Thursday, 2 October 2014

Dead Beat Kenya tops Google search trends

A screen shot of the Facebook page through which many women have vented their fury against their partners.
Dead Beat Kenya, a newly created Facebook page that exposes men who don't support their children, was the top trending search on Google in September.
Google search trends for Kenya also show that the late Joan Rivers and the late Regina Mutoko were last month's second and third trending searches, respectively.
Joan Rivers was an American actress, comedian, writer and producer, while Regina Mutoko, who died in a house accident, was the younger sister of Caroline Mutoko and former host of the television show "Omo Pick A Box".
Trending searches are those with the highest amount of traffic on Google over a specific period.
Google Search Trends is a publicly available tool that displays search volume across geographies, time periods and queries.
Trending searches for September include iPhone 6; Esther Arunga, a former TV presenter who was linked to the death of her son in Australia; and Radamel Falcao, a Manchester United striker.
Others who trended in September were Louis Otieno, former Kenyan TV presenter later reported to have been admitted to hospital; Alaine, a Jamaican musician who performed in Kenya; Danny Welbeck, an English professional footballer; and Caroline Mutoko, a radio presenter.
The top ten searches in September were Arsenal, Tubidy, Waptrick, Chelsea, Manchester United, Higher Education Loans Board (Helb), Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS), OLX Kenya, Sports Pesa and English Premier League (EPL).
How to kiss was the most searched item under "how to" queries. "How to pray" came second and "how to love" was number three.
How to swim, how to invest, how to meditate, how to hack, how to dance, how to romance and how to tweet were also among the top searched items.
"What is love" topped under the "what is" category, followed by "what is love", "what is ISIS", "what is illuminati", "what is ebola" and "what is marketing".
Others under this category were "what is philosophy", "what is devolution", "what is law", "what is ethics" and "what is communication".