Thursday, 26 February 2015

Brit Awards 2015: Madonna falls off stage.Drive Hot News

 The mishap occurred at the end of the ceremony at London's O2 arena.

 Pop star Madonna fell off the stage during her performance at the 2015 Brit Awards, on a night that saw Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran each win two prizes.
Madonna tumbled down a set of stairs and landed awkwardly, apparently after a dancer tried to remove a cape she was wearing at the start of her routine.
But she recovered and returned to continue her song, Living For Love.
The 56-year-old issued a statement later saying she was "fine" and that her cape had been "tied too tight".
"Nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up," she wrote on Instagram,referencing the lyrics to her song. "Thanks for your good wishes!"

Gossip.Nakimera Hooks New Dude, Engaged.Drive Hot News

 Grace Nakimera
 Grace Nakimera.

Just after we unveiled that a city model one Shamim Namawa had taken over her hubby, Nakimera has proved that she is in a brand new relationship.
To prove her new love, she has posted a cozy picture of herself displaying a diamond ring which is said to have been given to her by her new catch.
A source tells us that she is now happily in love with the man she has been praying for the last decade. “She is now truly in love and was with this new guy on Valentine’s Day at Serena hotel.
Grace Nakimera (C) sorrounded by fans in Arua
Grace Nakimera (C) sorrounded by fans in Arua
The dude just surprised her with that ring and what we know is that very soon we shall be hearing wedding bells. You see she is the type that hates drama and all that comes with it.
This could be the reason she has decided to let go of her past and move on with her prince charming. If Shamim or whoever she is wants the man, she has now kind of let her have him.
That is if she can handle,” a source revealed. It should be remembered that singer Nakimara is one of the female artistes who has been battling a war of stalkers with some of her male fans.
Recently she revealed that a male stalker had followed her up demanding for love for over two years until she faced him to back off.
Shamim Nagawa the babe said to have taken over Nakimera's hubby
Shamim Namawa the babe said to have taken over Nakimera’s hubby
While in Mbarara on a music tour a diehard fan who had been mesmerized by her music and dancing moves rewarded her with a cozy portrait and flowers.
A fan shocks Nakimera with a painting
A fan shocks Nakimera with a painting
Could this new dude be among the list that has been stalking her?  Our team is working towards unveiling Nakimera’s new dude and soon we shall unveil it all.

Are Men’s Nipples Sensitive? Drive Hot News


Men’s nipples can be carnal command centers. Comprised of the tips, plus the pigmented circular area surrounding them known as the areola, they have the same nerve-packed pleasure receptors that yours do.
But, all dudes are different, so the only way to know what kind of nipple play your guy wants is to experiment with various manual and mouth moves when you’re in the sack.
Since men’s n-zones are often neglected, and therefore not accustomed to stimulation, they might be supersensitive to touch.
So make sure you start out gently, then gauge how much pressure to apply by how he responds to your strokes.
You can try awakening his hot buttons point by tracing the outside of his areola with your finger, brushing his tip as you complete full circles.
Then, lick around his nipples, zeroing in on each tip by flicking your tongue back and forth, finishing up with a gentle bite.
Or, place your lips over each bull’s-eye and gently suck. If he wants you to play a little rougher, try nipping him a bit harder, or tweak the tip between your thumb and forefinger.
You can up the erotic ante even more by moistening the area with ice, then blowing on the wet surface.
The change in temperature of your warm breath against his cold skin will send shock waves of bliss coursing through his body.
Try some mattress multitasking — stimulating his nipples with one hand while giving him manual pleasure with the other; handling his headlights as you’re doing the bump-and-grind — and you’ll really electrify him.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sensitive skin? How to get right products.Drive Hot News

 Woman Applying Face Cream. 

CERTAIN PRODUCTS cause skin sensitivity bringing about adverse reactions such as rashes, itching and inflammation. Here is a list of some of them:
Perfume: This is the leading cause of sensitivity. It causes itching on the face and eye tearing. Highly perfumed soap causes vaginal thrush. If you react to perfume, select fragrance free ranges, or mild perfume such as baby products.
Essential oils: These should not be applied directly to the skin because they are usually strong and reactive. They should be diluted with carrier oils. The use of bergamot oil in the sun leads to the formation of brown skin patches.
Alcohol: Some products contain high levels of alcohol. This is extremely drying to the skin and may strip away the natural oils.
Abrasive granules:  Face and body scrubs are useful for exfoliation. If the granules are too rough and abrasive, they cause micro-tears in the skin which appear as rashes and bumps.
Use mild, smooth scrub for your face for one minute in circular motions, in order to minimise reactions.
Rancid oils: inasmuch as vegetable oils are a great solution for natural skin care, they can affect the skin if they turn rancid. Do not use oils which smell ‘off’. To keep your oil fresh for long, pack in an amber or brown coloured bottle. Store plant-based oils in a cool, dark place.

