Sunday, 5 October 2014

Nigeria-Uganda to partner in tourism.Drive Hot News

The government of Uganda is yet to sign a bi-lateral agreement with the federal government of Nigeria to promote tourism and good communication links within the two states.

The minister of state for regional affairs, Asuman Lukwago, said that they are considering a number of reforms to undertake in ensuring that the tourism industries of both countries develop.

“we are considering a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to improve communication and joint tourism between Uganda and Nigeria, to see to it that we both have a robust industry attracting tourists across the globe because we have the potential,” Lukwago said

The remarks were made Thursday night during celebrations to mark Nigeria’s 54 years of independence at the residence of the Nigerian high commissioner in Kampala.

Lukwago said that the MOU is meant to create a comfortable environment for the increasing number of tourists from Nigeria to Uganda by the day, citing that the cooperation is growing stronger with over 1000 Nigerian tourists visiting Uganda.

The minster who also doubled as the chief guest at the function said that Nigeria has always taken the responsibility to promote the African continent at the international scene through ensuring west African peace stability, contributing to the united nations security He said that, “we are very proud of Nigeria for its big brother responsibility towards Africa at the international scene. However, the time has come for each one of us in Africa to take up their right full position and claim a platform for our continent in the globe.”  (Permanent seat at un )

The ambassador of Nigeria to Uganda His Excellence Cornelius Omolade Oluwateru applauded the cordial relationship between the two countries since 1962 and boosted of the ever growing investments of Nigerians to Uganda.

“Nigerians have undertaken ventures in investments in Uganda especially, financial banking, insurance and ICT areas. 
Now it is high time that Uganda also picks up interest in the Nigerian economy especially through the Lagos trade fair. 
As governments, we are doing all we can to better our people. Today, you can fly directly to and from Nigeria to Uganda,” explained Oluwateru. 

Nigerians enjoy a chain of investments in Uganda like UBA, Eco bank, Orient Bank and National Insurance Corp as major share-holders.  A Computer giant, the Computer Ware House-Group (CWG) based in Kampala as a regional center for computer technology and applications is also owned by Nigerians.

Oluwateru called upon everybody in their power to combat Islamic extremism and international terror activates because the perpetrators are causing too much havoc and pain to the world.

“Fighting terrorism and extremism takes too much effort and patience. However the burden to combat it belongs to each one of us, using all we have. These people are not clear at what they are fighting for because today the bomb a mosque, tomorrow they burn a church, meaning they are after every one,” Oluweteru said.