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BBC's HR Boss Quits Following Payoff Row

BBC's HR Boss Quits Following Payoff Row
BBC's HR Boss Quits Following
Payoff Row

The BBC's HR director is to quit her £320,000-a-year post in the wake of a row over bumper payoffs handed to departing executives on her watch.
Lucy Adams will leave at the end of the financial year next March after working her notice period and without any severance pay.
She was forced to reject accusations the BBC was engaged in "cronyism" during an appearance before the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee last month.
A National Audit Office (NAO) report had revealed huge payments - some totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds - were made even when departing executives were not entitled to the money.
Among them was the £450,000 handed to former director-general George Entwistle, who stood down after a few weeks in the job.
BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten later admitted Mr Entwistle was paid for an extra 20 days' work to help manage the transition to a new director-general but "as it happened he wasn't required to do anything".
According to the NAO, in the three years up to last December, the BBC spent £25m on severance payments for 150 high-ranking staff.
Chief operating officer Caroline Thomson left last year with £670,000 - more than twice her salary - while former deputy director-general Mark Byford was paid £949,000 when he departed two years ago.
Ex-BBC2 controller Roly Keating returned a £375,000 payoff after learning it had not been properly authorised.
During last month's hearing, Ms Adams admitted to MPs there was a culture at the corporation "which clearly did not deliver value for money".
Commenting on her decision to leave, Ms Adams said: "I have been discussing my decision to leave the BBC with (director-general) Tony Hall for some time now. By next spring I will have been at the BBC for five years which feels like a good time to try something new.
"It has been a great privilege to lead the BBC's People division. The BBC is a unique institution and I am extremely proud of the work the team has achieved in spite of the challenges along the way.
"I look forward to continuing that work with Tony and the executive board in the coming months."
Mr Hall said: "I am enormously grateful to Lucy for all her work and I will be very sorry to see her go next spring.
"She has done a great job and contributed a huge amount to the BBC.
"I am pleased that, in the short term at least, she will continue to help me simplify the way we do business in the BBC so that we can spend more time concentrating on our programmes and services."

Sunday, 18 August 2013

South Sudan; A death trap for Ugandan traders

A street in Juba. Despite the country's promising business opportunities
A street in Juba. Despite the country’s promising business opportunities, harrassment, breach of contract and loss of life continues to be story of Ugandan traders

More bad news continues to emerge from South Sudan, a country Uganda provided refuge to its people during the more than 20 years of conflict with the North that resulted in her birth. 
The country that gained independence in July 9 2011,  became a destination for many a trader who wanted to cash in on her economical potential as a virgin market. However, recent maltreatment of Ugandan traders is not encouraging as harassment, breach of contract and loss of life seem to be the order of the day.
Another Ugandan, Senuni Yarsin was on Tuesday August 15 killed in Jonglei along Juba-Bor road at 4.00pm. His death is part of a somewhat ongoing ‘tragic’ script about the suffering Ugandan traders have suffered at the hands of their Northern neighbors in recent times.
The deceased, a 21 year old turn boy and his driver, Bossa were hired by an Eritrean trader to transport Wheat floor from Kampala to Bor.
Their truck broke down a long the way to Bor from Juba where they spent 2 days while waiting for a mechanic to travel with spare parts from Kampala to fix the problem.
On the third day of waiting, a drunken armed SPLA soldier came staggering towards them, greeted them and walked away. After moving for about 20 meters away from them he suddenly stopped and stepped back, fired 2 bullets in the air and came back. He asked for money from Yarsin, who was by then preparing a meal besides the truck; while the driver hid behind the truck. Yarsin pleaded with the guy to allow him pick the money from his bag in the truck; but as he climbed the truck to pick money from his bag, the guy fired two bullets at him killing him instantly.
The driver having witnessed what happened to his colleague ran away for his dear life towards the barracks.
Meanwhile, the murderer stopped another on coming truck, robbed the passengers and deflated the front tyres with his gun.
The Ugandan community Thursday morning was planning a demonstration to protest over the rampant murder of their countrymen.
The Police on the other hand are demanding for money to allow the post-mortem to be done and for a letter to allow the body to be transported to Uganda.
Both the driver and the deceased come from Wakiso district, central Uganda.
There have been reported cases of killings, torture, arbitrary arrests by South Sudan against Ugandan traders.
In June this year, the government of South Sudan apologised to the Ugandan business community in Juba over claims that the traders have been target for mistreatment and harassment by the South Sudanese.
The killing of Senuni shows that unless the Juba administration moves from mere apologies to putting punitive measures in place, South Sudan will continue to be a death trap for innocent Ugandans whose only crime is to exploit the country’s economic potential.

Sex toys craze hits Kampala

 A woman hoists the edible underwear that has become hot property on Kampala’s sex-toy circuit. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa 