Makerere gets Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library.Drive Hot News

 Artistic impression of the Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library 

Makerere University has launched a resource mobilisation campaign for construction of the Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library, which will mark him as Kenya’s third president and alumnus to the institution.
The proposed 20-storey complex will host the “H.E. Mwai Kibaki Endowed Chair in Economies, and the East African Mwai Kibaki Centre for Leadership, Public Finance and Policy.”
The four-year project is expected to cost $50m (about Shs138 billion).
Speaking at the event on Friday at Makerere University, the chancellor, Prof Mondo Kagonyera, said the Mwai Kibaki Endowed Chair in Economics will be occupied by an internationally credentialed competitive professor of Economics.
He said the professor will teach research and mentor undergraduate and graduate students, while the Leadership, Public Finance and Policy Centre will provide unique opportunities for African ministers of finance, permanent secretaries and secretaries of treasury to become scholars-in-residence for the African Development Agenda.
“It is with great joy and pride that I install H.E. Mwai Kibaki, Makerere’s illustrious and outstanding alumnus and former academic staff, on this distinguished chair of Economics,” Prof Kagonyera declared.
In his keynote address titled: ‘Unlocking East Africa’s Intellectual Capital,’ President Kibaki said: “Naturally, universities, Makerere included, are abodes of excellence in which ideas become part of the process of creating opportunities for prosperity. It is in this context that the proposed library and policy centre will become relevant to East Africa, Africa and the world.”
Mr Kibaki had earlier unveiled the School of Economics, now renamed ‘H.E. Mwai Kibaki School of Economics’ at the College of Business and Management Sciences. He also unveiled the foundation stone for the proposed Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library.
Mr Wana-Etyem, the chairperson to the University Council, said: “On behalf of council, I fully endorse Makerere University’s resource mobilisation strategy for the Presidential Library, which will run up to December 2015.”
Vice President Edward Ssekandi represented President Museveni as the chief guest. He announced the government’s contribution of $5m (about Shs14 billion) towards the construction of the Mwai Kibaki Presidential Library.
About Mwai Kibaki
Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki, 83, is a Kenyan politician born in Gatuyaini village, Nyeri District, now Nyeri County. He is the youngest son of Kikuyu peasants Kibaki Githinji and Teresia Wanjiku.
Kibaki had earlier been influenced to become a soldier by veterans of the First and Second world wars but opted to attend Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, where he studied Economics, History and Political Science. He is one among the many Kenyan political figures who have passed through Makerere University.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Dogs 'can tell difference between happy and angry faces'.Drive Hot News

Experimental set-up used to test whether dogs can discriminate emotional expressions of human faces (c) Clever Dog Lab, Messerli Research Institute 
 Showing dogs images of only half a face ensured the
animals were paying attention to the expression.
Research is now suggesting something dog-lovers have long suspected - man's best friend can tell the difference between our happy and angry faces.
Scientists at the Messerli Research Institute's Clever Dog Lab in Vienna trained dogs to associate pictures of happy or angry faces with a reward.
In a subsequent test, the scientists showed the dogs images of human faces they had not seen in their training.
This suggested that dogs could spot the difference between the expressions. 

"The main focus [of our research] is the big question of communication," lead researcher Prof Ludwig Huber said.
"How is it that dogs are so adapted to humans, and what's happened during the process of domestication?"
The scientists repeatedly showed 20 dogs half pictures - either the lower mouth region or the upper eye area - of happy or angry human faces.
Half the dogs received a treat when they touched an angry face with their nose. The other half were rewarded for touching happy faces.
Just over half the dogs learned the task well enough to be tested, and there were then a number of different tests to find out if they could tell the difference solely on the basis of facial expression.
"[In one test condition], we showed them new faces - faces they've never seen before," Prof Huber told BBC News.
"In another, we showed them different parts of the faces."
Showing dogs the opposite half of the face to the half they had learned to recognise in their training, showed they could "transfer their knowledge" of human facial expressions
"So, for example, in the training, they see the mouth region of the happy face," said Prof Huber, "and they associate that with what the eyes would look like."
Dr Kun Guo, a psychologist and expert in human-animal interaction from the University of Lincoln, said: "Showing dogs only half of the face and then the other half separately means they can't rely on the shape of the eyes or the mouth - they must have some sort of template in their mind.
"So it looks like they can really discriminate between happy and angry."
But, he added, this did not show that dogs understood the meaning of those emotional expressions.
Prof Huber agreed but added that the dogs that had had to touch the angry face to be rewarded, in the training, had taken three times as long to learn the task.
"It seems as if they don't like to touch an angry face," he said.
"So here we have some suggestive evidence that they interpret those pictures, and maybe they really understand an angry face to be something they don't like."

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Steve Strange, Visage lead singer, dies aged 55.Drive Hot News

