Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bryan Adams 'Humbled' By Wounded Soldiers.Drive Hot News

Bryan Adams 'Humbled' By Wounded Soldiers
Bryan Adams 'Humbled' By Wounded Soldiers.

Bryan Adams says it was "extremely humbling" to work with wounded soldiers on a series of portraits for his latest book and exhibition.
The collection features the stories and photographs of 30 British servicemen and women who suffered life changing injuries on the frontline in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Speaking to Sky News' Entertainment Week, Adams said: "I'm quite proud of this work because it is a document of a particular time in our lives that I think is very important that we don't forget. 
"It's very important we remember these people and it's very important that we remember to choose the right kind of politicians to lead us into these kinds of engagements because this is something that I don't think a lot of people wanted to happen."
He admitted he struggled at the beginning to get the project off the ground.
"It wasn't initially that easy to find people who would allow themselves to be exposed and to reveal their wounds," he said.
It took over five years for the musician and photographer to put together the collection of portraits entitled Wounded: Legacy of War.
He said he was never "pushy" with his subjects and followed their lead on how much of their injuries they wanted to reveal.
The intimate photographs will be exhibited at Somerset House from 12 November to 25 January.
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