On the face of it, it is just a jewellery and clothing store in the centre of town. The shop is a street-side walk-in boutique measuring about 16 square metres, with much of the floor, wall and window space taken up by cloth-hangers, jewellery and hair accessory displays.
On one of the bottom racks, sitting among the shoe-boxes, is a slim, white carton, with pink lettering that at first glance could be mistaken for an underwear pack. The box contains a game. The adult game of cards is the teaser, which leads to the stash of sex candy in the back.
Having been tipped off by a colleague who stumbled on the city centre adult store while shopping for shirts, I call Sylvia, the 24-year-old partner and sales person for the sex candy shop. She arrived on a boda boda motorcycle, balancing two bags of goodies. I have been told that she charges Shs20,000 for ‘the session,’ during which she shows off the different toys and explains what they do. Having used some of the sex candy herself, she speaks of the products with conviction.
Side business
The candy store is owned and run by two female business partners, one in her thirties and the other one in her early twenties. Sylvia and her business partner started out partnering in a jewellery business. The two are surprisingly open about what they do.
The sex shop is not a formal business. Selling sex toys is a profitable side business, which they do on the down low. They do not advertise and they are careful about how they approach potential clients. Their erotic wares are not exposed in the shop. Unless one has a curious eye, the edible undergarments strategically placed on a shelf, could easily pass for regular underwear as sold in a lingerie shop.
Many of the sex store clients first come to the store in search of clothes and jewellery. If a customer lands on the mature content while trying on shoes, then the shop owner broaches the subject of the sex accessories. You have to have gained a certain level of trust with one of the two women to be let in on the stockpile of sex toys behind the rows of men’s shirts and glass displays of colourful trinkets.
People in the know, keep going in to purchase different sex enhancing items but there are also lots of walk-in clients who come into the shop to buy jewelry and end up ordering sexual aids. There is money to make in the business as the lowest priced item goes for Shs20, 000 and the highest Shs250, 000.
When Sylvia starts talking, you may be forgiven for thinking that she has been selling sex candy for the past five years. The way she explains the concepts, the 24-year-old is probably better informed than the majority of her clients.
“I have had to do extensive reading. I have had to be open-minded. There are things I have been exposed to…We don’t take anything for granted. Before you take a product, I will educate you. With products such as sweeteners, where you have to introduce a foreign liquid in your system, we have had to research. There is no side effect,” she says.
When Sylvia graduated in 2011, she had a passion to make her own money. She just did not plan on making it through selling sex toys.
“I was just supplying my jewellery. I had a supplier, someone who brings stuff from Thailand. In the beginning, my mother gave me capital of Shs100,000,” Sylvia recalls.
As her business capital grew, so did her circle of contacts. One year after leaving the university, Sylvia run into a friend who shared how she was making money in ‘dilly’ sales. ‘Dillies’ is slang for a sex toy known as a dildo. A dildo is a replica of the human male genitalia. It is used by women for self-stimulation.
Popular with clients
Sylvia’s first commodity was gum. Her contact travelled to China and came back with a special kind of gum, a sort of Viagra for women. Her first client, a man who tried the arousal gum on his wife, is said to have registered such amazing results that he called her early the next morning to order for more gum. Apparently, he had never seen his wife like that.
Sylvia told her friends about the gum. She even tried it out on herself. Having tasted the gum’s results, she gained interest and ordered more sex toys and sex sweeteners. She went into business.
Sylvia and her partner sell edible undergarments, waist chains, lubricants, toys like fetish handcuffs, dildos and attractants, among other things.
“We have sold more attractants than anything else. These are perfumed liquids that you can wear to attract the opposite sex,” she explains.
Essentially, this is the store-bought version of our natural pheromones. These have been the most sold things at the shop. There is a version for both men and women.
“The funny thing is that people that really love this stuff are guys. They want to buy for their women to try out. We have so many male customers you wouldn’t believe. People that want to spice up their sex life. There are people who are shy. These might openly reject the product but call you back to order privately,” reveals Sylvia. Her sex-toy customers grew straight out of her jewelry clientele, and these covered a broad spectrum of the corporate class in Kampala, say those working in banks. Sylvia has also hit it big, supplying her raunchy wares at bridal showers.
On the flipside, there is a section of people whom Sylvia says, are very conservative. Other people have the mentality that the toys destroy sex life. We try to get feedback from clients. We organise demonstrations. Most of the clients are grown up, well beyond the age of consent. The youngest clients have been a group of university students.
“For me to expose this to my client, we had to have a certain level of friendship. These are people she has supplied other commodities like jewelry. She does not sell to strangers. People could take it the wrong way,” says the candy store sales person, who juggles a full time job marketing car parts with an undercover part time stint selling edible underwear.

Friday, 16 August 2013

123-year-old man may be oldest man alive: Is living to 123 a blessing or curse?

World's oldest man? Bolivia's Carmelo Flores Laura is said to be 123 ...

An 123-year-old man could be the oldest person alive, but without verification no one knows for sure. While living to 123 might seem like a dream to some, but is it really all that it's cracked up to be? According to USA today on Aug. 14, Since Carmelo Flores Laura was born 123 years ago, there would be no birth certificate for him because Bolivia didn't issue birth certificates until about 1940.
Without any proof this elderly gentleman cannot get into the world records as the oldest living person. He would have beat the record that was set in 1997 by a woman in France, her name was Jeanne Calment, her age was verified at 122-years-old. At 123, Carmelo doesn't really do too much and his memory isn't that great today. The director of Bolivia's civil registrar, Eugenio Condori, did produce the registry that lists Carmelo Flores' birthdate as July 16, 1890. As far as the Guinness Book of Records goes, a spokesperson was not aware of anyone putting in a claim for Flores to be considered for their records.
Flores has outlived his wife, who he misses very much and his outlived all but one of his children, which makes him somewhat lonely. He lives in a little village called Frasquia, which is home to about a dozen houses and it is a two-hour walk to the nearest road. Flores' home is a straw-roofed dirt-floor hut and this isolated hamlet that he calls home is near Lake Titicaca. Most of his grandchildren, he has 40 of them, and his great grandchildren have moved away.
His grandson reports that Flores fought in the Chaco war in 1933, but Flores vaguely remembers this as his age has caught up with him and his memory isn't all that it used to be. If he really is 123, which his grandson says he is, that's a long time to live. It has to be hard to see your wife and kids die of old age while you're still hanging in there. While all those years alive and all the history that 123-year-old man would be privy too is amazing, but being alone for so long because you've outlived most everyone is a consequence that seems a bit too harsh.

New Zealand Struck By Series Of Strong Quakes

New Zealand Struck By Series Of Strong Quakes
 New Zealand Struck By Series
 Of Strong Quakes.

A series of strong earthquakes has hit New Zealand, sending people scrambling for cover and causing the capital, Wellington, to shake "like jelly".
The first tremor, a 6.5-magnitude, struck at 2:31pm local time in the Cook Strait, around 58 miles (94 km) west of Wellington at a depth of six miles (10 km), the US Geological Survey said.
It was followed by several aftershocks measuring up to 5.7 and was felt from Christchurch in the South Island to Auckland in the North Island.
Authorities said there were no initial reports of injuries or major damage to buildings, and no tsunami warnings have been issued.
The quake caused a violent jolt in Wellington.
"Lots of aftershocks. 'Beehive' wobbling around like a jelly, but all OK," economic development minister Steven Joyce tweeted, referring to New Zealand's distinctive parliament building.
Resident Juli Ryan tweeted: "That was pretty wild, I was sitting in my parked car watching buildings shake like leaves."
There were reports of power cuts to areas of the South Island, and Wellington's airport was briefly closed to check the runway for damage.
Train services were also stopped in case railway tracks had buckled in the quake, but there were no reports of significant damage.
Lifts were out of action in some office buildings and, as the aftershocks continued, many businesses sent their workers home early, causing large traffic jams in the capital.
A quake of a similar strength in the same area three weeks ago broke water mains, smashed windows and downed power lines.
New Zealand is part of the so-called Pacific 'Ring of Fire' that has regular seismic activity - around 5,000 tremors a year.
A massive earthquake in the city of Christchurch in 2011 killed 185 people and destroyed much of the city's downtown.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Facebook: Social Network Linked To Unhappiness.Read More.....

Facebook: Social Network Linked To Unhappiness
Facebook: Social Network Linked
To Unhappiness.

could be spreading unhappiness through society as well as keeping people connected, research has shown.
The number one social networking site is strongly associated with declines in well-being, psychologists claim.
Scientists found the more time people spent on Facebook over a two-week period, the worse they subsequently felt.
In contrast, talking to friends on the phone or meeting them in person led to greater levels of happiness.
Study leader Dr Ethan Kross, from the University of Michigan in the US, said: "On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection.
"But rather than enhance well-being, we found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result - it undermines it."
The researchers recruited 82 young adults, all of whom had smartphones and Facebook accounts.
To assess their personal levels of well-being, participants were sent questions by text message at five random times each day for two weeks.
The "experience sampling" technique is a recognised reliable way of measuring how people think, feel and behave in their day-to-day lives.
Participants were asked how they felt "right now", how worried or lonely they were, and to what extent they had been using Facebook or interacting with other people directly.
Writing in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE, the researchers said higher levels of Facebook use correlated with greater loss of well-being.
Volunteers were also asked to rate their level of life satisfaction at the start and end of the study.
Over the two-week period, satisfaction ratings were found to decline the more people used Facebook.
"This is a result of critical importance because it goes to the very heart of the influence that social networks may have on people's lives," said University of Michigan neuroscientist and co-author Dr John Jonides.


xdjay  imefanikiwa kunasa picha mbalimbali za aibu za msanii chipukizi na mwanamuziki Manaiki Sanga akifanya ufuska wa kutisha na wanawake tofauti tofauti hali inayoonesha ameazimia kujitoa muhanga juu ya gonjwa hatari la ukimwi linalotishia dunia nzima.

