Monday, 11 November 2013

Prioritise practical courses, Museveni tells universities.Read More....

In Summary
President says graduates of skills-based courses do not struggle hunting for jobs.

President Museveni has asked university administrators to prioritise science courses if their graduates are to be competitive in the job market.
Speaking during the 4th graduation ceremony of St Lawrence University, Mr Museveni said graduates from a few universities that have ventured into practical courses have an edge over their colleagues in other universities because they can create their own jobs.
“When Mbarara University was starting, I discouraged them not to start courses which are not marketable and they listened to me. St Lawrence University has also followed suit. I salute Prof Lawrence Mukiibi for emphasising entrepreneurship skills development. This is value addition to the education system in Uganda,” Mr Museveni said.
The President who also commissioned a multi-billion shillings Entrepreneurship Centre at the campus said universities like Makerere should borrow a leaf from Mbarara and St Lawrence whose graduates he said, are assured of employment opportunities even before completing their courses.
“I am very worried that St Lawrence University might overshadow other universities or force them to change. I think Prof John Ddumba - Makerere vice chancellor - should do the same and reorganise courses at Makerere. Other courses (humanities) can remain and be studied by children of the rich who don’t look for jobs,” he said.
Available statistics indicate that more than 400,000 students are churned out of Ugandan universities every year, but only 160,000 are hired.
This means that every year, more than 26,000 graduates remain unemployed.
A total of 594 received degrees, diplomas and certificates in various disciplines including; Bachelors of Computer Science, Industrial Art & Design, Computer and Information Technology and Environmental Management among others.