Friday, 22 November 2013

23 Thigh Vendors Arrested,more on http//

Police in Gulu has arrested 18 women and 5 men for alleged prostitution.

Arrestedprostitutes  hide from Camera 
Arrestedprostitutes hide from Camera.

The prostitutes were arrested from Buganda pub, a famous hangout joint in Gulu town, yesterday at around midnight.
Denis Odoch, the Gulu district police commander, said that police is currently investigating the matter and it will be completed in two days.
He said that the police will continue with the operation in order to crack down on the vice.
Meanwhile one of the alleged prostitutes, who declined to reveal her name, said she is a room attendant in Buganda pub and had been erroneously arrested.
Okot Justin one of the five men arrested for allegedly buying prostitutes said he had only gone to the bus park that is near the Buganda pub but was forcibly arrested by policemen. He claims he had only escorted his brother who was travelling to Kampala that night.
Sam K Opiyo, the logistics manager/DJ at the Buganda pub, who had come to check on the persons arrested, said that the majority of the people arrested were waiters, room attendants and customers.
He denied claims that prostitutes conduct their business at Buganda pub.
The prostitutes at Buganda pub charge from 5000 shs to 50,000 depending on the different circumstances according to some of the prostitutes.