 Habari za uhakika toka kwa chanzo chetu kilichotushushia shehena za  picha hizo kilisema msanii huyo ambae pia ni anaigiza pamoja na kundi  la Ze Komedi la East Afrika Tv tangu apate jina amekuwa akijihusisha  na vitendo viovu vya unyanyasaji wa kijinsia kwa kuwarubuni mabinti  kupiga nao picha za aibu kwa lengo la kutafuta jina na amekuwa 
akitumia kiasi kikubwa cha pesa kufanikisha suala hilo. 

Aidha katika hali nyingine msanii huyo aliyetamba sana kwenye filamu  ya Love Position, Tikisa na nyinginezo amekuwa akitumia gari yake  kufanyia ufusika  hadharani..

Police takeover Makerere University

Police in Kampala have heightened security at Makerere University and declared it a no-go-zone to the public, a day after the University was closed over a cash crisis.
Makerere was on Wednesday closed by the University Council. The closure followed council’s failure to secure the 100% pay increment demanded by on-strike staff as a prerequisite to work.
Central Police Station in Kampala yesterday, Kampala Police commander Andrew Kaweesi has since told the press that the heavy deployment is to protect the property of the university as the bicker between the University staff and Council over terms of work continues. 

Up to late evening,  anti-riot police aboard police pickups were traversing the university.
Police check points were established at entrance points into the university. Scores of officers were also deployed at the Main building and the Senate building.
“We shall not entertain any form of lingering within campus. Weddings, rallies, workshops, symposiums, discussions are not allowed. Literarily,” reiterated Kaweesi.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cranes friendly in Egypt on amid violent protests

Cranes friendly in Egypt on amid violent protests
 Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypts ousted president
  Mohamed Morsi chant slogans as they demonstrate in Egypts 
 northern coastal city of Alexandria.
 Uganda Cranes' international friendly against Egypt will go on as planned despite unrest following mass protests that have so far claimed at least 60 lives including university students.

FUFA spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa said he was not aware of the severity of the situation in Egypt but expected the tie to go ahead nonetheless.

“As far as we know the game will go on as planned. The riots are in a different part of the country and we haven’t gotten any indication by our hosts that the match won’t be played” Mulindwa stated.

There was no official confirmation of the deaths at Rabaa al-Adawiya, in northeast Cairo, where police opened fire on camp housing thousands of supporters demanding the reinstatement of deposed President Mohamed Mursi.

The violence which began at around 7 am came after international efforts failed to mediate an end to a six-week political standoff between Mursi's supporters and the army-backed government which took power after his ouster on July 3.

Two members of the Egyptian security forces were also reportedly shot dead as they tried to disperse the irate protesters.


Mwamuzi na wachezaji watatu wa timu ya Serengeti SC ya wilayani Sumbawanga mkoani  Rukwa wamelazwa kwenye kituo cha Afya cha Laela baada kushambuliwa na kwa kupigwa sehemu mbalimbali za mwili katika mchezo wa Ligi ya ujirani mwema.

Mchezo huo uliofanyika katika uwanja wa shule ya msingi Kisalala kata ya Laela, ulitamatia dakika ya 75 baada ya kundi la mashabiki wa Serengeti FC kuanza kumshambulia mwamuzi kwa kumvua nguo na kisha  kumpiga mwamuzi Eliaza Simsokwe na hadi akajisaidia haja kubwa( kunya  mavituzi).

 Inadaiwa sababu ya kumpiga mwamuzi huyo ni kupinga bao lililofungwa na mchezaji wa timu pinzani ya Muchiza FC, Siyaye Mgonde wakidai alikuwa ameotea kabla ya kufunga.

Mwanamke mmoja alimsaidia mwamuzi huyo kwa kumfunga khanga ili kumsitiri baada ya kuvuliwa nguo.

Wachezaji wawili na kocha watimu ya Serengeti walijeruhiwa na kulazwa kwenye kituo hicho cha Afya.

Aidha ugomvi huo uliibuka tena majira ya usiku nje ya uwanja ambako watu wanaodaiwa kuwa ni wakazi wa kijiji cha Kisalala walivamia tena wachezaji wa timu ya Serengeti FC na kumjeruhi Peter Willy  ambaye   alijeruhiwa kwa kupigwa panga kichwani na kusababishiwa jeraha kubwa.

Uongozi wa Chama cha soka wilayani Sumbawanga (SURUFA) kupitia kwa katibu wake, Kanyiki Nsokolo umesema kufanyika kwa vitendo hivyo ni matokeo ya kuendesha masuala ya soka kienyeji pasipo kufuata taratibu ikiwa ni pamoja mashindano hayo kufanywa pasipo kukishirikisha chama cha soka cha wilaya sanjari na kutokuwapo kwa makocha  na waamuzi wenye sifa kwa ajili ya kuchezesha michezo mbalimbali ya soka.

UPS Plane Crash In Alabama Kills Two

UPS Plane Crash In Alabama Kills Two
 UPS Plane Crash In Alabama Kills Two

A large UPS cargo plane has crashed on approach to an airport in Birmingham, Alabama, killing the pilot and co-pilot.
The pre-dawn crash caused at least two explosions, throwing debris across the area.
The plane caught fire, sending a column of thick smoke into the sky as fire trucks and other emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.
Birmingham Fire Chief Ivor Brooks said the pilot and the co-pilot, the only two people aboard the aircraft, were killed. He said both were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.
No other casualties have been reported.
The Federal Aviation Administration said the A300 plane - en route from Louisville, Kentucky, to Birmingham - crashed on approach to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport at around 5am local time.
The plane went down in an open field that is just outside the perimeter fence of the airport.
Birmingham Mayor William Bell said: "The plane is in several sections.
"There were two to three small explosions, but we think that was related to the aviation fuel."
The plane appears to have struck a massive hardwood tree north of the runway, and the AP news agency said conditions in the area were rainy with low clouds in the early morning.
Local news reports say homes and a church were close to the crash site.
The news web site quoted a resident of the area, Eddie Smith, as saying he had heard a loud explosion before dawn.
"It shook my house so hard I jumped up," Mr Smith said, adding he later heard another loud explosion.
The crash has not affected airport operations, a spokeswoman says.