Steve Strange, lead singer of 1980s pop band Visage, has died aged 55 following a heart attack, his record label says.
The Welsh New Romantic icon - best known for the hit Fade To Grey - died in hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.
Ex-Visage bandmates Midge Ure and Rusty Egan said they were "devastated" to hear of his "untimely passing", adding: "Steve was a major face of the 80s."
Boy George tweeted he was "heartbroken" about the death of Strange, saying he was "such a big part of my life".
Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon tweeted that Strange was "the leading edge of New Romantic. God Bless him".
Fellow 1980s pop star Billy Idol tweeted: "Very sad to hear of my friend Steve Strange passing, RIP mate."
Spandau Ballet guitarist Gary Kemp dedicated the band's performance in Italy to "a maverick to the end", while his brother and the band's bassist, Martin Kemp, tweeted: "RIP Steve Strange goodbye my dear friend. I will miss you!"
Steve Strange and Boy George in 2001 Strange, pictured with Boy George in 2001, was known as a New Romantic pioneer
Strange's agent, Pete Bassett, said he would be remembered as "a hard-working, very amusing and lovable individual who always was at the forefront of fashion trends".
"Up until last year he was putting together a book of fashion styles based on the New Romantic movement and it comes as a great shock.
"We understood that he had certain health problems but nothing we knew was life threatening.
"His friends and family are totally shocked, we had no idea anything like this was likely to happen."
He had suffered ill-health, including in December last year when he was admitted to Princess of Wales Hospital, in Bridgend, with a bronchial infection and an intestinal blockage.
My date with Steve Strange
Kim Wilde in 1981
By pop singer Kim Wilde
Steve took me out on a date to the iconic Langan's Brasserie in Mayfair right at the beginning of my career in 1981.
I was very in awe of him only having just met him, but we quickly became friends and laughed at ourselves ordering sausage and mash with champagne.
As we left, the press descended on us, we both pouted furiously and headed off to The Blitz club where we bumped into Marilyn and a host of exotic, beautiful New Romantics, drank vodka and crashed out at his apartment in Notting Hill.
When I woke up in the spare room the next morning, I wandered through his elegant apartment to find him asleep with his eye mask on. I guess he didn't get to be that flawless without a beauty regime, he certainly had looked far more glamorous than I did the previous evening.
Steve will be remembered as the most elegant and beautiful of the New Romantics at the beginning of the 80s. I'm so grateful that life brought Steve and I together, he was funny, great company and completely bonkers in the most adorable way.
Born Steven Harrington, in Newbridge, Caerphilly county, Strange got involved in music after seeing the Sex Pistols in concert in 1976.
He went to London aged 15 to work for Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McClaren before co-founding the Blitz Club in Soho, central London, which would become a focal point for the New Romantic movement.
Steve Strange  The Welsh pop singer found fame in the 1980s as frontman for the band Visage
Bands including Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club all got their start at the club before finding stardom.
His band, Visage, formed in 1979 and their breakthrough single, Fade To Grey, peaked at number eight in the UK in 1981.
It reached number one in both Germany and Switzerland, and was the first of five UK top 40 hits for the band, which also numbered Midge Ure and Rusty Egan among its members.
Strange also starred in the video of his good friend David Bowie's number one single Ashes to Ashes in 1980. At the time, the futuristic mini-film was hailed as the most expensive pop music video in history.
Steve Strange Strange recorded a new classical interpretation of Fade To Grey with Visage last year
Strange - who admitted he faced drug addiction problems in the years that followed his early success - recorded a new Visage album, called Hearts and Knives, in May 2013, with the band boasting a new line-up. The band also recorded a new classical interpretation of Fade To Grey last year.
In the intervening years, he had become a sought-after commentator on pop culture, appearing on a number of TV shows recalling the New Romantic era.
In a nod to his involvement in the Ashes to Ashes single, he appeared as himself in the BBC One police drama of the same name.
He also made a series of memorable appearances in BBC3 reality show Celebrity Scissorhands, winning the first series in 2007 and returning the following year as an "image consultant".

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Physics of food shows secrets of popcorn.Drive Hot News

Popcorn to most people, is just a fun food to munch on while watching a movie. But to a couple of French investigators, popcorn is a biomechanical enigma waiting to be explained. PHOTO | FILE

 Popcorn to most people, is just a fun food to munch on while watching a movie. But to a couple of French investigators, popcorn is a biomechanical enigma waiting to be explained.

To most people, it may be just a fun food to munch while watching a movie.
But to a couple of French investigators, popcorn is a biomechanical enigma waiting to be explained.
In an unusual study published on Wednesday, engineers Emmanuel Virot and Alexandre Ponomarenko carried out experiments into what makes popcorn, well, pop.
Cameras recording at 2,900 frames per second helped show what happened when a kernel of corn strutted its stuff.
When the temperature reached 100 degrees Celsius (180 degrees Fahrenheit), some of the moisture inside the corn started to turn into steam, the researchers found.
As the temperature rose to around 180 C (356 F), pressure built to around 10 bar, or 10 times the atmosphere at sea level.
Unable to withstand the stress, the outer shell broke open, causing a dramatic drop in pressure that forced the kernel's starchy innards to expand and protrude.
"We found that the critical temperature is about 180 C (356 F), regardless of the size or shape of the grain," said Virot, an aeronautical engineer at the elite Ecole Polytechnique.
The first thing to emerge from the fractured shell is a limb-shaped structure — a "leg" — that comes into contact with the surface of the pan and starts to compress under the heat.
Tensed and then released, the "leg" causes the corn to leap up — a height ranging from a few millimetres to centimetres (tenths of an inch to several inches)-- and emit a "pop" from the sudden release of water vapour.
A few milliseconds later, the granules spewing from inside expand to form a spongey flake.
Evolution from fracture to flake takes less than 90 milliseconds — 0.09 of a second.
The popcorn's leap results from an intriguing combination of thermodynamics and fracture mechanics, rather than just the blast of pent-up gases.
"A piece of popcorn has a singular way of jumping, midway between explosive plants such as impatiens, and muscle-based animals such as human beings," the researchers said.
The study appears in a British journal, the Royal Society Interface.

Woman kills self after failing to get married.Drive Hot News

 Rachel Gow (R) with her boyfriend Anton Tsvarev before her death. The inquest was told that she was worried her boyfriend would leave her, and suffered a number of insecurities about the relationship.

