Thursday, 2 January 2014

World Bank helps to uplift Mbeya

Mbeya. The World Bank in collaboration with the Royal Government of Denmark has facilitated the uplifting of Mbeya City after funding the construction of 15 roads with a total of 24 kilometres.
The roads which connect various streets within the city, have been constructed at tarmac level.
For several years, Mbeya has been facing a big challenge of poor infrastructure including poor roads that connect streets within the city.
According to a report released by the Mbeya City Council Director, Mr Mussa Nzungiza, the roads have been completed.
He said the project was divided into two phases in which the first phase involved  five roads with 11 kilometres at the cost of Sh11.18 billion.
He said the roads, which were listed in the first phase included those that cross block T, Jacaranda and Ituha.
The second phase included 13 kilometre roads at the cost of Sh12.8 billion.
He said the roads included those which pass through Ilomba to Machinjio; hospital road, Forest, Igawilo, Isyesye, Legico and Ivumwe.
He added that the World Bank and Denmark were also funding the construction of a new and modern bus stand in Mbeya and a garbage dump at Uyole.
Moreover, the donors will also empower the city council in a bid to boost its revenue collection by  setting up other development strategies.