Friday, 17 October 2014

Heavy rains destroy Apac roads.Drive Hot News

The heavy rains in Apac District have rendered several roads impassable.
A number of streams have burst their banks, making it difficult for school children and residents to cross them. 
The most affected roads are Apac- Lira, Apac-Masindi Port and Apac-Oyam, Kole-Oyam, Kole –Apac.
The Chegere Sub-county councillor, Mr Alex Oryang Chono, said the poor state of the roads has resulted into high transport costs to the neighbouring districts.
“We cannot access our neighbouring districts, all the access roads have been washed away, while others have been completely submerged by the floods,” Mr Oryang said.
The district chairperson, Mr Bob Okae, said they were trying their best to improve the roads, but were being hindered by resources.