A 29-year-old woman whose greatest wish was to 'settle down and get married' killed herself after becoming troubled that she was approaching 30 unmarried and childless.
Rachel Gow, 29, from Haslingden, Lancashire, struggled to overcome the death of her mother, and desperately wanted a family of her own, an inquest heard.
But as her 30th birthday approached, she revealed to family members that she felt she was 'not where she should be in life' and that other members of her family were 'doing better than her,' Dailymail reports.
The inquest was told that she was worried her boyfriend Anton Tsvarev, 30 would leave her, and suffered a number of insecurities about the relationship.
The day she died, Miss Gow sent him a text message wishing him 'all the best for the future' before poisoning herself.
Mr Tsvarev who had been visiting a friend later found Miss Gow but she died despite attempts by him to revive her.
An inquest was told Miss Gow had been an 'outgoing, adventurous and loving' young woman who had attained a 2:1 in History from Lancaster University before working at Royal Bolton Hospital.
In a statement read to the Burnley hearing Miss Gow's brother Stephen Best and her sister Sarah Davidson said: 'Rachel had been a happy child who had lots of friends, she loved to dance and play the violin.
'She was very close to her sister Sarah.
'She was very academic and following A levels she studied at Lancaster University. She also made people laugh. She was proud to be at Lancaster and also a dizzy blonde.'
The statement added: 'She had three breakups before her relationship with Anton. Her greatest wish was to settle down and get married.'
But Miss Gow's problems began in 2011 after her mother Connie a primary school teacher died from cancer aged 66 in 2011.
She took the death 'very hard' but later Miss Gow's family and friends thought she was improving and she met Mr Tsvarev in May 2012 and he moved in with her during 2013. She also got her job at the hospital.
'But she could not overcome her previous sadness and felt Anton would leave her. She was looking forward to turning 30, planning trips to Italy with Anton and going to go Vegas for her birthday, she was saving money every month.
'But the relationship became unstable and they tried to make it work.
Mr Tsvarev an engineer told the hearing: 'Our relationship had a lot of ups and downs due to her insecurities. This would cause a lot of problems. She constantly felt I was going to leave her but this was not the case.'
Miss Gow who was due to celebrate her 30th birthday in January this year went to see a psychologist in September 2014 and Mr Tsvarev added: 'There had been nothing significant at the time except the anniversary of her mother's death also along with her 30th birthday and mine.
'These were all things that troubled her. She felt she was not where she should be in life.'
He said she felt that she should be married with children and that her siblings were doing better than her and said: 'This was something she struggled with. Rachel had spoken to me about the fact she had researched suicide techniques. 'I was not sure how serious she was about it because she always said things in the heat of the moment.'
The day before Rachel was found last November 1, the couple went to her father's house to look after his dog while he was away. But in the morning, the couple had an argument over a text message Miss Gow had found on Mr Tsvarev's phone from someone else.
He said: 'In the morning we both got up. I had my phone on charge in the bed room. She looked at it. She came into the living room very upset telling me to leave. She had found texts on my phone from someone. They were not out of the ordinary. She didn't see it that way.'
Later that the day couple drove home to their house in Haslingden and Anton went out to visit a friend in Preston. He said: 'She was still upset when we arrived home. She was very agitated. This was not a new thing.'
He told the court he had left the house after picking some clothes and went to stay somewhere else for a while.
He added: 'I got a text from her wishing me the best for the future. It was common place after an argument so I didn't think anything of it.'
However Mr Tsvarev 'had a really bad feeling' so he decided to go back to Haslingden to see if everything was alright. He said: ' I went into the lounge. The lights were off but the fire was on. I could see her lying on the floor.'
The inquest was told that Anton performed CPR on Miss Gow until emergency services arrived just before 9pm, but Miss Gow was pronounced dead.
Tests showed Miss Gow had died from hypoxia.
Recording a verdict of suicide Coroner Richard Taylor said: 'We have a girl who is severely troubled by a number of aspects of her life.
'As I understand it she was having a slightly more positive year because of new employment. But she clearly had difficulties and at some stage she purchased the items with which she took her own life.
'It appears from her actions she did that with intent to end her life.'
In a statement Mr Tsvarev said: 'Everyone is devastated by Rachel's death. It's a tragic loss for everyone, I'm absolutely heartbroken.
'Being around her was so easy, we enjoyed all the same things and we loved going walking together in the Lake District. Rachel did a lot of travelling all over the world and she was very adventurous and loved life.
'She was a fantastic person who inspired everyone around her. She was still grieving for her mum - they were very close. She really did miss her mum, she always spoke very highly of her.'
Miss Gow's brother Stephen Best added: 'Through all of our grief and sadness, it is essential that we remind ourselves of why we all loved her. Rachel was effervescent, full of fun and laughter, and could tell a brilliant joke.
Sister Sarah Davidson said: 'She was very popular and made friends easily. She was a kind and generous person who made other people feel at ease. She was a treasured sister and was wonderful with children.'

Mediterranean sinking 'kills 300 migrants bound for Europe.Drive Hot News

At least 300 migrants are feared dead after the boats carrying them from the North African coast sank in the Mediterranean Sea, the UN says.
UNHCR regional director Vincent Cochetel called the incident a "tragedy on an enormous scale".
Nine survivors who were brought to Lampedusa by the Italian coast guard are believed to be from West Africa.
Initial reports on Monday suggested that at least 29 migrants had died after their dinghy overturned.
The UNHCR said the migrants had departed from Libya on Saturday in four dinghies.
Mr Cochetel said, "Europe cannot afford to do too little too late", and called the tragedy, "a stark reminder that more lives could be lost if those seeking safety are left at the mercy of the sea."
In November, Italy ended a year-long operation aimed at rescuing seaborne migrants.
Known as Mare Nostrum, it was launched in October 2013 in response to a tragedy off Lampedusa in which 366 people died. The aim of the mission was to look for ships carrying migrants that may have run into trouble off the Libyan coast.
line break
Matthew Price, BBC News, Italy There is no way of knowing for sure whether these men, women, and children would have been saved if the former Italian search-and-rescue operation known as Mare Nostrum was still running.
But having spent a week on board an Italian navy frigate, I can be sure they would have done their utmost to save as many lives as possible.
The EU's Triton border patrol is not designed to do that. It cannot pre-empt trouble in international waters - it can only act when lives are immediately at risk.
The Italian operation was set up differently. The naval crews knew they had one single purpose - to prevent death. Some time back, EU leaders pledged that not a single life would again be lost as a result of these large scale tragedies at sea.
line break
The European Union now runs a border control operation, called Triton, with fewer ships and a much smaller area of operations.
The UNHCR says almost 3,500 people died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe in 2014, making it the world's most dangerous sea crossing for migrants.
The Italian government's Mare Nostrum mission, which patrolled the Mediterranean Sea looking for migrant-carrying boats in distress, was terminated in November The Italian government's Mare Nostrum mission, which patrolled the Mediterranean Sea looking for migrant-carrying boats in distress, was terminated in November
Almost 3,500 people died attempting to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean in 2014 Almost 3,500 people died trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean in 2014
More than 200,000 people were rescued in the Mediterranean during the same period, many under the Mare Nostrum mission prior to its abolition, and the UNHCR expects the figure to remain high in 2015.
In a speech before the European Parliament in November, Pope Francis called for a "united response to the question of migration", warning that the Mediterranean could not be allowed to become a "vast cemetery".

