenyan runner in recent times caught in the doping web when both of his samples failed in 2012 before Jeptoo’s story started to unravel.
Kisorio, who captained Kenya to the 2011 World Cross Country Championships, has since left Rosa Associati after his ban that ended in July this year.
“Athletics Kenya is disappointed to announce that we have received communication from IAAF in regards to the doping test results of above named athlete through the 'A' sample collected during out of competition on 25th September 2014," read the statement from AK. “The result of the ‘A’ sample has indicated the presence of prohibited substances.”
The WMM also expressed disappointment on learning that Jeptoo had apparently had an A test that proved positive for a banned substance under IAAF rules.
The WMM has been at the forefront of the fight against doping in our sport and has a rule that no athlete can win the World Marathon Majors Series title, who has been in breach of IAAF anti-doping rules.
Nick Bitel General, Counsel of WMM said the WMM has always held a stern line on drug cheats and has been proactively supporting the sports governing bodies to ensure the integrity of the athletes competing in their races. “Cheats need to understand that they are not welcome in our sport and that they will be caught,” said Bitel.
Bitel said the WMM will not make a decision until Jeptoo’s case is determined hence forcing them to postpone the WMM Awards Ceremony that was due to take place on Sunday.
A recent report released by the Anti-Doping Task Force Committee set up by the government, accused AK of not taking doping issues seriously with AK president Isaiah Kiplagat facing the wrath of the Committee.
The Task Force disclosed that 32 Kenyan athletes tested positive with 17 failing drug tests between 2012 and 2013. The huge numbers saw WADA raise a red flag as they threatened Kenya with a ban from international competitions last year if the Government failed to take action.
The turn of events now puts AK and Kiplagat on the spotlight especially after Kiplagat failed to appear before the Task Force

Gossip:Liz Puzzled As Juliana, Amon Rekindle Love Affair.Drive Hot News

If there is one lady having a hard time as far as lover matters go then it is gorgeous city socialite Liz Kabagenyi.
Amon Lukwago and Liz Kabagyenyi
Amon Lukwago and Liz Kabagenyi
Latest rumour suggests that Liz’s on and off boyfriend Amon Lukwago could have rekindled his romance with ex-lover and celebrated sexy song bird Juliana Kanyomozi.
Amon and the ‘Kanyimbe’ singer were said to have been brought closer by the death of their son in July, a thing that has not gone down with Liz who is said to be on suicide watch over the rumour.
This website understands that the loss of a child is so detrimental, but seems like a positive force is bridging the gap between two former love birds that once painted the city red with their love years back.
Amon and Juliana
Amon and Juliana
After the death of their son, Amon surprised mourners when he got down on his knees and apologized to Juliana for his wrongs. A well detailed message was delivered by his long time Roger Mugisha who said, “Juliana, Amon says he is very, very proud of you.
He says he has not met anybody in the world who has inspired so much strength in him than you.” Juliana also showed gratitude towards Amon and described him as a “great father.”
Juliana and Amon rekindling their romance is not surprising considering that the latter was said to be staying at the singer’s house in Lungujja weeks after burial of their son

Earthquake shakes Fort Portal town.Drive Hot News

The Regional Prisons Commander Western Mr Allan Okelo showing Daily Monitor how the Friday morning earth quake damaged some of his property.

