Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Gossip: Chameleone Accused Of Stealing Cindy’s Handbag.Drive Hot News

This might come as a surprise to many but East Africa’s Heavy weight, Jose Chameleone and his crew is being accused of stealing Cindy’s handbag that had money worth 2.5million.
Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu
Ex Blue 3 Singer Cindy Sanyu
Sources have revealed that all this happened on Thursday evening as the two singers performed at the Bakuli based Club Ambience.
According to sources, Cindy and Chameleone who was in company of his phone holder JB and producer Kays were seating on the same table downing bottles of Red Label.
Cindy was invited on stage and she left her handbag behind well knowing that Jose Chameleone and his crew would safe guard it.
After the performance, Cindy returned only to find that the handbag was missing.
Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone
“She looked shocked as she asked Chameleone and his crew the whereabouts of her wallet,” confirmed the source.
“Chameleone replied that he had not seen the handbag and decided to ask his crew members if they had seen Cindy’s handbag.”
The source further said that Chameleone was called on stage before he finished grilling his boys on the whereabouts of the Handbag.
Disgruntled, Dejected and Devastated  Cindy left the club cursing whoever took her handbag that had some money inside.