Monday, 9 February 2015

Gossip.Miss Uganda is Ugly – Cindy-Drive Hot News

Reigning Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka is yet in another fresh social medial attack this time led by renowned dancehall singer Cinderella Sanyu.

Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka
 Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka

This sparked off enormous reactions from the public as many ranted that it wouldn’t have been a public figure like her.
Several others added that Cindy is uglier than Miss Uganda though she seemed not to give a damn.
This sparks off the attacks that were laid to rest months back as some individuals were questioning Leah’s beauty.

Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu
 Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu.

Yesterday night, Cindy posted on her Facebook page saying Miss Uganda is ugly and she never regretted saying it.
‘Miss Uganda is ugly Now I said it and it’s the truth’, she said.Source Red Peper

Thursday, 5 February 2015

New York crash train was 'not speeding', say investigators.Drive Hot News

A Metro-North train smoulders after hitting a vehicle in Valhalla. Photo: 3 February 2015
 The electrified third rail pierced the train after the collision.

 Investigators probing a rail accident which killed six people near New York City say the train was within the speed limit for that section of track.
The crash happened after a mother-of-three stopped her car on a level crossing north of the city.
She was killed in the subsequent inferno along with five train passengers.
Accident investigators also said there were no problems with the signals or barrier at the site of the collision.
But they remain unaware why the driver, 49-year-old Ellen Brody, became stranded on the crossing at Valhalla, about 20 miles (32km) north of New York City.
An official from the National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency leading the probe, said on Thursday that a witness in a nearby car had seen Ms Brody stop on the crossing in the moments before the train approached.
Investigator Robert Sumwalt said that the barrier was seen to come down on the rear of the car, a Jeep Cherokee, at which point Ms Brody got out and appeared to inspect the damage.
He said that, according to both the witness and the train driver, after returning to the car she suddenly drove forward slightly - straight into the path of the oncoming train.
A sports utility vehicle remains crushed and burned at the front of a Metro North train Vahalla, New York 5 February 2015

Data retrieved from the train's recording device suggested it was travelling at 58mph (92km/h) an hour, added Mr Sumwalt - just below the 60mph speed limit for that section of track.
In addition to the six deaths there were 15 injuries, seven of them serious.
The electrified third rail of the track came through the front carriage of the train after the crash, setting it on fire.
Passengers had to escape from the rear carriages.
The line on which the accident happened, Metro-North, is the second-busiest rail system in the US, serving about 280,000 passengers a day in New York and Connecticut.
Last year, the National Transportation Safety Board issued rulings on five accidents that occurred on the network in 2013 and 2014, criticising Metro-North while also finding conditions had improved.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Two remanded for the murder of a university student.Drive Hot News

Thieve strangle the unsuspecting man before stealing his phone.
 Thieves strangle the unsuspecting man before stealing his phone. This is similar to how Andrew Gatare was attacked. Illustration.

 Court in Kampala has remanded to Luzira prison two men suspected to have murdered a university student.
Ronald Mutebi, 27, unemployed and Geofrey Lubwama alias Jeff, 35, a casual labourer, both residents of Kazo Kawempe a city suburb were on Tuesday charged before Buganda Road Magistrates Court with the murder of Andrew Gatare, a student of Columbian College in Canada.
Court’s Grade One Magistrate, Ms Pamela Ocaya declined to allow the suspects to take plea, on grounds that a magistrate’s court has no jurisdiction to handle capital offences.
They were also charged with aggravated robbery before being taken to Luzira Prison.
Prosecution states that on January 1, 2015 at Kampala Serena Hotel along Nile Avenue with malice a fore thought, the duo killed Gatare.
It is further stated that duo also robbed Gatare of his blackberry mobile phone and a wallet containing unspecified amount of money. They committed the said crimes using a deadly weapon (a hammer) to kill.
Police managed to arrest these suspects by tracking the person who was using the deceased’s phone. He explained to Police that he bought the phone at Shs 100,000 from the suspects.
On January 25 this year, Daily Monitor reported an account of how Gatare was murdered after returning to Uganda for Christmas holiday.

Robin Williams family fights over comedian's estate.Drive Hot News

Robin Williams with his third wife Susan in 2011
 Robin Williams married his third wife Susan in 2011.

Robin Williams' widow and children have gone to court in a dispute over the late comedian's estate.
In papers filed in December in San Francisco Superior Court, Williams' wife Susan accused his children of taking items without her permission.
The children - Zachary, Zelda and Cody - argued that Susan Williams was "adding insult to a terrible injury" by trying to change their trust agreement.
The dispute involves items Williams kept at two homes and in storage.
Susan Williams has requested that the contents of the home she shared with her husband be excluded from the jewellery, memorabilia and other items her husband said his children should have.
Williams' children have taken issue with this suggestion, saying there should be no limits placed on the items to which they are entitled.
Items in dispute include the actor's collection of watches and the Oscar statuette he won in 1998 for Good Will Hunting.
The star died from hanging at his home in Tiburon, California, in August.

Al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy gives up Egypt citizenship.Drive Hot News

Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy - 1 January 2015
 Mohamed Fahmy's release is said to be "imminent" after he agreed to relinquish his Egyptian citizenship.

