Monday, 11 November 2013

Bahamas plane crash kills 4, believed to be Americans in small sightseeing plane Comment

Photo of the Piper PA-31 on fire after it had crashed carrying several ...

A Bahamas plane crash has left four dead, all believed to be American tourists. The four died after the small plane they were in came down a few miles from the Grand Bahama Island. This Bahamas plane crash happened Sunday just after takeoff from the international airport on the island, 
Right after takeoff the pilot of the Cirrus 22 single-engine plane radioed back to the tower that the plane was “experiencing some engine problems," authorities report. Stephen Dean, Police Superintendent, said it was believed that the plane was some type of sightseeing tour and that the victims of the crash are believed to be American.
The names of the victims have not been released pending notification of their family. Last week the Bahamas experienced another plane crash, similar to this one. A small twin-engine plane crashed in the waters off the island. The Coast Guard was dispatched and they were able to rescue two men stranded in the water. This weekend's plane crash did not have the same outcome, as no survivors were reported in Sunday's downed plane.