Sky News Cameraman Killed In Egypt

Sky News Cameraman Killed In Egypt
 Sky News Cameraman Killed In Egypt

Sky News cameraman Mick Deane has been shot and killed in Egypt this morning.
Mick, 61, had worked for Sky for 15 years, based in Washington and then Jerusalem.
The married father of two was part of our team covering the violence in Cairo. The rest of the team are unhurt.
The Head of Sky News John Ryley described Mick as the very best of cameramen, a brilliant journalist and an inspiring mentor to many at Sky.
"Mick Deane was a really lovely, lovely guy," he said. "He was great fun to work with, he was an astonishingly good cameraman who took some brilliant pictures.
"But he also had a first class editorial brain. He had brilliant ideas.
"He was also good fun after the job was done. He was laid back, and I'm really going to miss him, like lots of people here."
Sky's Foreign Affairs Editor Tim Marshall called Mick "a friend, brave as a lion but what a heart… what a human being".
He added: "Micky was humorous in a dry way, he was wise and when you're on the road with small teams, people like that are diamonds to be with.
"Our hearts go out to his family. He died doing what he'd done so brilliantly for decades."
Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: "I am saddened to hear of the death of cameraman Mick Deane, covering Egyptian violence.
"My thoughts are with his family and the Sky News team."

My brother is very abusive. Read more....

 Mr Owere

In Summary
What I don’t understand is why he keeps doing this and why don’t our parents act each time we report his uncivilised behaviour.

Hi, I am 13 years old; I have a brother who is 15, though we are a close family, my brother is very uncouth and sometimes very violent towards me.
What I don’t understand is why he keeps doing this and why don’t our parents act each time we report his uncivilised behaviour.
Even though there can be lifelong devastating psychological effects, sibling abuse may be the most ignored form of domestic abuse. There is a lot that is swept under the rug in the guise of “sibling rivalry”.
Most countries’ laws don’t consider this a prosecutable offence unless a child is turned in by their parents.
So parents keep this type of abuse within the family and a lot of the time it is the victim who is blamed for the abuse.
But how do we define or recognise abuse among siblings? When there is an inequity in power between two adolescents and one uses control over the other to repeatedly hurt, threaten, or degrade, that is abusive behaviour. Even name calling, and ridicule can erode a child’s self worth and esteem.
“Children are especially vulnerable to degrading remarks because it is during their childhood years that they are developing a positive sense of self.” Unfortunately, most parents see this behaviour as sibling rivalry.
And while most emotional and even physical abuse, should and can be handled by parents rather than the law, first parents have to recognise that it is abuse.
Sexual abuse is another story. Most incidents of sexual abuse by siblings go not only unreported but also undetected by parents.
Most times, the siblings themselves recognise that what is happening is wrong and certainly it is recognised by society as wrong.
And unlike physical or emotional abuse, it happens secretly because the older sibling knows that they have crossed a line.
But the question remains why should this be happening among children brought up together?

Mulago doctor suspended over baby theft

A senior doctor has been suspended for his role in the disappearance of a newly-delivered boy-child at the National Referral Hospital Mulago in a case dating back seven years ago.
Dr Asinja Kapuru’s suspension enforces long-held suspicions about how some health workers collude in the rampant though criminal practice of trafficking in boy-children.
Yesterday, the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council also barred him from any form of medical practice in Uganda for two years for doctoring medical records that aided the disappearance of the baby.
Currently working as the Medical Officer at Kagando Hospital in Kasese, Dr Kapuru was the Senior House Officer at Mulago at the time of the baby’s disappearance.
In their ruling, the Council chairperson, Prof Joel Okullo, said the doctor was guilty of gross professional misconduct after he admitted altering medical records to show that the mother, Ms Sauda Nabakiibi, had delivered a baby girl.
“It is clear that the disappearance of the baby was a well-planned evil act by a group of medical personnel at Mulago hospital,” Prof Okullo said.
“It is a manifestation of irresponsibility for a professional doctor to record information based on hearsay rather than his actual findings. When a practitioner handles a patient, he or she assumes full responsibility,” he added, noting that it was disgraceful for Dr Kapuru to claim that he made a second theatre report because he was under pressure from a nurse.
Original records show that Ms Nabakiibi was on July 13, 2006, at about 11am, taken to the theatre where she delivered a boy by caesarean section. The baby and two others were received, registered and taken to the ward office by an unidentified nurse.
When the mother recovered from anaesthesia and asked to see her baby, she was told that she had delivered a boy but that the child was in the special care unit because he had developed complications.
However, Ms Nabakiibi told the council, when she went to the special care unit, the nurses there said they had not received a baby under the name of Sauda Nabakiibi. Confused, she returned to the first nurse who had said her child was in the special care unit only to be told this time that the baby died at birth.
The next day, July 14, 2006, Ms Nabakiibi asked that the body of her baby be released for burial. The nurse on duty advised her to pick it from the labour ward. At the labour ward, she was told that it was in the mortuary. However, at the mortuary, the administrators said they had not received a body in her names.
Ms Nabakiibi together with her Husband, Mr Farouk Bukenya, dthen took their search back to the ward where they found a body of a baby wrapped in sheeting labelled Sauda Nabakiibi. At this point, they were told to pick it from the mortuary. But the body handed to them was of a girl. Ms Nabakiibi is reported to have asked the doctor to explain why she had been told that she delivered a baby boy, her file showed that her baby was a boy but the body she had been given was of a girl. The doctor ignored her.
The couple then reported the case to police and later filed a complaint with the medical council.
Prof Okullo said yesterday that a DNA report from the police and the government analytical laboratory where samples taken from the disputed baby’s corpse were processed showed that the baby was not theirs.
During the hearing, Dr Kapuru told the council that he had, in fact, delivered a baby boy. But he also revealed that he filled in two reports; one showing that the baby was a girl while another a boy. He said this was done on the “orders” of the Senior Nursing Officer at the time, who is said to have insisted that the baby was a girl.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


MWANAFUNZI wa kidato cha kwanza katika shule ya sekondari Marangu inayomilikiwa na kanisa Katoliki jimbo la Moshi, (jina limehifadhiwa) alitekwa na kukufungiwa kwenye hoteli moja ya kitalii mjini hapa na kufanyiwa vitendo vya ngono kwa muda wa siku nne mfululizo.
Mwanafunzi huyo anadaiwa kutekwa Agosti 6 mwaka huu na kijana mmoja (jina linahifadhiwa) mfanyakazi wa kampuni ya simu za mikononi (Airtel) mjini Dodoma.
Akizungumza jana na Tanzania Daima Jumatano, kaka wa mwanafunzi huyo, Joseph Temba, alidai mdogo wake alitekwa na mtu huyo na tayari mtuhumiwa ameshakamatwa.
Alisema walifanikiwa kumkamata mtuhumiwa huyo Agosti 10, mwaka huu, katika baa moja akiwa na mdogo wake baada ya raia wema kutoa taarifa za kuonekana kwake.
Kwa mujibu wa kaka wa mwanfunzi huyo siku ya tukio alipokea simu kutoka kwa mwangalizi wa wanafunzi (matroni) akimjulisha kutokuwapo bwenini kwa mdogo wake na ndipo walipoanza kufuatilia na kutoa taarifa kituo kikuu cha polisi mjini Moshi na kupewa namba Mos/RB/9196/2013.

