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Deadly floods hit Mauritian capital






Port Louis floods - 30 March 




 At least 11 people have died after sudden rains caused flooding in the Mauritian capital Port Louis, officials on the Indian Ocean island say.

 In pictures: Mauritius flood




2012 Olympic Marathon champion Stephen Kiprotich sacrifices festivity for training.

Kiprotich sacrifices festivity for training 
 Kiprotich, shown here training students, has decided to use the Easter period to train for the London Marathon.
 There will be no Easter holidays for London 2012 Olympic Marathon champion Stephen Kiprotich.
 The world star has decided to sacrifice the festive break and continue training in the Kenya Highlands of Eldoret in preparation for the London Marathon that is due April 21.

Kiprotich, who is training under Kenya coach Peter Sang — the trainer behind his success at the Olympics Games — is determined to prove that his breakthrough on the international stage was no fluke.

“He has decided to continue preparing in Kenya with the other runners,” Jurrie Van Der Velden, the Global Sports communication director stated in an earlier communication.

Kiprotich is one of the big names that have entered this month’s Virgin London marathon. The race has attracted the best field ever, featuring 11 men who’ve completed the 42 kilometer event under two hours 06 minutes.

Should the Ugandan win in London again, he will earn $55,000 (sh146m) winner’s prize plus $100,000 (sh266m) in case he reaches the finishing line under two hours five minutes.

If Kiprotich can run even faster and break the 2:03:59 world record, he will get $125,000 (sh332.5m)

Kiprotich, who is under intensive training in Kenya, clocked 2:08:01 to take gold in London last year.

Among the people Kiprotich will be out to beat again are Kenyans Abel Kirui, who won silver in London, and bronze medalist Wilson Kipsang.

With five kilometers left, Kiprotich sprinted away from the Kenyan duo to win Uganda’s first Olympic medal in 16 years. Quarter miler Davis Kamoga had until that epic race been the last Ugandan to win an Olympic medal.

The depth of the talent in this year’s London marathon is highlighted by the presence of winners of all the top marathons in 2012. Berlin, Chicago, London, Frankfurt and Dubai marathons are well represented.

Kiprotich is training with a host of other runners from Uganda and Kenya under the guidance of Netherland-based company, Global Sports Communication. The group also handles a series of other world top runners including Kenenisa Bekele and Haile Gebrselassie. The Ugandan runners in camp include Mumbai Marathon winner Jackson Kiprop, Philip Kiplimo and Nicholas Kiprono.

Uganda police to deploy plain-cloth officers in bars during Easter

Public is advised to hire drivers who do not drink alcohol if they intend to celebrate the season in bars.

As people in Buikwe District wait to celebrate Easter tonight, police too are putting in place measures to ensure that it is celebrated peacefully.
As one of the measures, police intend to deploy plain-cloth personnel in bars and all places where there will be merry-making. “People should enjoy as much as they can, but avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, because we are going to arrest any person we get in that state,” said Buikwe traffic chief Alex Mulamuzi on Friday.
“This move is aimed at ensuring that people celebrate the resurrection of Christ peacefully and also pass through the long holiday without any problems in terms of road accidents,’’
According to the plan, the plain- cloth men, to be assisted by civilian crime preventers, will be moving from bar to bar, including night clubs, to monitor how people are consuming alcohol, and whether they will drive after.
They will then call in the traffic officers to take action in case they detect any person drink-driving.
The traffic chief asked people to hire drivers if they intend to go out to take alcohol. “If one fail to get a driver to take him or her home after drinking, let that person call the police we shall provide a driver. But please don’t dare drink and drive, because you will not survive the police,’’ said Mr Mulamuzi.
 or pedestrians, Mr Mulamuzi advised them to avoid motor ways once too drunk. The warning comes at a time when people, especially in Lugazi Town Council, have organised a series of parties. Police blame majority of road accidents on driving under the influence of alcohol.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