A terrible earth quake of short wave hit Fort Portal town between 4: 05 am and 5:10 am on Friday, sending residents into panic and scampering for their dear lives. 
The quake made some damages in some parts of the town among them is the old district headquarters at Boma.
The Regional Prisons commander Western, Mr Allan Okelo lost his car rear screen after his car garage collapsed on the car. 
Kabarole district is an area prone to earthquakes.
In July last year an earthquake and three tremors shook several parts of Uganda in the last three days. Lake Albert region was the epicentre of an earthquake whose tremors were felt as far off as Kampala.
Some of the past earthquakes in Uganda
The causes of earthquakes in Uganda are associated to rifting movements in the East African Rift System (EARS). The western boarder of Uganda lies in the western arm of EARS which is highly seismically active. Other faults such as Katonga and Aswa shear zone are weak zones that influence occurrence of earthquakes in Uganda. Various earthquakes that occurred in the past were recorded on the following dates as follows:
On July 9, 1912 the earthquake occurred in northern Uganda and had a magnitude of 6.7 on Richter scale. The epicentre was around Kitgum. There was partial destruction of buildings in northern Uganda;
On October 2, 1929 an earthquake occurred in Toro region. It measured 5.9 on Richter scale and triggered landslides;
On March 18, 1945 an earthquake occurred in Sembabule-Masaka region and it measured 6.0 on Richter scale. This earthquake killed five people and destroyed buildings in Masaka Town;
On March 20, 1966 an earthquake occurred in Toro region. It measured 6.6 on Richter scale. This earthquake killed 150 people and injured 1,300 people. It caused an economic loss estimated at US$ 1million (United Stated One Million Dollars);
On September 7, 1990 an earthquake occurred around the Lake Victoria region. The epicentre was at Nakiwogo on the shores of Lake Victoria. It measured 5.0 on Richter scale. This earthquake destroyed semi-permanent buildings around Nakiwogo landing site;
On October 9, 1991 an earthquake occurred in Lake Albert. The epicentre was around Butiaba. It measured 5.3 on Richter scale. The earthquake destroyed semi-permanent buildings within the environs of Butiaba; and
On February 5, 1994 an earthquake occurred in Kisomoro (Toro region). It measured 6.2 on Richter scale. The earthquake killed 8 people and caused destruction of property estimated at US$ 61 million (United States Sixty One million

Burkina Faso Unrest: President Blaise Compaore Ousted.Drive Hot News

Blaise Compaore
Blaise Compaore

Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore has announced his resignation, following violent protests at his attempt to extend his 27-year rule.
Mr Compaore issued a statement saying the presidency was now vacant and urging elections within 90 days.
An army spokesman also broke the news to cheering demonstrators in the capital, Ouagadougou.
On Thursday, protesters angry at Mr Compaore’s attempt to amend the constitution set fire to parliament.
Following the protests, Mr Compaore said he had agreed not to seek another term, but that he would remain in power until a transitional government had completed its work in 2015.
However, the opposition continued to demand that he resign. Its leader, Zephirin Diabre, urged protesters to occupy public spaces.
There were cheers when the army spokesman told the crowd gathered in front of army headquarters on Friday that Mr Compaore had left office, AFP news agency reports.
Mr Compaore’s statement, read on television, said there was now a “power vacuum” and called for “free and transparent” elections within 90 days.
His whereabouts now remain unclear.
Late on Thursday, army chief Gen Honore Traore had announced the creation of the transitional government, declared the dissolution of parliament and imposed a night curfew

Parliament Approves Kayihura’s 4th Term.Drive Hot News

Minutes after his contract renewal was approved by Parliament’s appointments committee, General Kale Kayihura has attacked his detractors describing them as rapists, murderers and thieves.
Kayihura was approved by the appointments committee for a fourth term despite a call from the opposition in House not to.
The opposition through the shadow Minister for Internal Affairs Muwanga Kivumbi previously called upon parliament to block Kayihura’s re-appointment alleging that his re-appointment would be an extension of a period of human rights abuses.
Kayihura was grilled for over two and half hours by MPs in the appointments committee which was chaired by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah in attendance.
Kayihura appeared before the committe dressed in a navy blue suit with a combination of grey and light blue shirt plus a navy blue dotted tie. A happy Kayihura, while speaking to journalists after he had been approved, said he hopes his new tenure will proceed very well.
Kayihura denied being partisan, as alleged by the opposition accusing those who tried to block his re-appointment to be the criminals he has been fighting pledging to work closely with all Ugandans without discrimination.
He promised to concentrate on improving on the housing and accommodation for police officers.
Kayihura also vowed to fight indiscipline within the police force, domestic violence, defilement and others.
President Museveni recently renewed Kayihura’s contract as the Inspector General of Police and his name forwarded to Parliament for vetting. He is a lawyer, soldier, and farmer.
Kayihura at the rank of Major General in the army has been at the helm of the Police force in Uganda since 2005 when he replaced General Edward Katumba Wamala as the Police chief.
He is still an active member of the Uganda’s military and was previously the head of the country’s Revenue Protection Services as well as a senior commander during the Congo civil war.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Apple CEO announces he is gay and very proud.Drive Hot News

