Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Police to weed out fake herbalists.Drive Hot News

A cross-section of traditional healers and herbalists who attended a meeting with the Masaka DPC on Monday. PHOTO BY Ali Mambule 

Masaka. Police in Masaka district will screen traditional healers and herbalists to weed out what they termed as wrong elements. 
“Most of you are thieves and fraudsters who are not supposed to be anywhere near rightful thinking members of our society,” Masaka District Police Commander (DPC) Chrysostom Mwaule told herbalists during a meeting at Buwunga Sub-county on Monday.
The DPC said he was disgusted with the several complaints his office receives against traditional healers and herbalists which portray them as evil people.
“A woman in Lyantonde District was last week conned into paying Shs15m to a traditional healer who convinced her to give him the money such that he could apply witchcraft so that it multiplies by two to get Shs30m,” Mwaule said.
He added: “In addition to stealing her money, the traditional healer also raped her.”
The police chief pointed out that the criminality among traditional healers shall not be allowed to continue and will be stamped out.
“Start preparing yourselves for that operation which will require you to produce all the necessary documents giving you permission to carry out work of traditional healing,” Mr Mwaule warned.
The healers were also accused of initiating hatred among local residents which has often led to murder and mob justice.
The DPC noted that the healers’ image is not helped by participation in acts of human sacrifice and defiling girls who are as young as six.
The operation, according to Mr Mr Mwaule, would start at a time he did not specify because some of the fraudsters would go into hiding or relocate to other districts.
“It will be abrupt and quick. I advise whoever is not permitted to do that job to quit immediately and look for something else to do,” he stated.
He also directed the herbalists and healers to register with sub-county authorities.Source Daily Monitor