South Sudan Clashes Leave 163 Dead

At least 163 people, mostly the fighters loyal to militant leader David Yau Yau, have been killed during a battle between South Sudan soldiers and the militants, South Sudanese officials say.
On Thursday, South Sudan’s military spokesman Colonel Philip Aguer announced that during a Tuesday battle, 143 of the militants were killed, while 20 soldiers of South Sudan’s army lost their lives and 70 of them were injured.
South Sudan’s forces also captured an airstrip in the town of Okello — in South Sudan’s southeast Pibor County — which is claimed to be used by the fighters for importing most of their arms supplies, Aguer said.
In July 2011, South Sudan voted to break away from Sudan following a two-decade civil war that killed about two million people in Africa’s biggest country. But the new oil-rich nation, which is one of the least developed countries in the world, has had to confront ethnic tensions and rebellions of its own.
Yau Yau rebelled against South Sudan’s government after he was defeated in the elections of April 2010. However, he accepted amnesty in June 2011, a month before South Sudan won independence from Sudan after decades of civil war.
Both Juba and Khartoum accuse each other of supporting rebels groups on each other soil. Both sides also deny the each other’s accusations.
Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed concern about “extrajudicial killings” and other abuses by the South Sudanese army during its crackdown on militants.

20 minutes ago by Agencies.

Plz dont miss this,Hyena Lands On His First Cut, Bonks Her............

Red Pepper Online

 Many things have been said about people we loose our virginity to; that the first cut is always the deepest. Thank God I found when my wife was still a virgin- that means that I will always be her first cut. Back those days, we went to play soccer against Lango College at Aki Bua Stadium in Lira. It was a tough match and there were over 20 schools from within the area that had come to support their fellow Langis.

As we were on the Tata lorry, one Langi chic, Akaa, promised that if I score more than 4 goals, she would allow me to taste her sweetness.
This girl’s father was a commander of Obote’s forces in Hoima then. She was the only student who would be dropped at school in an army landrover and for that matter, no boy dared ask her out. Somehow, she had become my friend and I guess she had a liking for me. She actually got jealous when she saw other babes talking to me or getting close to me.

When we got to Lira, she took us to her home on Soroti Road near the Post Office. As we got ready to get onto the pitch, she reminded me of our deal.
Within the 5th second, I had scored my first goal, I had to work for the other 3 more now. On the 44th second, I scored another one!
In the 2nd half, I became a Maradona! When I attacked for my 3rd goal, the Langi’s became mad. They tightened their defence but wapi! I had to go through 14 legs as the Banyoro girls screamed for my dear life.

”Mutatwitira Hyenaaaa!” (don’t hurt our dear Hyena).
When the goalkeeper couldn’t help it any more, he decided to box me but as he hit me, I managed to kick the ball through his legs into the net. The man almost killed me! He was a giant and I couldn’t fight back.

7minutes towards the end of the game, I scored my 4th goal and our supporters became crazy. The Langis couldn’t stomach it, they started exchanging blows with us- that marked the end of the game.
We decided to have our celebrations inside the stadium since it was near the police station.
As the rest were busy scrambling for the 2 he-goats that were slaughtered, I was at Akaa’s home feasting on the best meal I had ever had!
Her grandmother had prepared their traditional delicacy which was as sweet as her grand daughter- I presumed.

I just couldn’t wait to have her. After supper, they showed me my bed and I slept. Akaa meanwhile was going to share a bedroom with her grandmother and I was wondering how I would be able to have her. I sneaked into their bedroom at about midnight and since her mattress was on the floor, I joined her stealthily.

Thank God she wasn’t putting on knickers. I snaked my hand into her nightdress and when I tried to push my way through, she squeaked like a rat. She was still a virgin. Her grandmother woke up and asked what had happened.
“No, it’s ok grannie, I think I was dreaming!” she lied to the grandma. The game went on so quietly and for fear of awakening the old woman again.
I had to leave very early in the morning; you know how those old women can wake up very early to go to their gardens. At about 5am, I left their house and went back to the stadium.

Akaa came at about 7am and she was too shy to speak to me let alone look at me. When we got back to Hoima, her father had been transferred to Luweero. That was the last I had seen of Akaa.
So recently, as I was driving to Masaka, I was stopped by a female cop because I was talking on phone while driving.
“Excuse me Afande, are you called Akaa?” I asked her. “I think we went to the same School, my name is Hyena” I continued. She burst out laughing and then narrated to me her life after they left Hoima.