Apple CEO Tim Cook came out Thursday, announcing that he is gay in a column in Bloomberg Businessweek.
"Let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me," he wrote.
Cook has not publicly discussed his sexual preferences before now, despite some rumors and speculation that he is gay.
A year ago he announced support for a federal law which would have protected workers from facing discrimination based on their sexual orientation.
"For too long, too many people have had to hide that part of their identity in the workplace," he wrote at the time.
In his column Thursday, the Apple (AAPL, Tech30) chief said that he had tried to maintain "a basic level of privacy." But he said he decided he decided that desire for privacy was stopping him from working for the benefit of others.

Thriller is the scariest song of all time.Drive Hot News

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' has been revealed as the scariest song of all time. PHOTO | BANG SHOWBIZ
Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' has been revealed as the scariest song of all time. PHOTO

'Thriller' is the scariest song of all time.
According to research conducted by Spotify using over 600,000 Halloween playlists, the Michael Jackson classic is the most featured song closely followed by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett's Monster Mash.
The site revealed that Halloween-themed playlists have grown by 117% year on year as revellers get into the spirit of the spooky day.
Spotify also found that residents of Brighton have created more creepy playlists than anywhere else in the UK, closely followed by Bristol and Liverpool, with Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and London making up the top ten

Burkina Faso president dissolves government, declares state of emergency.Drive Hot News

Cars and documents burn outside parliament in Ouagadougou on October 30, 2014  Photo 

Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore has imposed a state of emergency to end violent protests against his 27-year rule.
The government has also been dissolved, a statement signed by Mr Compaore said.
Mass protests against his rule are continuing in the capital, Ouagadougou.
Angry demonstrators in Burkina Faso had earlier gone on the rampage in protest at plans to allow President Blaise Compaore to extend his 27-year rule, setting parliament on fire and wreaking havoc across the capital.
Crowds of people broke through a heavy security cordon and stormed the National Assembly building in Ouagadougou, ransacking offices and setting fire to cars
Amid the surging violence, the government announced it was calling off the vote but it was not immediately clear if this was only a temporary move

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Makerere to scrap 31 courses.Drive Hot News

Students attend a recent graduation ceremony
Students attend a recent graduation ceremony at Makerere University. The university is in the process of reviewing its programmes. File photo 

