Thursday, 15 January 2015

345 stranded at Z’bar port.Drive Hot News

 Passengers of Royal Boat that was travelling to Pemba yesterday morning disembark after the vessel failed to continue with the journey due to bad weather.

Zanzibar. At least 345 passengers from Unguja who were to travel to Pemba were stranded at Malindi Port yesterday after bad weather in the Indian Ocean cut their journey short.
Director of Zanzibar Marine Transport Authority Abdul Omar Maalim, told reporters yesterday that the passengers who were to travel with Royal Boat failed to reach their destination after their boat was forced to return due to ‘extreme’ bad weather.
He said, wind and tides forced the boat captain to cut the journey short and return to Malindi Port.
He said, the passengers, who included 61 children, were told to go home for fresh arrangement of travelling today. However, the possibility to travel or not would depend on the weather.
“It is true that the Royal Boat failed to continue with its journey to Pemba due to bad weather, the captain was forced to return to Malindi Port,” confirmed Mr Maalim.
He added that all passengers were safe and praised the boat captain for making a quick and right decision.
Mr Maalim said, his office was aware of the bad weather since Monday evening and that the information was shared to all boat captains.
Malindi director Abdallah Juma could not be reached for comment on why the boat was allowed to sail with a bad weather alert in place.