“I felt used by you when you left for Luweero without even sending me a chit!” I told her.
“Are you still as sweet as the other night? You woman, you must have done something to me because after all this time, I still think about you and it feels like it was yesterday!” I told her.
She accused me of being the one who bewitched her because she felt exactly the same way I felt. She jumped into my van and decided to come with me to Masaka. We bought clothes from the nearest shop and she changed from her uniform. We checked into a lodge in Lukaya where we spent the night. We had so much to talk about and to do,we slept at about 5am.
When we woke up, I heard her thanking me, “thank you Hyena for keeping this sweetness.
We checked out at 10am and she boarded a coaster back to her station as I continued to Masaka.
Till then, I remain yours truly, the mighty Hyena.

Security tight ahead of Supreme Court ruling

Police officers sealed roads leading to the Supreme Court in Nairobi March 30,2013 ahead of a court ruling on the presidential election petition.  WILLIAM OERI         
Police officers sealed roads leading to the Supreme Court in Nairobi March 30,2013 ahead of a court ruling on the presidential election petition. WILLIAM OERI 

 Posted  Saturday, March 30  2013 at  09:39

Police have heightened security in Nairobi as the country awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling expected in the next few hours.
All roads leading to the Supreme Court have been blocked.
A contingent of armed GSU, administration and regular police have sealed the junctions of Wabera and Mama Ngina streets, City Hall Way, Parliament Road, and Taifa Road.
However, traders at the Maasai market situated at the Supreme Court’s parking lot have been allowed to sell their wares.
Nairobi deputy police boss Moses Ombati visited the market Saturday morning and assured the traders that their security was guaranteed.
He warned that police officers had been deployed at the market to deal with those who may take advantage of the situation to cause chaos.
On Friday, Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo vowed a crackdown on illegal demonstrations ahead of the landmark ruling.
Mr Kimaiyo said crowds would not be allowed to mill around the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court will deliver a historic judgment that will either clear the way for the swearing in of Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya’s fourth President, a run-off pitting Mr Kenyatta and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, or a fresh election.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Arua school closed after students strike

Anyavu Secondary School in Arua District has been closed after a strike by students. The students accused the head teacher, Mr Anthony Oryema, of dismissing four students who had provided unverified information on a student accused of witchcraft.
The students destroyed laboratory equipment, administration blocks and the head teacher’s house. The school and Logiri Sub-county authorities decided to send the students home.
The District Education Officer, Mr Nicholas Tembo, said the school administrators need to change their style of administration to a participatory one. “The strike did not come as a surprise to me because that school has been distant from the DEO’s office so they could not be advised on how to prepare for eventualities. Issues have been brewing in that school,” Mr Tembo said.
He said there was need for head teachers to use student-teachers and parents committees to detect any eventualities. Efforts to get a comment from the head teacher were futile as he did not answer our repeated calls.

Byabashaija Apologises to Journalists,Bans them from Covering Prisons

Director General of Prison Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

Director General of Prison Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

Dr. Johnson Byabasaija, the Commissioner General of Uganda Prisons has banned journalists from accessing prison facilities across the country without his authorization. Byabashaija has directed all officers in charge of prison facilities to bar journalists from accessing the prisons in search of information for publication.
He says no journalist is allowed to take photographs or cover stories from any prison facility without his express permission.
Byabashaija issued the directive on Wednesday while visiting Mbarara prison ahead of their top management meeting. He also apologized to two journalists who were recently assaulted by prisoner warders at Kalisizo Government prison. Pascal Lutabi, a reporter with WBS Television and John Bosco Mulyowa, a journalist with the Vision Group were recently assaulted by prison warders while pursuing a story on the escape of ten inmates.
The implicated warders are Robert Ssematta, the officer in charge of Kalisizo Government Prison, Tom Okello and Frank Kyomuhiru.  Dr. Byabashaija said that he has already taken appropriate action against the warders.
On the congestion in prisons, Byabashaija said they are in the process of completing the construction of new wards at Bushenyi, Mbarara and Kiruhura Government prisons to address the living conditions of the inmates. He faulted the judiciary for failing to organize criminal court sessions to reduce on the huge numbers of suspects who have over stayed their remand period.
Tobius Ebongo, the South Western regional Prison Commander disclosed that Mbarara prison is currently home to 1039 inmates yet it was built to accommodate only 360 inmates.