KAMPALA- Makerere University is in the process of reviewing most of its academic programmes and at least 31 courses may be phased out.
The university said the latest move, in which courses such as Bachelors in Leadership and Governance, Office and Information Management, Wildlife Health and Management, and Master’s of Religious Studies, among others, may be completely phased out due to a budgetary shortfall.
Ms Ritah Namisango, the university spokesperson, said for any institution faced with a shortfall in projected income, it reviews its costs, needs and expenditure.
And as such, the university will concentrate on core functions to reduce expenses.
“The consultations are on going, and this report is expected at the end of November. It will provide an informed study to the University Council, and hence be in position to make further adjustments as well as prioritisation of needs/concentration on core services,” Ms Namisango said.
Appointed committee 
In the meantime, she said in a statement, the University Council, which is the supreme governing body, appointed a committee headed by Mr Bruce Kabasa to review the financing situation at the country’s oldest institution of higher learning to provide guidance on income and expenditure, prioritisation in relation to the increasing demands in the operations environment among others.
Other members include: Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, deputy vice chancellor [Finance], Prof J.B. Nyakana, Prof Jacob Agea, Dr Tumps Ireeta, Dr Margaret Mangeni and Prof Kiyaga Nsubuga.
Mr Kabasa yesterday confirmed the development, saying they are expected to review the progress of the implementation of the 70 per cent incentive which was given to staff last year.
They are also supposed to establish whether all staff have the required workload, able to deliver, look at the budget performance and review courses to ensure there are no duplicated courses.
“There are some lecturers who have no workload. There are those who are teaching duplicated courses. We are looking at sustainability of these courses and how duplicated courses can be harmonised,” Mr Kabasa said.
For instance, he said research methods are taught almost in every unit where each has been employing a lecturer. But he believes this can be harmonised so that students who are in departments where there are few students can join their colleagues in other units so that fewer lecturers are retained.
This is not the first time the university is trying to restructure its courses. In 2010, a committee chaired by Prof Fredrick Jjuuko recommended that 31 courses be phased out, 10 be merged while three others be suspended.
The report noted that most courses offered were duplicated and required merging while others needed to be eliminated in order to resolve the duplication of courses and cut costs. However, implementation received a lot of resistance especially from departments which were affected.
Phased out 
B. Leadership and Governance 
B. Office and Information Management 
B. Procurement and Supplies Management 
B. Human Resource Management 
B. International Business 
B. Science in Conservation Biology 
B. Wildlife Health & Management Organisational Studies 
PGD in Environmental Journalism & Communication 
PGD in mass communication
PGD in Education 
M. Religious Studies 
M. Hospitality and Tourism Management 
M. Science in Leadership & Governance 
M. Science in Entrepreneurship 
M. Science in Banking & Investment
Suspended courses 
B. Sports Science 
B. Science (External) 
B. Science in Telecommunication Engineering
Merged Courses 
B. Arts Human Rights to Faculty of Law 
B. Procurement & Supplies, Human Resource Mgt, International Business to make Bachelors of Business Administration. 
MA. Media and Human Rights [reconciled] with Media Democracy & Human Rights mandate given to MA. Journalism and Communication 
BSc. Business Statistics with BA Statistics 
MA. Social Sciences and Arts Education. 
MA. Ethics & Public Mgt & MA Public Admin 
To be transferred 
B. Urban and Regional Planning to F. Technology 
B. Business Statistics to Institute of Statistics 
MA. Educ. Psychology to Dept of Psychology

Housewife serves husband cooked condoms.Drive Hot News

A housewife and mother of three in Kole District prepared for her husband condoms as meal following repeated domestic fights.
The woman, a resident of Arao ‘A’ at Ogwang Acuma parish, Aboke Sub-county in Kole district, is reported to have bought three packets of trust condoms from a nearby shop, cooked them and served to her husband Okello Ocekilec as a meal after he returned home drunk.
It is alleged that the woman, tore the unused condoms, cut them into pieces, put in a saucepan containing hot water and boiled for some time before frying them with cooking oil and other ingredients.
When her husband returned from drinking at the nearby Odede Trading Centre, he was served with the meal on separate plates, one containing condoms as sauce and the other with charcoal.
However, Mr Okello reportedly learnt of his wife’s hideous plot upon tasting the soup which seemed unusual.
The service was reportedly meant to teach Mr Okello a lesson. It was alleged that after drinking, Mr quarrels and sometimes fights his wife.
Mr Okello Caka, the Okarowok clan secretary, where Mr Okello belongs, confirmed the incident and said clan elders will meet to address the seemingly endless domestic wrangles between the two.
“The issue of serving our brother condoms as sauce has raised a lot of questions, as to why the woman could do such an abominable thing. Condoms are used for other purposes including having safe sex and not as food,” he said.
In an interview with Daily Monitor, the Amuru District Public health Officer Ms Juliet Akot said the chemicals that are used for making condoms are not fit for human consumption, adding that the rubber can affect the digestive system.
The director of North-eastern Media Peace Initiative Mr Williams Moi, said some men have failed to fulfil their family duties and responsibilities, among which includes failure to fulfil their wives’ sexual rights, thus fuelling domestic wrangles