Alisema siku iliyofuata ya Agosti saba jioni walipokea simu kutoka kwa watu wa karibu wakiwataarifu kuwapo katika hoteli hiyo mdogo wake lakini baada ya kufika walinyimwa kuona kitabu cha wageni ili kuangalia orodha ya majina ya wageni waliofikia hapo ili kujiridhisha kama mtuhumiwa huyo alikuwapo mahali hapo.
Hata hivyo alisema jioni ya Agosti 10 walipokea taarifa za kuonekana kwenye baa hiyo mtuhumiwa akiwa na mdogo wake na kuwajulisha polisi na hatimaye kufanikiwa kumtia mbaroni ambapo hadi sasa bado anahojiwa na jeshi la polisi.
Chanzo cha kutekwa kwa mwanafunzi huyo ni mawasiliano ya simu baina ya mtekaji na mwanafunzi huyo ambapo inadaiwa mtuhumiwa huyo alimrubuni mwafunzi huyo kuacha masomo na kwamba angemtafutia nafasi kwenye shule kubwa za kimataifa.

Inadaiwa kwamba mwanfunzi huyo alikubaliana na propaganda hiyo na kutoka shuleni jioni ya Agosti 6 na kumfuata mtuhumiwa kwenye gari lake na kwenda naye hadi Moshi mjini umbali wa kilomteta 50 kutoka shule ya sekondari Marangu.

Kamanda wa polisi mkoa wa Kilimanjaro, Robert Boaz, alisema hana taarifa za kutekwa kwa mwanafunzi huyo kwa kile alichodai alikuwa ametingwa na majukumu ya kikazi mjini Arusha na kuahidi kulifuatilia baadaye. 

Tanzania daima 


 RAIS Jakaya Kikwete ameiagiza Wizara ya Afya kupitia kitengo cha magonjwa ya akili pamoja na Tume ya Kuratibu Udhibiti wa Dawa za Kulevya nchini kushirikiana na Kituo cha Ushauri Nasaha cha Pili Misana Foundation, ambacho kinawasaidia waathirika wa madawa ya kulevya ili kiweze kuwahudumia watu wengi zaidi hapa nchini.

Taarifa ya Ikulu kwa vyombo vya habari imesema kuwa Rais Kikwete alitoa agizo hilo baada ya kukutana na vijana walioachana na matumizi ya dawa za kulevya ambao wamepata ushauri nasaha na usaidizi kutoka katika kituo cha Pili Misana kilichoko Kigamboni jijini Dar es Salaam.

“Jamii lazima ishiriki katika utatuzi wa jambo hili, ni tatizo kubwa na linamgusa kila mtu na inabidi wote tushiriki katika kulipiga vita” alisema.

Rais Kikwete alimpongeza Pili Misana na Zacharia Hans Pope ambaye ndiye mfadhili wa kituo hicho ambacho tayari vijana wapatao 203 wamepatiwa huduma ya ushauri nasaha na kuweza kuachana na madawa ya kulevya na kurudia katika shughuli zao za kimaendeleo.

Rais Kikwete amesema tatizo la dawa za kulevya ni la muda mrefu lakini hapo awali lilikuwa halisikiki sana kwa sababu jitihada za kuzuia dawa hizo zilikuwa hazitangazwi wala kufuatiliwa sana.

“Sasa hivi juhudi mbalimbali za kupambana na dawa za kulevya zinatangazwa na hivyo kusikika sana na pia taarifa nyingi zinazohusiana na dawa za kulevya zinawekwa wazi kwa jamii”

Amesema taarifa nyingi zinawekwa wazi na kutangazwa ili kushirikisha jamii katika kupambana na tatizo hili na kwamba serikali inafanya jitihada kubwa kuwasaidia vijana mbalimbali na bado itaendelea kutoa msaada huo, huku juhudi mbalimbali za kupambana na dawa hizo zikiendelea.

Naye mfadhili wa kituo hicho Zacharia Hans Pope ameitaka jamii kushiriki na kuwa karibu zaidi na vijana ili kuweza kusaidia katika mapambano ya madawa ya kulevya na athari zake nchini.

GOSSIP:Jose Chameleone Provoked To Change Clothes

East Africa’s heavy weight and Leone Island music boss Jose Chameleone has been dared to at least change clothes once in a while.
Jose Chameleone is famously known for putting on a blue Pair of trousers and a checked blue sleeveless shirt.
Jose Chameleone has been dared to change clothes
Jose Chameleone has been dared to change clothes
“Don’t you earn enough money to buy new clothes? You seem to post pictures from different times, countries and still have on the same shirts or jackets you wore five years ago. Get a stylist or buy new clothes you can afford it. If you can’t!! Then think about not posting pictures in the same gear all the time,” Jackie Rwagize posted on Jose Chameleone’s official Facebook page.
Some of Chameleone’s diehards attacked Jackie Rwagize on Facebook and it turned out to be a cold war with Facebook acting as a battle field.
Jose Chameleone was spotted in the past few months with the same attire at Cayenne
Jose Chameleone was spotted in the past few months with the same attire at Cayenne
Pazo Robz bitterly replied Jackie in these words; “Jackie style up your mind eeh…eeh…you are soon writing to Besigye to also change the shirt….people are used to many and it’s not a show off show that makes Jose great. He gets people like you who live just to notice bad on him……big up Jose tour with her and show her new designs not on you.”
Aaron Paddy M, Chameleone’s fan also attacked Jackie and this is what he posted; “Jackie Rwagize you must b too idle of yourself to have time of counting and noticing when Chameleone changes clothes, colours, shoes etc… You think designer collections are like sanitary pads you use once and throw….!!!”

Jose Chameleone and Former FDC Leader Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone and Former FDC Leader Jose Chameleone.


 Kuna kila ishara kuwa meli ya Watanashati Entertainment iliyomchukua Dogo Janja kwa mbwembwe nyingi, inaelekea kuzama na abiria wawili waliosalia, Dogo Janjaro na PNC wameanza kutafuta maboya haraka kujihami.

Kwa mujibu wa meneja wa Tip Top Connection, Babu Tale, Dogo Janja amekuwa akimpigia simu Madee ili wakae chini waongee kumaliza tofauti zao na ili arejee Tip Top.
“Unavyomwona Dogo Janja leo hii anampigia simu Madee kumwomba wakae chini,” alisema Tale kwenye kipindi cha Mkasi.
“Ni kwamba wale marafiki hawapo tena. Leo hii kwakuwa Dogo Janja anamhitaji Madee atausema ukweli. Dogo Janja hela yake alikuwa anampa mshkaji mmoja anaitwa Doka. Mimi niliyajua hayo baada ya matatizo.”
Dogo Janja alijiondoa Tip Top June mwaka jana kwa madai kibao ikiwa pamoja na kudai kwamba hakuwahi kusaidiwa chochote na Madee zaidi ya mambo ya muziki pekee huku kula, malazi na ada ya shule vikifanywa na rafiki yake Madee aitwaye Abdallah Doka ambaye (Dogo Janja) alikuwa akiishi kwake.
Alidai kutokana na ngoma zake kujipatia umaarufu alikuwa akipata show nyingi nchini na zote alikuwa halipwi chini ya milioni moja. Kilichokuwa kinamsikitisha anasema ni kulipwa hela kidogo isiyozidi laki mbili na hivyo kumfanya aishi kwa tabu licha ya kuingiza hela nyingi za show.
“Nilikuwa navumilia tu, kwasababu kila nilipolalamika kuhusu mambo ya hela Madee alikuwa mkali sana,” alikaririwa kwenye kipindi cha Amplifaya cha Clouds FM.