Building collapses in Dar

Building collapses in Dar 
The accident as coursed deaths and injuries
A fourteen-storey building under construction in central Dar-es salaam has collapsed, several people are feared dead.Tanzania's commercial capital has experienced a construction boom in recent years although much of the buildings are unregulated and uncontrolled.
  • Three people have lost lives,police have confirmed
  • 17 injured
  • Three Municiple officials including chief Constuctor are held by police
  • President Jakaya Kikwete visted the place
  • rescuing operation is going on
  • NCCR-Mageuzi national chairman said desaster management skills needed amongst wananchi.


Women Who Marry After 30 Make More Money, Not True for Men

The Washington Post publishes Monday nine facts about childbirth and marriage in the U.S. quoting a new report from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, and the RELATE Institute. The study found for instance that contrary to the common belief  "that of ‘unwed mothers’ as more or less synonymous with ‘teen pregnancy, only 23 percent of all unmarried births are to teenagers. Sixty percent are to women in their twenties.” The report also shows that women who wait to marry until at least 30 make much  more money than those who marry younger, which is not true for men.

Students 'kill' man on the run

The students reportedly accuse the man of being against an affair between one of the students and his sister.

Residents of Alero Sub-county in Nwoya District are still getting to terms with an incident in which three students aged 15, 18 and 20 reportedly killed a man.
Denis Okello, 27, died after the students of Alero Secondary School, stepped on his testicles in turns.
One of the students was reportedly having a love affair with Okello’s 17-year-old sister, an act that did not go down well with the deceased.
The sub-county chairperson, Mr Geoffrey Onekalit, confirmed the incident, saying Okello was trying to dissuade one of the students from having an affair with his sister. “They stepped on his private parts and he died immediately,” he said.
Mr Onekalit added that the two lovebirds had earlier been warned against the affair because they are related. “Several family meetings were held so that they could stop their affair but they didn’t listen to the advice,” Mr Onekalit added.
Nwoya District Chairman Patrick Okello Oryema described the incident as inhuman and unlawful and called for the arrest and prosecution of the suspects. The District Police Commander, Mr Moses Okello, said police is hunting for the alleged killers and have them prosecuted.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pope Francis washes prisoners' feet on Maundy Thursday

Pope Francis washes the feet of prisoners


Pope Francis has washed the feet of prisoners in a youth detention centre near Rome as part of the Maundy Thursday service.
The Christian ritual takes place on the Thursday before Easter to commemorate Christ's Last Supper.
Thousands of pilgrims and tourists are arriving in Rome to attend ceremonies during the holy week ahead of Easter.
In a homily, the Pope earlier urged priests to do less "soul-searching" and engage more with parishioners.
"It is not in soul-searching... that we encounter the Lord," he told hundreds of cardinals, priests and bishops in St Peter's Basilica.
"We need to go out... to the outskirts where there is suffering, bloodshed, blindness that longs for sight and prisoners in thrall to many evil masters."
Worshippers should "leave Mass looking as if they had heard good news", he added.
Gesture of humility During Thursday's intimate service at Casal del Marmo, the Pope washed and kissed the feet of 12 young detainees to replicate the Bible's account of Jesus Christ's gesture of humility towards his 12 apostles on the night before he was crucified.
The 12 inmates included two girls, one Italian Catholic and one of Serbian Muslim origin, local prison ombudsman Angiolo Marroni said ahead of the ceremony.
Some of the prisoners volunteered to have their feet washed, while others were given an invitation to help them overcome their embarrassment, the Catholic News Agency quoted the prison chaplain as saying.
The pontiff told inmates that Jesus had washed the feet of his disciples in a gesture of service, 
"If the Lord has washed his disciples' feet, you should do the same," he is quoted as saying.
After the ritual, Pope Francis gave Communion to the inmates and prison workers.
In total, around 10 girls and 40 boys from different nationalities and diverse religious confessions were taking part in Thursday's Mass.
The new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics has brought a new sense of simplicity to the Vatican,Drive Hot in Rome.
He has broken with tradition for the foot-washing ceremony, which is normally performed on lay people in one of Rome's basilicas.
Pope Benedict XVI visited the Casal del Marmo centre in 2007, but not for the Holy Thursday Mass. Only for the first two years of his pontificate did he perform the feet-washing himself, after which the task was delegated to priests.
Easter is the most important festival in the calendar of the Catholic Church.
On Good Friday evening the Pope will carry a wooden cross and pray at a ceremony at Rome's ancient amphitheatre, the Colosseum, commemorating Jesus' crucifixion.
On Saturday evening Pope Francis will celebrate the main Easter Vigil Mass in St Peter's Basilica.
And on Easter Sunday morning, the new Pope will deliver his first "Urbi et Orbi" message to the city of Rome and to the world.
During his inaugural general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis called for an immediate political solution to the conflict in the Central African Republic after last weekend's coup.

