Thursday, 9 October 2014

LIVE: Independence day celebrations.Drive Hot News

The parade, very smart and lively. 

eToday Uganda makes 52 years as an independent state. As usual national celebrations are underway at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala. We bring you the live updates:
President Museveni has arrived already and so have all the other heads of states Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, Salva Kiir of South Sudan.
10:30. No Presidential handshakes in Uganda today as President KagutaMuseveni avoids shaking hands with Heads of State at Kololo. The different heads of state simply exchange pleasantries from a distance. This is done in the wake of the Marburg outbreak. #StopMarburg
Tanzania's Jakaya Kikwete exchanges pleasantries with S.Sudan's Salva Kiir. No handshakes this time round. Courtesy Photo
10:31: Anthems are sang, band and parade takes over
11:00: President Museveni now inspecting guard of honour
11.26: Inspection of guard of honour complete. Now President Museveni officiates the rising of the national flag as Anthem is played to get the real feel of the independence. The Anthem this time is played by the band very softly and sweetly with crowd cheers in the background.
11:27. The National flag pole is at the same spot where the Union jack was lowered in 1962. Very symbolic moment here.
Raising the National colours. That spot where the flag pole is erect, is the same spot where the Union jack was lowered and the Uganda flag raised in 1962. Courtesy Photo
11:33: Religious leaders take to the podium to pray for the nation. President Museveni remains standing. Bishop Kityo Luwalira (representing Anglicans) prays for eradication of illiteracy, prays for police, prisons and law enforcers to be guided by the fear of God in their operations.
11:37: Representing the Islamic faith prays for Unity, food and enjoyable life for the many years to come. Prays for courage for the nation to stand on its own against enemies as well as the growth in faith.
11:57: Now to the most entertaining part of the Parade march. Action and slow march, guards doing their best to out march other guards. Smart lively parade.
President Kenyatta represented by Eng Michael Kamau Kenya's Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary
Under the British, Uganda's economic activity was mostly run by Indian immigrants who operated many of the businesses