Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sengas under fire for sexual talk on radios

Counsellors, locally known as Sengas, hosted on local FM stations in Busoga region have come under fire for alleged promotion of sexual immorality among children.
Speaking at Kamuli Township Primary School at the weekend, the Director of Middle Income Parents Association, a non-governmental organisation, Ms Jane Ssentongo, said many teenage children now spend most of their nights listening to love and sex programmes to get sex tips which entice them to practice what they hear.
Ms Ssentongo urged owners of local FM stations to repackage their programmes to instead provide for child counselling and other developmental programmes that will help society to raise spiritually and morally upright citizens.
Radio programmes, she said, should encourage children to go to school, develop their talents and promote best practices in health and culture.
The Kamuli district education officer, Mr Joseph Musoke, warned the public not to heed the advice of what he termed as “bush lawyers” who he accused of deliberately distorting information surrounding government programmes, especially the Universal Primary Education. “We are disappointed with the local bush lawyers who are ‘killing’ education initiatives, especially UPE by misleading parents through misinterpretation of the President’s messages,” he complained.
Mr Musoke said whereas upbringing of children squarely lies in the hands of the parents, they have lately abdicated their role and labelled their children as “Museveni’s Children” because of the persistent misinterpretation of Mr Museveni’s messages.
Mr Musoke said the “bush lawyers” are failures who want to go down with the rest of society but warned that they will be arrested and charged with sabotage.