Sunday, 10 November 2013

Tusker Project Fame: Uganda's Sitenda survives eviction

 TENSE MOMENT: Sitenda (left) survived as Bior from South Sudan got kicked out.

 South Sudanese contestant Bior just couldn’t survive boot out during Tusker Project Fame eviction night having been on probation three times. In fact, he had already earned the unenviable moniker “Prince Of Probation.”

He was entertaining and he got his fans for that, but his vocal depth cost him on all occasions and he seemed not to accept it. Judge Ian seemed to have hinted on his exit when he reviewed that, “you maybe going back to US (mocking his American accent).

However, after Kenya’s Nyambura and Rwanda’s Patrick had been saved by the fans and judges respectively, it was shocking to see Ugandan contestant Derrick Kojjo attempt to save Bior and not Sitenda.

Is he scared of his own? Well, the other four contestants thought otherwise and saved Sitenda. How the two will face each other in the academy will make good competition.

Her performance was a little better than last week’s but still, judge Ian advised she stops holding back her voice when hitting high pitches.

Ahead of Sunday’s nomination’s night, Judge Hermis stays as music director which means guest judge Atemi Oyungu will sandwich Judge Ian alongside Juliana.

The latter two’s fashion statements gave Host Uncle Mitch fodder to mock Ian throughout the show. The two had worn a pink shirt and blouse respectively.

Sunday’s show is expected to have a twist to it with a performance from Kenyan top comedienne but we will hope Hermis’ song selections don’t cost Ugandan contestants again.

Catch the Sunday TPF 6 show on Urban TV at 7:30pm.