 Vitendo vya usafirishaji wa madawa ya kulevya vinazidi kuendelea duniani na safari hii wasichana wawili wadogo kabisa, mmoja ana umri wa miaka 19 na mwingine ana umri wa miaka 20 wote wawili wamekamatwa kwenye airport ya Lima nchini Peru wakijaribu kusafirisha mzigo huo. 
Passport za mabinti hao zinawatamburisha kama raia wa uingereza na huko ndiko mzigo huo ulikuwa unaelekea.
Baada ya kukamatwa na polisi mabinti hawa Mellisa 19 na Michaella 20, walikubali kosa hilo la kujaribu kusafirisha madawa ya kulevya aina ya Cocaine na hadi hivi sasa wapo kwenye mikono ya polisi.

MP held for allegedly abusing President Kabila

Muhindo Nzangi, the MP for Lubero area in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC is under house arrest for allegedly abusing President Joseph Kabila.
Mr Nzangi appeared before the Congo Supreme Court of Justice on Monday, and was charged with insulting the President.
It is alleged that while appearing on Radio Kivu in Goma on Sunday, Nzangi made utterances which were prejudicial to the internal and external security of the state.
Prosecution also alleged that the utterances by the MP sparked a revolt in Goma. During the talk show, the MP talked about the ongoing conflict in the country and criticized government for failing resolve it peacefully. Shortly after, the talk show the MP was picked by government soldiers and taken to Kinshasha under tight security.
However, Ravice Masenda the lawyer for the accused says the utterances of the legislator have been politicized. He says when the MP appeared in court he was not allowed to defend himself against the allegations.

Maasai Mara tourists stranded as police impound vehicles

Tourist vans parked on the Narok-Mara Road on August 29, 2012. On Tuesday, hundreds were stranded on the same road for over two hours after a confrontation with traffic police. Photo/FILE
Tourist vans parked on the Narok-Mara Road on August 29, 2012. On Tuesday, hundreds were stranded on the same road for over two hours after a confrontation with traffic police. 

In Summary
  • Drive Hot counted at least 200 tourist vans stopped along the Narok-Mai Mahiu road on Tuesday morning.
  • Traffic police demanded that drivers hand over their licenses and later took them to Ntulele police station.

Hundreds of tourists enroute to the Maasai Mara have been stranded for the past two hours in Ntulele, Narok County after police impounded their vehicles for allegedly speeding.
Drive Hot counted at least 200 tourist vans stopped along the Narok-Mai Mahiu road on Tuesday morning.
Traffic police demanded that drivers hand over their licenses and later took them to Ntulele police station.
More to follow.



MAUAJI ya wafanyabiashara wakubwa ‘mabilionea’ yameshika kasi nchini ambapo baada ya tajiri mkubwa Arusha, Erasto Msuya kuuawa kwa risasi hivi karibuni, Agosti 3, 2013 bilionea Elia Daniel Endeni (49) naye aliuawa kwa kupigwa risasi nje kwa mwanamke anayedaiwa kuwa ni mke wake mdogo aitwaye Juliana Labson (28).
Tukio hilo lilijiri siku hiyo saa 2 usiku maeneo ya Temeke Mikoroshini jijini Dar es Salaam ambako ni nyumbani kwa Juliana.
Elia alikuwa na kampuni iitwayo Elia Herdons Ltd ya kupakua na kupakia mizigo ya makontena bandarini, maduka na majumba ambapo polisi walikuta shilingi 151,000,000 taslimu ofisini kwake akiwa amezihifadhi.
Ilidaiwa kuwa muda huo, Elia alikuwa amefika nyumbani kwa mwanamke huyo lakini kabla hajashuka katika gari lake, Pick-up lenye namba za usajili T 319 AFJ alichomolewa kwenye gari na kupigwa risasi na watu wawili wasiojulikana.
Taarifa zilieleza kwamba waliotekeleza unyama huo walikuwa wakimfuata marehemu huyo kwa nyuma wakiwa kwenye pikipiki.
Baadhi ya watu waliozungumza na gazeti hili walisema marehemu alikuwa na kawaida ya kufika nyumbani kwa Juliana nyakati za usiku na kabla ya kushuka kwenye  gari, alikuwa akimpigia simu mwanamke huyo ili afungue mlango.
“Ilikuwa wakati anapiga simu ndipo alivamiwa na watu hao ambao walivunja kioo cha gari kwa kutumia kitako cha bastola kisha kutoa ‘loki’ ya mlango na kumchomoa.
“Walimdhibiti bila kutoa sauti, wakati huo sisi tulikuwa tumekaa nje tukishuhudia lakini tuliamini kwamba huenda walikuwa wamegongana barabarani kwani hata marehemu hakusikika akiomba msaada,” alisema mwanamke mmoja jirani ambaye hakutaka jina lake litajwe gazetini.
Mwanamke huyo aliendelea kusema kwamba hakukusikika mlio wa risasi, bali marehemu alianza kulia ghafla akiomba msaada.
Aliongeza kuwa watu walipokaribia eneo la tukio, wauaji hao walipiga risasi mfululizo hewani, kitendo kilichowafanya watawanyike kuokoa maisha yao na majambazi hayo yakatoweka.
Inadaiwa majirani walipofika, walimkuta tajiri huyo akiwa amelala katika dimbwi la damu huku ameishiwa nguvu kiasi kwamba alishindwa kuongea chochote.
Habari zinasema mke huyo mdogo aliyezaa naye watoto wawili, alipotoka ndani alizimia baada ya kuona Elia akiwa katika dimbwi la damu.
Muda mfupi baadaye, polisi walifika eneo la tukio na kumchukua majeruhi kumpeleka Hospitali ya Temeke ambapo alifariki dunia akiwa njiani.
Taarifa zinadai kwamba Julai 28, mwaka huu marehemu Elia alikoswa na risasi akiwa njiani kwenye gari akitokea msibani Same, Kilimanjaro.
Kamanda wa Mkoa wa Kipolisi Temeke, ACP Engelbert Kiondo amethibitisha kutokea kwa tukio hilo na kusema kwamba walifika katika eneo hilo wakiwa na wasiwasi kwamba huenda watu hao walimnyang’anya bastola.

