Monday, 13 October 2014

She made sweet music from life’s lemons.Drive Hot News

Susan Owiyo, Iddi Achieng and Makadem,
Almaz has sung backup for Susan Owiyo, Iddi Achieng and Makadem. Drive Hot News

Her music career was born after she was forced to drop out of school while in Form Two, due to lack of school fees.
Mary Hamboga Matufi, alias Almaz, didn’t let dropping out of school affect her dream of making it in life, as through music she has managed to make sweet lemonade out of the lemons life has thrown at her.
For more than ten years she has been singing in different music bands, a period that saw her perform with more than five bands, including the famous Pressmen band, known for their hit “Msenangu”.
“I started working with the Pressmen band between 2004 and 2005. The original Pressmen band had broken up and the only member left was Albert Shehi,” she says.
During that period, she also worked with bands like Tutu, Rafikis, Twin Tunes, Sweet Waves, Big Flame and Kayamba Africa, among many others.
In 2010 she formed her trio band named Latapaza Tunes.
“It is also during this time that I got a chance to do backup vocals for famous artistes like Susan Owiyo, Iddi Achieng and Makadem, just to name a few,” she reveals.
Having been there and done all that, however, Almaz feels that the time has come for her to explore a solo career.
It is a move that she says was inspired by her fans, who, according to her, feel that she has a lot to offer as a solo artiste.
She has already recorded a debut single, “Nakuota Wewe”, but she has yet to release it officially, insisting that it has to wait a little longer, at least until she has marketed it enough.
But on the marketing part, at least she has her work cut out, as already some critics have started comparing her to Tanzanian sensation Lady Jaydee.
“Although it is a nice compliment, I can assure my fans that I will not relent on my efforts to find my identity as Almaz,” she insists.
However, she insists that her role in Latapaza will continue as she also tries to scribble her name in history books