Thursday, 13 November 2014

Local singer Kansiime further remanded to Luzira over porn song.Drive Hot News

Ms Jemimah Kansiime a.k.a Panadol wa Basajja (in red trousers) being escorted by prison warders to the court cells on her arrival at Makindye Magistrate's court on Thursday. PHOTO

Local musician Jemimah Kansiime a.k.a Panadol Wa Basajja was on Thursday further remanded to Luzira prison after she failed to produce sureties to secure her freedom on bail.
The 20-year old musician is facing charges of promoting pornography in her new song ‘Nkulinze’ loosely translated as ‘I am waiting for you’; contrary to the new law of the Anti Pornography Act, 2014 
Kansiime was first remanded to Luzira on October 30 when she made her maiden Makindye Court appearance and denied the charges. 
“Your worship, I still maintain my plea of innocence as I don’t agree with some portions of the charge sheet. However, I am kindly asking you to release me on bail. I promise to abide by all rules of this honorable court…” said Panadol Wa basajja in a panicky voice.
Upon making her request to court, presiding Chief Magistrate Richard Mafabi asked her whether she had sureties or not. 
In response the youthful musician who didn’t have a lawyer to represent her said: “I have them but they are still on their way coming to court…”
Magistrate Mafabi instead further remanded her to Luzira prison till December 2 when he will consider hearing her bail application.
On hearing the bad news from the magistrate, Panadol Wa basajja shade tears as she was being led back to the court cells by the prisons warder.
The local musician was initially charged alongside fellow musician and music producer Mr March Didi Muchwa Mugisha on October 30 this year before the same court.
However, Mr Mugisha voluntarily pleaded guilty on his maiden court appearance and was sentenced to a fine of Shs200,000 or in default be jailed for a period of one year. 
He opted to pay the fine and regained his freedom. Mr Mugisha became the first victim of the Anti pornography law that was passed a year ago.
Prosecution alleges that during the year 2014 in Kampala, the local musician willfully and unlawfully produced, trafficked in, imported, exported, sold and abetted pornography.
The state further alleges that she did this by engaging in publication, exhibition, cinematography or stimulated explicit sexual activities in the song video titled Nkulinze.
The anti-pornography law was passed by Parliament in December last year.
The law outlaws anything that shows sexual parts of a person such as breasts, thighs, buttocks or any erotic behavior. 
The offense attracts a penalty ranging from zero currency points to five hundred currency points or up to a maximum jail sentence of ten years.
The passing of the Bill into law was received with confusion as most law enforcers did not know the level at which a cloth was to stop in order to called a miniskirt.
This also saw certain groups of town dwellers in down town Kampala especially in the taxi parks go on rampage to undressed any skimpily dressed woman under the pretext of enforcing the law.
The barbaric acts led to widespread outcry especially among the women activists who called upon police to arrest all those involved in undressing women wearing mini-skirts