Gossip.Crazy Shots At The All Black Guinness VIP Party.Drive Hot News

After gunning down several bottles of Guinness that flowed uncontrollably throughout the night, most of invited guest started to pull rare dance strokes.
Little did they know that our snoops were on the ground as they pull their crazy dance moves
Here are some of the crazy pictures that our snoops managed take.

Who said eggs and red meat are bad for you?Drive Hot News

I’m not sure how it started, but somewhere along the line, it was decided that saturated fat was bad for the heart, and that it should be avoided like the plague.
 I’m not sure how it started, but somewhere along the line, it was decided that saturated fat was bad for the heart, and that it should be avoided like the plague. PHOTO |

’m not sure how it started, but somewhere along the line, it was decided that saturated fat was bad for the heart, and that it should be avoided like the plague.
Let’s take an example of the US, where this message was rolled out in the 1970s. Since that time, not only has heart disease not declined, but the shift to eating more carbohydrate has left them in the middle of an obesity epidemic.
It is only now that people are beginning to realise that saturated fat isn’t as insidious as it’s been made out to be.
So here are some supposedly “dangerous” foods that are actually quite healthy.
1. Meat
Let me start with some facts. While countless studies have linked the consumption of processed meat (bacon, sausages, hot dogs, sandwich meat, packaged ham and salami) to cancer, the same cannot be said for unprocessed meat.
In fact, a 2010 study of 1.2 million people found that eating unprocessed red meat does not lead to heart disease or diabetes.
The only problem is that the meat we eat isn’t the same as the meat our grandparents had. In those days, chicken ran around eating insects and seeds, while cows ate grass.
Nowadays, we lock up our domestic animals to make them grow faster and plumper, and pump them up with various chemicals.
They also tend to eat commercial grain-based feeds.
Does it matter? Well, meat from animals that are naturally raised is actually much healthier. Let’s take beef as an example.
When cows are grass-fed, the meat contains more omega-3 fatty acids and less omega-6 (which makes the meat less inflammatory), more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) (helps to lower body fat in humans) and more vitamins, like vitamins A and E.
Meat is also a great source of protein, and contains a bunch of nutrients that you can’t really get from plants, for example vitamins B12, D3, K2, creatine and carnosine.
2. Ghee
During my pregnancies, I was encouraged by family members to start eating more ghee (clarified butter).
When I turned to my nutrition books, the advice was the same – but not just during pregnancy.
Turns out it is a nutritional powerhouse and should be eaten daily. Like your meat, you ideally want your ghee to come from grass-fed cows so that it’s rich in vitamin K2 (important for both bone and heart health) and short-chain fatty acid butyrate.
Studies have shown that butyrate not only boosts metabolism and reduces food intake, it is also anti-inflammatory and appears to have a protective effect on the digestive system. Like meat, it’s also rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
3. Eggs
Eggs really are among the most nutritious foods we have. Just think about it – an egg has so many nutrients, there’re enough to create a chick.
It was once said that eating too many eggs would raise blood cholesterol, however, studies have proven that cholesterol in the diet doesn’t really raise bad cholesterol in the blood.
In fact, eggs raise good cholesterol, which in turn helps to mop up the bad kind.
This probably helps to explain why a meta-analysis of 17 studies found no association between egg consumption and heart disease or stroke.
Eggs contain various minerals - vitamins A, B2, B5, B12, phosphorous, iron, selenium, choline - the list goes on and on.

