Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kids accuse mother of torching dad, siblings to death

Kids accuse mother of torching dad, siblings to death 
 The remains of the house in which Kawooya died with his two 
he children of a trader who was burnt to death have accused their mother of torching the house where two of their siblings also perished in an inferno.
The shocking confession was made at Najjeera Police Post by Akram Senfuka, 8, and his sister Latifa Nansukusa who said their mother, Edith Kayaga, torched their house Sunday night.
Ismail Kawooya, who operated at Nakawa market; his two children Shakra Nakubulwa, 6, and Saidah Namale, a Senior Four student at Najjeera High, burned to death in a fire whose source the Police said they had not yet established.
Kira police boss, ASP Ryan Akampulira, said on Monday that they were still investigating the cause of the fire.

Kawooya and his two children who perished in the fire
Now the surviving children have made a chilling confession, accusing their mother of plotting their father's death.
They said that before the house caught fire, their mother counted a huge stash of money and stuffed it in a bag.
“Mother counted a lot of money and put in a bag before she picked a jerrycan of petrol we use for the generator from behind the fridge,” Senfuka said.
Senfuka added that when the house caught fire, his mother hurled him through a window and locked the door.
When his father came to open he found it locked and started screaming for help as the fire consumed him.
Nansukusa told the police that they always slept in the garage but on the fateful night, their mother asked them to sleep in the main house but they refused.
She said when the house caught fire, they easily got away because the garage door was easy to open.
Strangely, when the house got lit, their mother went to Mulago hospital where she was picked on Tuesday and taken to Butabika for mental checkup because she was acting demented.
Meddie Mulindwa, a nephew to Kawooya who resided in the boys quarters, told police that when the main house caught fire, Kayaga (right)  knocked at his door and told him to go and rescue those that were still stuck.
Then she jumped on a bodaboda [motorcycle] and left.
Kawooya is survived by seven widows, including an expectant one, and seven children.
Kayaga's co-wives say that she had warned them never to set foot at his home even if they needed anything from their husband.