Mohamed Fahmy, one of two al-Jazeera journalists still held in Egypt, has renounced his Egyptian citizenship to secure his release, his family say.
Mr Fahmy's brother said the journalist, who is also Canadian, was told to give up his nationality or his freedom.
Canada says his release is imminent. The status of his Egyptian colleague Baher Mohamed remains unclear.
Peter Greste, who was freed on Sunday, said he felt "incredible angst" at leaving his colleagues in a Cairo jail.
The Australian journalist was freed from prison and deported after 400 days behind bars.

UCE results out.Drive Hot News

 UNEB secretary Mr Mathew Bukenya speaks during the release of the UCE exams at Statistics house. Photo by John Ssenkeez.

10:40am: Bukenya: Exams were conducted between 13th and 18th November 2013. Theme for 2014 exams: Team coordination, fairness and commitment to quality assessment.
10:43am: Bukenya: 306,165 candidates appeared for UCE 2014 compared to 299,012 in 2013. 47.81% females sat for UCE2014, which represents 146,366 of the total candidates. The gap between female and male enrolment is closing.
10:46am: The number of candidates who were absent dropped to 1.4%
10:48am: Bukenya: 336 special needs candidates registered, with some having low vision, the blind and deaf among others. Overall performance has increased with failure rates dropping.
10:50am: Bukenya: Districts with the highest failure include, Namayingo, Bujiri, Bududa...
10:51am: 303,891 (3.2-2, 46.6-6, 74.7-8) candidates sat for English language compared to 286,202 candidate in 2013
10:52am: Bukenya: In English and humanities, overall pass levels improved with a drop in Geography. Performance in Mathematics and Sciences dropped at distinction and credit levels, but slightly at the minimum grade. The Uneb secretary ends his speech by thanking all the stakeholders.
Performance of Boys vs Girls in %
DIV 1 Boys: 9.2 Girls: 6.1
DIV 2 Boys: 17.1 G: 13
DIV 3. 22.5 G: 21.1
Div 4 44.2: G 52.2
Div9 6.0 :7.2
Male-Female Performance:
Grade 2: 3.6F 2.8M
Grade 6: 48.7F 44.7M
Grade 8: 76.7F and 73.0M
Male-Female Performance (Pass level):
Grade 2: 3.5F Vs 4.1M
Grade 6: 49.4F Vs 52.0M
Grade 8: 84.0F Vs 84.9M
Male-Female Performance (Pass level):
Grade 2: 12.2F Vs 17.5M
Grade 6: 71.8F Vs 77.9M
Grade 8: 89.7F Vs 91.9M
11:00am: Uneb hands over #UCE2014 results to the minister of Education Jessica Alupo
11:05am: Alupo: UCE 2014 were conducted following all laid out recommendations, I am glad no leakage was reported. Transition rate from PLE level to secondary level has improved thanks to the UPE program.
10:07am: Alupo: More of the girls remained in schools and took the exams. Allow me to applaud the improvement announced by Uneb in English and most of the humanities subjects, we must work on Maths

Monday, 2 February 2015

Gossip.Mwine Replaces Roger At KFM. Drive Hot News

Ben Mwine has replaced celebrated radio personality and events master of ceremonies Roger Mugisha at Namuwongo based KFM.
Ben Mwiine
Ben Mwiine
It should be noted that the defunct Shadows Angels boss pulled down the curtains on his twenty year radio career last Friday after presenting at the station for the last time.
Mwine officially started co-hosting the morning show yesterday.
Roger has since been promoted to the post of Business Development Manager at the Nation Media Group.
Roger Mugisha
Roger Mugisha
On putting pen to paper, Mwine revealed how delighted he was to be taking over from Roger and promised to do his best to fit in his shoes which he described as massive.
“Honoured to be stepping into his shoes” Mwine is quoted to have said.
Roger joined the Namuwongo based station in 2005 having previously worked with Sanyu Fm and Kisementi based Capital Fm.

Egypt court upholds Muslim Brotherhood death sentences.Drive Hot News

Supporters of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi burned a police station in Kerdasa,
 More than 140 of the defendants are in custody over the attack at the Kerdasa police station

A court in Egypt has upheld the death sentences of 183 Muslim Brotherhood supporters over a 2013 attack on a police station near Cairo.
The men were convicted in the deaths of at least 11 officers in Kerdasa.
The attack took place after Egyptian military forces cracked down on protests over the ousting of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July.
Hundreds of death sentences have been passed on Mr Morsi's supporters since but none have been carried out.
More than 140 of the 188 defendants are already in custody, while the rest have been sentenced in absentia.
The court also sentenced a minor to 10 years in prison in the case and two other defendants were acquitted.
The verdict follows a recommendation by Egypt's top religious authority, the Grand Mufti, but it can be appealed.
Egypt has been fiercely criticised for its crackdown on Islamist supporters of Mr Morsi.
Hundreds were killed in the crackdown.

India Meerut young offenders escape using bedsheets.Double click and read more...

India police (file picture)
 India's police are often criticised for providing lax security

More than 90 young offenders have escaped from a detention centre in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police say.
The offenders, all below the age of 18, removed an iron grille from a window and tied bedsheets together to lower themselves to the ground.
They climbed out of the back of the building in the city of Meerut while police guarded the front.
Thirty-five of the prisoners have since been recaptured, police said.
Senior police official Om Prakash told the AFP news agency that the escape was "done so professionally that no one got a whiff".
The escape was only discovered when some of the prisoners were seen on the road, trying to flag down vehicles early on Monday.
Mr Prakash said that those still on the run included inmates convicted of crimes such as murder, rape, theft and banditry.
More than 31,000 young offenders are being held at detention centres in India, according to one official estimate.