Mandela back in hospital with lung infection

Former South African president Nelson Mandela
Former South African president Nelson Mandela
Former South African president Nelson Mandela has been readmitted to hospital with a recurrent lung infection, the presidency said Thursday, urging people to pray for the anti-apartheid hero.
The 94-year-old was hospitalised "due to the recurrence of his lung infection" just before midnight on Wednesday, President Jacob Zuma's office said in a statement.
It is the second time this month that the Nobel peace laureate has spent the night in hospital and follows a nearly three-week stay in December for the lung infection and for surgery to extract gallstones.
Earlier this month, he spent a night in hospital for a "scheduled medical checkup".
"Doctors are attending to him, ensuring that he has the best possible expert medical treatment and comfort," said the presidency.
Zuma wished "Madiba", as South Africa's first black president is fondly known at home, a quick recovery.
"We appeal to the people of South Africa and the world to pray for our beloved Madiba and his family and to keep them in their thoughts," he said.
"We have full confidence in the medical team and know that they will do everything possible to ensure recovery."
The name or location of the hospital where Mandela is staying was not disclosed.
Revered at home and abroad, Mandela has grown increasingly frail away from the public eye with several recent health scares.
His December admission was the Nobel Peace Prize winner's longest hospital stay since he walked free from 27 years of apartheid jail in 1990.
In early 2012, he was admitted for a minor exploratory procedure to investigate persistent abdominal pain.
His lungs have also been a longstanding source of health problems.
In 2011, he was hospitalised for two nights for an unnamed acute respiratory infection.
Mandela was diagnosed with early stage tuberculosis in 1988 while imprisoned during apartheid