“Ilitubidi twende ofisini kwake Kurasini na kupekua, tukaikuta bastola. Hili suala linaonekana ni kisasi kwa sababu wamemuua bila kuchukua kitu chochote, tunaendelea na upelelezi,” alisema Kamanda Kiondo.
Mazishi ya Elia yalifanyika Jumatano iliyopita, Same ambapo Juliana alikuwa miongoni mwa waombolezaji. Mke mkubwa wa marehemu aishiye Kimara King’ong’o jijini Dar ndiye aliyekuwa ameongoza msiba huo.

makahaba Bei za Makahaba/Machangudoa Dar zilizokwenye soko kwa mwaka wa fedha 2013-2014


Bei zilizoko sokoni-
Jolly club short tm 30000 full time-100000,
Africa sana kona baa, Sunciro,Meridian k’ndoni- short time 10000 full time-40000 ila wabishi sana kukupa full Time maana kuna vichwa vingi labda umchukue saa nane usiku,
Maisha Club ndani -short time $50 full data -$100 kwa mzungu kwa mswahili sht-50000 full-100000,
Maisha club nje bei ni kama za africa sana hao ni wale wa ndani ndo matawi,
Maeda sinza elf 5 -10 shrt tm, full tm hakuna hapa kuna mpka wanaovaa kandambili,
Uwanja wa fisi bei ni kuanzia 500 hadi 5000,
Buguruni ni kuanzia 2000 hadi 10000 ,
Kwenye massage centres bei ni kati ya 50000 hadi 100000 kutegemea na quality ya mtoto,
Wa maofisini bei ni kuanzia 100000 unamchukua kwa siku nzima mtoto wa ukwee!
Temeke – hadi malaya wa 200/= wapo
Hall III – Chuo Kikuu dar es salaam (Udsm) bei 5000-15000
IFM ndo vicheche wa kumwaga – utawapata night clubs karibu zote Dar, boom likikatika ukiwa na mkoko utawakamua mpaka useme K sasa basi hawana bei maalumu ni kuanzia chips kuku, Bei 5000-20000, tatizo wapigaji wa vizinga kuanzia 200,000
Bar maids wote ni wauzaji, weka strategy nzuri utawatafuna mpaka upukutike salio lako.
Serikali ianzishe utaratibu wa kuwasajili na kuwafanya walipe kodi hawa watu, tunapoteza mapato mengi sana kwa mwaka.
Kama kipato chako ni kidogo waachie wenye roho za paka utauza nyumba mkuu bure hapa Dar.
Tumia Condom ukimwi upo na unaua.

Monday, 12 August 2013


 MSANII wa muziki wa kizazi kipya nchini Ney wa Mitego, ameweka wazi kuwa ikitokea amefariki dunia hatohitaji kamati kwa ajili ya kuendesha mipango ya msiba wake, kwa kile anachodai kuwa kamati hizo zipo kwa ajili ya kuvuna pesa.

Hayo aliweka wazi baada kupokea ujumbe mfupi kwenye simu yake wenye vitisho uliotokana na mashairi alioimba kwenye single yake mpya ya 'Salaam zao' .

Ujumbe huo wa vitisho ambao umepokelewa na msanii huyo umekuja mara baada ya msanii huyo kuachia single yake hiyo ambapo moja ya mashahiri ni juu ya hela za rambirambi zilizopatikana katika msiba wa msanii Ngwear pamoja na Kanumba kushindwa kuwafikia walengwa.

Akizungumza na jarida la Maisha, mara baada ya kutuma ujumbe alioupokea wa vitisho kwenye ukurasa wake wa 'Instagram', Ney wa Mitego aliweka wazi kuwa amepokea ujumbe wa vitisho mara baada ya kuachia nyimbo hiyo.

Alisema kuwa amepokea ujumbe mbalimbali ambazo zipo zinazowataja wahusika moja kwa moja wale waliohusika kula rambirambi, huku wengine wakimtumia ujumbe wa kumtisha kwa kile alichokiimba katika nyimbo hiyo.

"Mimi hata ikitokea nakufa leo sihitaji mtu yeyote wa  kuweka  kamati ya mazishi yangu kwani najua kitakachotokea siyo mazishi bali ni kula hela na rambirambi hizo kushindwa kutimiza malengo kama yalivyokusudiwa" alisema Ney wa Mitego.

Aliongezea kuwa hawezi kuacha kuimba ukweli hata kama ataendelea kupokea vitisho.

Go hang, Mugabe tells rivals

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Monday told those challenging his July 31 election victory that they could “go hang.”
The 89 year-old ruler, making his first public speech, since he defeated long time foe, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai said his win was a victory against the West and their puppets.
“Those who were hurt by defeat can go hang if they so wish,” said President Mugabe in a speech delivered during commemorations to honour the country’s liberation war heroes.
“Even if they die, dogs will not eat their flesh,” he added. “Never will we go back on our victory.”
Last Friday, Mr Tsvangirai who is also the outgoing Prime Minister in a coalition government with his rival filed a court petition seeking to have the results of the controversial elections set aside.
He accused President Mugabe’s Zanu PF party of paying an Israeli company $10 million to manipulate the vote in its favour.
Mr Tsvangirai also listed a number of irregularities, which he said compromised the election.
The legal wrangle would delay Mr Mugabe’s inauguration by at least 14 days.
However, the Zanu PF leader in power since 1980, appeared unmoved by the growing criticism over the way the elections were conducted.
“We are delivering democracy on a platter,” he said. “We say take it or leave it, but the people have delivered democracy.”
Mr Tsvangirai and members of his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) did not attend the celebrations.
MDC said it was staying away from the annual event to protest against the “stolen” elections.
Election observer mission endorsed the elections as free and fair but neighbouring Botswana has called on the Southern African Development Community has called on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to audit the polls saying its observers recorded a number of anomalies.
SADC leaders would meet in Malawi this weekend but it is unlikely that Zimbabwe would be on the agenda.

Gunmen kill bride on Nairobi street four days to her wedding

Gunmen on Monday shot dead a woman and seriously injured her brother-in-law as they shopped in Nairobi for her wedding which had been set for Saturday.
Three gunmen are alleged to have trailed the two to Maru Italian Shoes along Kimathi Street in the city.
At around 4pm, the gunmen entered the shop, ordered the two to raise their hands then shot them.
The assailants then escaped towards Tom Mboya Street.
The two victims are said to have been shopping for the wedding that was scheduled for Saturday at Mathare SDA Church.
The bridegroom, who had accompanied the two, escaped unhurt. He told the police that nothing was stolen from them.
Central OCPD Patrick Oduma confirmed that the injured man was rushed to hospital but the woman died on the spot.
“The intention was not to steal and we are investigating a case of murder,” said Mr Oduma.