Police reject recruits with tattooed bodies.Drive Hot News

 Some of the applicants who turned up for the police recruitment at Police Primary School in Gulu Town last week. Photo by Julius Ocungi.

Police have said they did not recruit any applicant with tattoos. This, they claim, was done so as to keep the Force professional.
The police cadet recruitment exercises, which begun on January 28, ended on January 30 where police was seeking to recruit a total of 500 graduates.
Aswa Regional Police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema said over the weekend that during the cadet recruitment exercise, conducted at Police Primary School in Gulu Town, some applicants failed to qualify because they had tattoos.
He said people with tattoos are always portrayed in the community as criminals and that the police have no space for such people.
“We want to stress this clearly to everyone who has tattoo on their bodies that the police will never accept them. We have our standards and we cannot expect such people with tattoo if recruited to convince the locals while carrying out community policing,” said Mr Okema.
Probation Police Constables recruitment exercise which commenced on Sunday ends on February 5 country wide with a total of 3,000 graduates expected to be recruited in a bid to bolster the force’s strength ahead of the 2016 general elections.
Mr Okema, noted that a total of 100 applicants out of 159 who applied for the cadet successfully went through the aptitude test, medical test, oral and written interviews, adding that their names will be submitted at the Police Headquarters where their fate will be announced later.
Last year, the police recruited 100 Probation Police Constables and 20 Cadet Officers from Acholi Sub-region.

How to Train Your Dragon sequel wins animation award.Drive Hot News

A scene from How to Train Your Dragon 2
 How to Train Your Dragon 2 picked up five awards at Saturday's ceremony.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 has staked its claim to this year's best animated feature Oscar by taking top honours at the 42nd Annie Awards in Los Angeles.
The DreamWorks sequel was named best feature at the event, which honoured 2014's best achievements in animation.
The film also took home awards for Dean DeBlois's direction, feature character design, storyboarding and music.
The Lego Movie won a writing award, while Sir Ben Kingsley was recognised for his voice work in The Boxtrolls.
Canine caper Feast, the short film that precedes Disney's Big Hero 6 in cinemas, was named best animated short subject.
The UK's Aardman Animations was honoured for Flight of the Stories, the short film it made to mark the opening of new galleries at London's Imperial War Museum.
Based on the book series by Britain's Cressida Cowell, How to Train Your Dragon 2 follows the adventures of a young Viking called Hiccup and his pert dragon Toothless.
It won the Golden Globe for best animated feature and is up for the same awards at the Oscars and the Baftas.
The original How to Train Your Dragon was named best animated feature at the 2011 Annies but lost out at the Oscars to Toy Story 3.

Ebola crisis: First large-scale vaccine trials to begin.Drive Hot News

A health worker wearing protective clothing waits in Redemption Hospital on 1 February 2015 in Monrovia, Liberia.
 More than 3,600 people have died from Ebola in Liberia.

The first large-scale trials of an experimental vaccine against Ebola are due to begin in Liberia.
The potentially preventative medicine was taken under strict security to a secret location in the West African country.
Scientists aim to immunise 30,000 volunteers, including front-line health workers.
More than 8,500 people have died in the Ebola outbreak, the vast majority in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
The total number of reported cases is more than 21,000. In Liberia alone, more than 3,600 people have died from the disease.
The trial beginning on Monday will involve injecting a small amount of the a strain of the Ebola virus into 12 volunteers in order to trick the body into producing an immune response.
But it is not yet clear whether this will really offer protection against the disease.The senior Liberian scientist involved in the trials, Stephen Kennedy, told the BBC the volunteers were safe.
"There is no danger because the piece of the Zaire strain that has been put into the vaccine. It is a weak strain and it can not and will not cause Ebola, so it is impossible that anyone of the volunteers will contract Ebola from the vaccine," Mr Kennedy said.
The BBC's Mark Doyle in Liberia says that the scientists are well aware of how important it will be to work with the local people if this trial is to work.
Community nurses are being trained in how to monitor volunteers in the months after they have had their injections
In the meantime, our correspondent says that parts of the largest Ebola treatment centre in the world, on the edge of Monrovia, are being knocked down.
The number of Ebola cases in Liberia has been steadily decreasing - in recent months, there have only been five confirmed cases across the country.
The World Health Organization says the epidemic has entered a "second phase" with the focus shifting to ending the epidemic.
The survival rate of the current outbreak is around 40%

Bobbi Kristina Brown: Whitney Houston daughter's condition unknown.Drive Hot News

Whitney Houston (left) and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Photo: 2011
 Whitney Houston (l) with Bobbi Kristina Brown in 2011.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of late US singer Whitney Houston, is in hospital in an unknown condition after being found unresponsive in a bathtub.
Medical privacy laws mean information is restricted, but unconfirmed reports said she was in a medically induced coma to reduce swelling on the brain.
Ms Brown, 21, was found on Saturday by her husband and a friend.
The incident happened less than two weeks before the third anniversary of Whitney Houston's death.
The singer was found dead in February 2012, aged 48, in a bath in a hotel in Los Angeles.
A post-mortem examination later concluded she died of accidental drowning due to the effects of cocaine use and heart disease.
North Fulton Hospital Emergency department - 31 January Medical privacy laws mean there is scant information about Ms Brown's condition
'Praying for recovery' Ms Brown was found in the bathtub on Saturday morning, Roswell police spokeswoman Lisa Holland said later in the day.
She said that Ms Brown was now at North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia, and that she was "still alive and breathing".
At a later news conference, Ms Holland said she could not comment on Ms Brown's condition because of medical privacy laws.
The police spokeswoman also noted the incident's similarity with the circumstances of Ms Brown's mother's death.
But the 21-year-old's cousin Jerod Brown told Sky News: "She's pretty good right now, she's around family.
"We're just praying for a speedy recovery, that's it... I'm pretty sure she'll be getting out of there very soon."
Mr Brown refused to comment on reports that his cousin was in a coma.
was seen as the golden girl of the music industry in the 1980s and 90s, becoming one of the world's best-selling artists and the most successful soul singer of all time.
But the hits stopped in the mid-1990s after she began to abuse cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs.
Bobbi Kristina was born after the singer's tumultuous 1992 marriage to hip-hop singer Bobby Brown.
The marriage became a public spectacle and ended in divorce in 2007.
"She encourages me and inspires me," Houston once said of her daughter. "When I look at her eyes and I see myself, I go: 'OK. I can do this. I can do this.'"

