Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Thugs kill another man in Kampala over fianceé’s phone.Drive Hot News

Kampala metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango. File Photo.

Police in Kampala are hunting for a group of unidentified thugs who snatched a phone from a couple before hitting one of them dead with an iron bar.
Patrick Bukiri Ochira, a 32 year old resident of Najjanankumbi was attacked by thugs on Saturday as he pursued them in an attempt to recover a mobile phone they had snatched from his fiancé.
According to the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Onyango, the phone was grabbed from the couple on Saturday afternoon along William Street and when the deceased (Ochira) pursued the assailants, they hit him with an iron bar on the forehead. He fall down and became unconscious after sustaining a deep cut. He was rushed to Case Clinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
“He was walking along William Street with his fiancé before unidentified thugs grabbed his fiancé’s phone. He (the deceased) tried to chase them and they hit him with a metallic object on the forehead head and he fell down,” Mr Onyango said.
This follows several other similar incidents including one in which an official working with the Office of the Prime Minister, Eddie Zikusooka, was last month killed.
In the same month, a senior three student of Emma High School Kisasi, Kampala was also killed in a similar manner. Suzan Adit, 20 was strangled to death at the basement of Gazaland shopping mall as she pursued a thief who had snatched her golden necklace. 
Cases of attacks by Iron bar hit-men are on the increase with the thugs moistly targeting women for their necklaces, handbags, laptops and phones, among other valuable. According to police, boda boda cyclists have also become common targets for the thugs who pose as passengers and end up stealing their motorcycles after assaulting them.