Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Masaka Court Tries Woman Who Inserted Razorblades Into Daughter’s Privates.Drive Hot News

Lydia Namaganda with her daughter who was mutilated by her co-wife  Stella Namuwonge
Lydia Namaganda with her daughter who was mutilated 
by her co-wife Stella Namuwonge.

Masaka Grade one magistrate is today expected to rule in the case of a woman accused of inserting razorblades into the private parts of her then 3 weeks old step daughter.
Masaka Grade one Chief Magistrate Mary Ikit is expected to give her ruling in the case.
Stella Namuwonge is accused of mutilating her then 3 weeks old step-daughter in a feud with the minor’s mother Lydia Namaganda.
Stella Namuwonge and Lydia Namaganda are married to Ali Kulumba.
Records before court indicate that Stella Namuwonge allegedly committed the crime on September 21, 2013.
Namuwonge allegedly sneaked into Namaganda’s house in Mukudde zone, Nyendo -Ssenyange division, Masaka district and committed the offense.
Namaganda says that as a result of the injuries her child sustained, at one year and one month old she is unable to sit, crawl or walk. The child has undergone several operations to try and repair the damage she suffered.
The child tries to walk with the aid of specially designed machines that cost Namaganda 500, 000 shillings.
Namuwonge denies the charges.
Court had on several occasions ordered Namuwonge to present witnesses to testify on her behalf but she failed to present any witness. This prompted the presiding magistrate Ikit to decide to give her ruling depending on the police statement Namuwonge recorded and Namaganda’s witnesses.