Sunday, 1 February 2015

South Sudan warring factions sign peace deal.Drive Hot News

 South Sudan President Salva Kiir (bottom right) and Dr Riek Machar sign a peace pact in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the 29th Extra Ordinary session of IGAD on February 2, 2015.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar early Monday signed a peace deal that immediately ends further bloodshed.
Under the new peace pact , the warring factions agreed to adjourn further talks until February 19 when the negotiations resume ahead of the final and comprehensive peace pact on March 5.
Any side which violates the new peace deal will face unspecified penalties from both the African Union and the United Nations Security Council, Chief Mediator, Ambassador Seuym Mesfen from Ethiopia warned.
The two leaders had on January 21 this year signed another agreement aimed at reunifying the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).
Intense efforts spearheaded by regional leaders saw the Arusha meeting last into late-night hours, marks a turning point in the bloody conflict.
President Kiir, Machar and Mr Deng Alor Kuol signed the historic agreement after SPLM Intra-Party Dialogue Summit.
On Monday, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, Ethiopia Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and Ambassador Mesfen asked the two leaders to show statesmanship and honour what they had signed.
The four day negotiations that lead to the peace agreement signing at 12.21am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Monday were characterised by tension, intense consultations, disagreements, two postponements and political horse trading.
The peace pact was first scheduled to be signed on Thursday, January 29, but was postponed to Saturday and then Sunday.
The negotiations were held under the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad).
President Kenyatta is Igad rapporteur while Ethiopia Prime Minister, Hailemariam Dessalegn is the chairman.
Igad members include Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Djibouti and the two twin states of Sudan and South Sudan.
The crisis in South Sudan started a year ago when former Vice President Machar left the government in a huff after President Kiir accused him of plotting a coup.
Dr Machar became the leader of the South Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) while President Kiir was left holding to the ruling party, the South Sudanese Liberation Movement-Government of South Sudan Republic (SPLM-GSSR).
Since the split, the two sides and their supporters including militia and armed security forces have been engaged in political skirmishes that led to loss of lives.
Before President Kiir and his former Deputy signed the peace deal, Ambassador Mesfen briefed the media and other stakeholders saying the new agreement was an important development to end the bloody war.
He cautioned that all peace processes have their own challenges but expressed optimism that the new pact will lead to sustainable peace.
He told the two principals that by signing the peace deal, they were rededicating themselves to the cessation of all hostilities.
Thanking President Kiir and Dr Machar for engaging in consultations and signing the peace pact, President Kenyatta said Igad leaders have been seeking peace for South Sudan for a long time and expressed hope the new deal will hold.
“The people in the region and the whole world are hopeful for peace in South Sudan. The principals should commit themselves to peace until a final agreement is reached,” said President Kenyatta.
He added; “This is what the people of South Sudan are hopeful for and are confident peace will be restored.”
He thanked the International community for overseeing the peace process.
The Ethiopian PM thanked Igad leaders for bringing President Kiir and Dr Machar to the negotiating table, hoping that the two principals will stop the suffering of the people of South Sudan.
“I am confident the two leaders will respect what they have signed ahead of the comprehensive peace agreement on March 5,” said the PM.
He said the entire world is keenly watching to see whether peace will prevail in the war-ravaged country.
President Kiir and Dr Machar exchanged the signed peace documents amidst ululations and jubilation from their supporters.
The peace deal making was witnessed by representatives from the USA, United kingdom, all other Igad members, Norway and China.
Igad Executive Secretary Ambassador Mahbub M Maalim and seasoned peace negotiator from Kenya retired major General Elijah Sumbeiywo were also present.
It is hoped that the final and comprehensive peace agreement will include details about the proposed Transitional Government of National Unity and comprehensive political reforms to facilitate General Elections scheduled for June this year.
It is also hoped the final peace agreement will address itself to the overhaul of the current security arrangement leading to a harmonised security team drawn from the two sides in the conflict.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel confirm they are expecting .Drive Hot News

A picture taken on September 9, 2013 shows Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel attending the 2013 US Open men's final at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York.
A picture taken on September 9, 2013 shows Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel attending the 2013 US Open men's final at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. American singer and actor Justin Timberlake took to Instagram on his 34th birthday Saturday to announce that he and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, are expecting their first child. Timberlake in 2012 married Biel, 32, who has found success both on television and in film.

American singer and actor Justin Timberlake took to Instagram on his 34th birthday Saturday to announce that he and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, are expecting their first child.
"Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I'm getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN'T WAIT.
#BoyOrGirl #YouNeverKnow #WeDontEvenKnow #WeAreTakingBets," Timberlake wrote on his Instagram account below a photograph of him kissing Biel's pregnant belly.
Timberlake made his start as a child television star before joining 'NSync.
He more recently has become one of the music industry's most popular solo singers and has starred in movies including the Facebook-themed drama "The Social Network."
Timberlake in 2012 married Biel, 32, who has found success both on television and in film.