Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Iryn Denies Being in Japanese Prison

Iryn Namubiru who was arrested early this month in Japan after being caught with drugs has today morning said that she was not in any prison but was at a detention house.

Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru  
Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru

 Iryn said that after being arrested, She was detained at the police station as investigations were going on. Iryn Namubiru who was accompanied by her Manager said that she was proved innocent before being set free.
“After the investigations, they found that am innocent and i was now to act as a witness. I recorded statements and i was given two state lawyers. I explained to them that case which i carried belonged to Kim who was waiting for me at the Hotel.” Said Iryn.
Namubiru denied the allegations that she was the owner of the drugs saying hat she has never tasted any drug in her life.
Namubiru signed a deal with a Japanese based promoter one Kim where she was supposed to go with Dj Micheal and Hilderman but they later failed to go due to unknown reasons.
Namubiru who went on with the deal ended but up in the hands of Japanese Police after discovering that the case had drugs inside its covers.
Namubiru returned in Kampala on Monday after being set free.She also claims that she was granted security to the airport for her dear life.