Acid Attack Victim Kirstie Trup Out Of Hospital

Acid Attack Victim Kirstie Trup Out Of Hospital
 Acid Attack Victim Kirstie
Trup Out Of Hospital

One of two young British women who had acid thrown at them in Zanzibar has been dsicharged from hospital after treatment for her injuries.
The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital said Kirstie Trup left on Sunday night.
Katie Gee - whose burns were described as "horrendous" by her mother - is still being treated.
A statement from the hospital said: "We can confirm that Kirstie Trup was discharged from the hospital last night. Katie Gee remains in hospital. No details on either of the patients’ treatment will be released at this time.
"This approach is in line with the families’ wishes and we continue to ask that the media respect their privacy at this time."
The two 18-year-olds had been working as volunteer teachers when they were attacked by two men on a motorbike, the first such attack on foreigners on the Indian Ocean island.
Medical student Olivia Moore told Channel 4 News: "They stopped for the girls and the two men then looked at each other, nodded and then the man on the back of the bike smiled and threw acid on the girls.
"From then on it's just chaotic. There was no incident that preceded the actual attack.
"Everyone was shocked. Nobody can think of a motivation or anything that precipitated this."
Witnesses have spoken of their desperate attempts to wash the acid off the two girls before they were rushed to hospital.
The girls' families released a photograph of one of the victims' injuries, showing dark burns seared across her jaw, neck and chest.
On Saturday, Katie took to Twitter to thank well-wishers, saying: "Thank you for all your support x".
Zanzibar's Tourism Minister Said Ali Mbarouk has offered a reward of 10 million Tanzanian shillings (£2,958) for information leading to the arrest of the suspects, describing the attack as "a shame on the people of Zanzibar".
Five people detained over the attacks were questioned over the weekend.
A radical Muslim preacher wanted in connection with the attack escaped on Sunday after being shot by officers in the shoulder with a tear gas canister.
However, there was confusion about whether Sheikh Issa Ponda Issa had later been detained after handing himself in to a hospital for treatment.

Man, 80, held in Savile sex probe

Police have arrested a 14th person in the investigation prompted by abuse claims made against Jimmy Savile
 Police have arrested a 14th person
in the investigation prompted by abuse
claims …

A 80-year-old man has been arrested over sex crime allegations linked to disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile.
The pensioner was held on suspicion of sexual offences in south London and has been taken into custody, Scotland Yard said.
He is the 14th person to be arrested under Operation Yewtree, the investigation prompted by abuse claims made against late DJ Savile.
The investigation has been run in three strands - those involving Savile, those involving Savile and others, and those involving others.
The arrest on Monday comes under "Savile and others".
A number of celebrities have been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, including former pop star Gary Glitter, comedians Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr, and TV presenter Rolf Harris.
All deny any wrongdoing and are on police bail.
So far, two people have been charged in separate cases - driver David Smith, who is due to face trial in October, and PR guru Max Clifford, who will be tried in March.


 JUMBA linalodaiwa kutumika kuendesha shughuli za ukahaba limebainika kuwapo katika eneo la Buguruni, jijini Dar es Salaam.

Uchunguzi uliofanywa na Tanzania Daima, umebaini kuwapo kwa jumba ambalo linatumika kama nyumba ya kulala wageni, ambako idadi kubwa ya makahaba hujazana na kuendesha biashara ya kuuza miili yao bila wasiwasi. 

Wasichana wanaofanya biashara hizo hutoza kiasi cha sh 5,000 kama huduma ya ngono na chumba kwa matumizi ya muda mfupi.

Biashara hiyo ambayo imeleta usumbufu mkubwa kwa wakazi wengi wanaopakana na nyumba hiyo, imekuwa

ikifanikiwa kutokana na kuwapo kwa baadhi ya askari polisi wanaodaiwa kuwalinda wasichana hao pamoja na mmiliki wa nyumba hiyo.

Nyumba hiyo inavyo vyumba vingi vinavyotozwa kiasi sha sh 1,200 kwa chumba pamoja na kondomu. Kadhalika wasichana wenye umri wa miaka 15, ni miongoni mwa wanaofanya biashara hiyo.

Mjumbe wa serikali ya mtaa wa eneo hilo, Amiri Banza, alikiri kuwapo kwa biashara hiyo, ingawa alisema wamejaribu sana kuzuia hali hiyo bila mafanikio: 

“Tumechoka na hii kadhia, tumeripoti kwa viongozi wa Kata hadi polisi lakini hakuna hatua yoyote iliyochukuliwa. Kama wakija polisi wanawakamata, halafu wanawaachia,” alisema.

Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa kipolisi wa Ilala, Marietha Minangi alipoulizwa juu ya kuwapo kwa jumba hilo alisema hajui chochote.: “Mimi sijapata taarifa hizo na ndiyo kwanza ninakusikia wewe,” alisema.

Alipoulizwa kuhusu polisi kufika kwenye jumba hilo na kuchukua rushwa na kuondoka alisema: “Sina ushahidi, kama wapo polisi wanafanya hivyo ni kosa,” alisema Minangi na kuongeza kuwa polisi wanafanya doria maeneo hayo na mara kadhaa wamewakamata watu wanaojihusisha na vitendo hivyo na kuwafikisha mahakamani.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Museveni commissions Karuma power dam works today

A power house in Kabalega Hydropower Station.
A power house in Kabalega Hydropower Station. Bunyoro will have a second dam when Karuma is completed. 

Kampala- President Museveni is today expected to preside over the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of of Karuma Hydropower Plant.
In June, the government awarded the contract of constructing the 600MW Karuma dam to Sinohydro Corporation, a Chinese firm. The dam is expected to cost about $2.2 billion (about Shs6 trillion).
A transmission line from Karuma to a location where the power will be integrated into the national power grid will also be constructed.
However, today’s ceremony comes at a time when residents of Kiryandongo District have petitioned the government to operationalise the construction of a satellite city at Karuma falls.
City benefits
The residents said the project will attract investors and facilities that will scale up urbanisation.
Kiryandongo County MP Sam Otada said his constituents are wondering why the city has never been operationalised although it was proposed in 2009.
He said the government promised to set up a city on River Kafu banks.
However, the Ministry of Lands spokesperson, Mr Dennis Obbo, at the weekend said: “The dam and the city are complimentary and not conflicting. The planning process is underway.”
Mr Obbo said on Saturday by telephone.
He said the ministry will zone, develop structural and detailed plans for the proposed city. He however did not state when the city will become operational.
Mr Otada said whereas the project has excited locals, who hope to tap the business and employment opportunities that will come with the project, they want assurances that the project will not destroy the environment.
“We welcome (construction of the) dam but we wouldn’t want Karuma falls to be destroyed. We want the falls to be preserved because they are a tourist attraction in our district” he said.
The Energy state minister Mr Simon D’ujang said there will be enough water for the dam and the falls.
“An environmental impact assessment has been conducted and the designs indicate that the power will be generated underground without affecting the falls”D’ujang said.
The Bunyoro affairs state minister Mr Ernest Kiiza said the dam will catalyze development of the Midwestern region and Uganda as a whole.
“The dam will provide additional power required for industrial growth,” Kiiza said.
Besides providing jobs to locals, Mr Kiiza said the dam will provide an opportunity to farmers in Bunyoro to add value to their agricultural products when agro processing industries emerge