Saturday, 4 October 2014

Police in Mombasa rescue children, women from suspected cult.Drive Hot News

An image depicting cultic worship. 13 children and seven women have been rescued from a house suspected to be used for cult worship at Kwa Bulo in Mombasa. A suspect, Daniel Njagi, is being held at Bamburi Police Station.

Police in Mombasa have rescued 13 children and seven women from a house in Kwa Bulo suspected to belong to a religious cult leader.
There was drama Friday evening when Daniel Njagi, the leader of the church said he had been anointed and sent by God to rescue his people.
Residents claimed the man had locked the children and their mothers in that house forcing them to worship with clear warnings not to visit any health facility in case they fell sick.
He also allegedly warned them against going to school saying that was against their faith.
Mr Njagi, in his late 30s, said he was innocent since he never forced anyone to worship in his church.
He claimed he had saved many people who had been very sick and on the verge of death.
“My name is mtumishi Daniel Njagi and the church is called Emmanuel of God.
"I was given the name of the church through God’s voice who talked to me personally,” Mr Njagi claimed.
He said he had not forced anyone to join his church.
“I have never taken anyone’s wife or children by force. They came here willingly because they knew I am a healer.
“I teach them true religion so that they can go out and spread the word of God and bring more flock. I have powers to heal people,” he told journalists adding that no one has died since he started healing them through prayers.
He asked those who have evidence against him and his church to present it to the police maintaining that he is a clean man who only worships God.
He denied claims that he is a cult leader insisting that his church was a true church and that he was anointed by God.
Robert Kamau who said he is a pastor claimed Mr Njagi had taken his wife and children from him a year ago.
“My two kids aged seven and eight used to see me and ran away from me. I was traumatised. I did not know what to do?
“They were not allowed to seek medical attention in a hospital neither were they allowed to go to school.
“He told my wife that I was not her real husband and that she should stay in his church and God would bring her a husband.
"The more I dissuaded her from going to the church the more she rebelled and ran away from our matrimonial home,” Mr Kamau added, thrilled to have reunited with his children.
Ms Agnes Wanjiru claimed her grandchild died after Mr Njagi prohibited the mother from taking the child to a hospital.
“My daughter also ran away from her husband after Njagi asked her to leave her matrimonial home and go live in the church to await a husband from God.
“Whenever her husband went to take her the pastor would ask him to pay Sh60,000.
"I was informed that my granddaughter was very sick and when I asked them to go to the hospital my daughter refused and eventually my granddaughter died,” Ms Wanjiru said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
Mr Njagi, the children and the women are being held at Bamburi Police Station as police conduct investigations on the claims that he was the leader of a religious cult.