Kayhihura reshufles police commanders

Gen. Kale Kayihura. File Photo
The Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura has reshuffled over 43 regional and district police commanders. The police transfers were announced Tuesday evening through a radio message and they take immediate effect.
Eight assistant commissioners, 13 senior superintendents, eight superintendents and 13 assistant superintendents were affected. Mr Dodovic Awita, who has been in Counter Terrorism, is now the commandant of Aviation Police replacing Mr Moses Kafeero.
Mr Kafeero has been transferred to Busoga North region as the Regional Police Commander.
Mr Abby Kisubi has been transferred to Nsambya Police Barracks as the Commandant from Integrated Highway Patrol Unit. He has been replaced by Mr Cohen Arinaitwe, who has been the Commandant in charge of Emergency Response Unit.
Mr Robert Walugembe, whose area (Kiira Road) has been dogged with murders and robbers, has been transferred to Ssembabule District as DPC. Mr Jonathan Musinguzi, the DPC Jinja has been transferred to Arua to serve as the district police boss.
Gen. Kayihura also made changes in Great Masaka region that has witnessed several unsolved murders.
Mr Simon Peter Wafana, the Regional Police Commander of Greater Masaka has been moved to the Field Force Unit awaiting deploymen
ACPDodovic AwitaCounter TerrorismCommandant Aviation Police
ACPMoses KafeeroAviation PoliceRPC Busoga North region
ACPBen MubangiziRPC JinjaSsezibwa Region
ACP Richard MivuleRPC Savanah RPC Savanah region
ACPPeter WafanaRPC Greater MasakaField Force Unit (FFU)
ACPAbby KisubiIntergrated HighwayCommandant Nsambya Barracks
ACPRaymond OtimOperationCommandant Naguru/Ntinda Barracks
SSPAugustus EchopuFFURPC Busoga East region
SSPAlex TumwebazeRakaiRPC Kira Region
SSPMaximal OgwangNebbiRPC Greater Masaka region
SSPEddie SserungogiMasakaD/RPC Ssezibwa region
SSPCohen ArinaitweEmergency ResponseIntergrated Highway Patrol
SSPDan Byaruhanga
RPC North Western region
SSPFred Ssegirinya
RPC West Nile region
SSPJohn Ssewanyana
Commandant Emergency Response Unit
SSPJohn BambiseBulambuliD/RPC Kampala North region
SSPJuma OkwuguMasindiD/RPC Kampala South region
SSPJulius ButamalaMarachaRPC Sipi region
SSPJacob OpolotRPC Elgon region regionRPC Elgon region
SSPGordon OwuloAmuriaRPC Mityana region
ACPJames KatonyereraRPC KatongaRPC Katonga region
SPRobert Walugembe DPC Kira RoadDPC Ssembabule 
SPAbdullah KitimboSsembabuleFFU
SPJonathan MusinguziDPC JinjaDPC Arua
SPFred IdemaButalejjaFFU
SPKahebwaAmudatDPC Masaka
SPApollo KitibaKibukuDPC Jinja
SPDison AisigomaDPC KaabongDPC Nakasongola
SPGeoffrey AsiriFFUDPC Kibuku 
ASPAlex IbinyuDPC WandegeyaDPC Kira Road
ASPVictor NahebweNakasongolaDPC Kaabong
ASPAlex WabirwePolice HeadquartersDPC Butalejja
ASPBashir SiribeApacDPC Amudat
ASPEmmanuel MafundoPolice HeadquartersOC Station Apac
ASPOnesmus MwesigwaFFUDPC Nebbi
ASPDeo ObulaKanunguDPC Amuria
ASPZamani KanyisigePakwachDPC Maracha
ASPComfory MunduroEmergency ResponseCIID
C/ASPAbel LuganzaFFUOC Station Pakwach
C/ASPPeace NantabaKiruhuraOC Station Kira Road/Kamwokya
C/ASPMkronzi ByaruhangaMukonoOC Station Kiruhura/Kazo
C/ASPEla WatiireWobulenziOC Station Ntungamo

5,000 Ugandans are being detained in Zimbabwe and South Africa without trial.

The leadership of the Ugandans in the diaspora are investigate circumstances under which over 5,000 Ugandans are being detained in Zimbabwe and South Africa without trial.

The development follows media reports that there are about 5,800 Ugandans held in prisons of both countries for unspecified period of time.

The media recently quoted the executive director human rights defenders Gideon Tugume, saying; "More than 500 Ugandan prisoners have been identified in South Africa (mainly in Pretoria and Johannesburg) and more than 5,000 in Zimbabwe".

However the head of Diaspora, Elogu said they had embarked on investigations to ascertain the actual number of Ugandans being held in both countries and the reason for their arrest.

"We want to find out who is where, have they been charged, we want to ensure that due process is followed, you cannot keep people in the cells for long," said Elogu.

He made the remarks yesterday during a press conference on the fourth coming Uganda convention Nordics 2013 which will take place starting 28 -30 June in Stockholm Sweden.

Elogu who could not confirm the alleged 5,000 number of arrested Ugandans in both countries said; "we are trying to get in touch with our local embassies there, to get the exact number it is difficult to say how many were arrested".

He however urged Ugandans abroad to respect policies of countries where they travel for greener pasture.

"When you travel and infringe on certain aspects of the law of that country, chances are high you would be arrested," he said.

Many Ugandans have been victims of arrest in many foreign countries such as china where they have been arrested for long without trial.

Meanwhile, the chairman Ugandan convention Nordics, Peter Ntende said preparations for the Ugandan convention Nordics 2013, were in high gear.

He said they would use the convention to promote Uganda's tourism and oil sector to potential investors in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Denmark Norway among others to attract more investors to Uganda.
Source Drive Hot