Monday, 26 January 2015

Libby Lane becomes first female bishop in the Church of England.Drive Hot News

 Libby Lane becomes first female bishop in the Church of England.

Kampala. On Monday afternoon, at York Minster, The Church of England officially consecrated the first female bishop in its history. In front of an audience of about 2,000 people, the Rev Libby Lane was made Bishop of Stockport.
The two-hour service, led by Ugandan-born Archbishop of York John Sentamu, was witnessed by other bishops, who laid their hands on Lane and prayed for her. Before her presentation to the congregation as Bishop of Stockport, Dr Sentamu presented her with a Bible and anointed her head.
Lane, who was educated at Oxford University was appointed bishop last December bringing an end to a five-century old tradition of exclusive male bishops.
Though the congregation applauded Lane’s consecration, there are many clergy who were opposed to the move, which comes more than 20 years after women were allowed to be ordained as priests in The Church of England.
In 2011, a small number of clergy and lay people left the church to join the Catholic Church over the issue. The service was briefly delayed when Dr Sentamu asked the audience if they had any opposition to the consecration ceremony and the Rev Paul Williamson stepped forward and shouted: “No, not in the Bible!” The service continued despite the disruption.
The Church of England described the Rev Williamson as a serial protestor, saying he has the right to protest but his was a lone voice.
The Rev Diana Nkesiga of All Saints Cathedral Kampala, one of the first female priests in Uganda, expressed her delight at the occasion. “It is an exciting and wonderful thing for women as a whole,” she said.
Uganda still far off
There will not be a sudden rush of new women bishops, though. The Rev Nkesiga says although a woman bishop in England is a wonderful thing, it will not do much for the female priests in Uganda.
“Each province, in the Anglican Church, is autonomous. What has happened in England will not influence the course of events in Uganda. If anything is to happen to elevate female priests to bishops, that will depend on our leaders,” she says.
There are more than 20 female Anglican bishops in Australia, Canada, Cuba, India, New Zealand, Swaziland, South Africa, and USA.
Formally the Vicar of St Peter’s Hale and St Elizabeth’s Ashley in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, the 48-year-old is married to a fellow priest. The couple has two children. In her spare time, she is an avid Manchester United supporter who has learned to play the saxophone and enjoys solving cryptic crossword puzzles.
Libby Lane (R) listens as Archbishop of York John Sentamu conducts service in York Minster, England, yesterday during her consecration as Bishop of Stockport.