Thursday, 6 November 2014

Police accuse journalists of biased reporting.Drive Hot News

GULU- Most journalists are biased while reporting events where the police are involved, the Gulu District police commander, Mr Martin Okoyo, has claimed.
Mr Okoyo, made the remarks during a dialogue organised by the Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda in Gulu Town on Tuesday.
“We have been carefully observing ways the press reports on some of the matters were police is involved. Most of the wrong reports is attributed to the police, especially when scuffle between press and police happens,” Mr Okoyo said.
He added: “This nature of reporting clearly shows a sign of biasness because at times the police officers are badly assaulted, but the press doesn’t give a full coverage for the assaulted police officers, but instead accuse the police officers.”
However, Mr Robert Ssempala, the national coordinator for HRNJ-Uganda, dismissed the claims, saying: “We are not bias in our reporting and we do not side with any one. Our profession has always been painting the real picture of what is happening on the ground.”
He added: “On many occasions police officers have attacked and assaulted journalists as they pursue their lawful duties of getting information.