Zambia's President Sata dies in UK.Drive Hot News

 Sata, 77, had been in office since September, 2011 

Zambian President Michael Sata has died in London, where he had been receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness, three private Zambian media outlets said.
The reports on the private Muzi television station, and the Zambia Reports and Zambian Watchdog websites, said the southern African nation's cabinet was about to meet.
Government officials gave no immediate comment.
The reports said Sata had died on Tuesday evening at London's King Edward VII hospital. The hospital declined to comment.
Sata, 77, left Zambia for medical treatment on October 19 accompanied by his wife and family members, according to a brief government statement that gave no further details.
There has been no official update on his condition and acting president Edgar Lungu had to lead celebrations last week to mark the landlocked nation's 50th anniversary of independence from Britain.
Concern over Sata's health has been mounting in the country since June, when he disappeared from the public eye without explanation and was then reported to be getting medical treatment in Israel.
He missed a scheduled speech at the UN General Assembly in September amid reports that he had fallen ill in his New York hotel.
A few days before that, he had attended the opening of parliament in Lusaka, joking: "I am not dead." Sata has not been seen in public since he returned to Zambia from New York in late September.
Sata, who once worked as a railway porter in London, had been the country's president since September, 2011 after winning a tight presidential race against the then incumbent, Rupiah Banda.
Al Jazeera and agencies

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Balotelli spends Sh288,000 (£2000) -a-month on haircuts.Drive Hot News

Liverpool's Italian striker Mario Balotelli on October 22, 2014. The star has his Mohican hair style trimmed, patterned and dyed five times a week, paying his personal groomer to travel to his mansion for private treatments. AFP | PHOTO
Liverpool's Italian striker Mario Balotelli on October 22, 2014. The star has his Mohican hair style trimmed, patterned and dyed five times a week, paying his personal groomer to travel to his mansion for private treatments. 

A soccer star reportedly spends Sh72,000 (£500)-a-week on haircuts.
Mario Balotelli - who plays for Liverpool Football Club in North West England - has his Mohican hair style trimmed, patterned and dyed five times a week, paying his personal groomer to travel to his mansion for private treatments.
A source told The Sun newspaper: "Mario is very generous and pays the bloke two £50 notes for his hair cutting.
"It might sound like a lot but he likes that 'just cut' look and having it done virtually every day helps him maintain his style."

Internal affairs summons firm over segregative job advert.Drive Hot News

Internal affairs summons firm over segregative job advert

KAMPALA - The Ministry of Internal Affairs is investigating a private firm for advertising a job and restricting it to foreign applicants.
The ministry’s spokesperson, Pamela Ankunda, told New Vision the directors of Shell & Bolton International had been summoned to explain their operations.
“We were alerted by the company’s glaring advert, but we also want to find out if they comply with the immigration law and other obligations,” Ankunda said.
In the press notice published on October 20, the company, with offices in Naguru, a city suburb, sought to recruit an administrative assistant, but stated that the applicant must a non-Ugandan and not African.
The notice specified that the applicants must be” Indian, Phillipino or white” must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field, a valid work permit and be fluent in English.
Calls to Shell & Bolton’s Kampala office for a comment had, up to last evening, not been answered. The company’s marketing manager Claire Nakibuuka’s phone was off.
Officials from the company are scheduled to meet immigration, according to a letter from Anthony Namara, the commissioner of immigration.
The director of the company was asked to appear along with the list of all its foreign workers and their appointment letters.
However, by Sunday, spotlight on the company had shifted to its authenticity, as information on its website appears to have been fictitious.
Dr. Charles Niwagaba, the acting head of Makerere University’s Department of civil and environmental engineering, distanced himself from the company.
Soroti Municipality MP, Capt. Mike Mukula, Eng. Umaru Bagampande, the former dean of the school of engineering and Micheal Kyakula from Kyambogo University are also listed as directors.
Mukula, whom the company refers to as Rodney, features prominently on the website, which also has his photo and profile.
“They appointed us as directors, but when we became suspicious of their operations, we asked them to remove our names from all their publications. I am not part of them,” Niwagaba said