Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sensitive skin? How to get right products.Drive Hot News

 Woman Applying Face Cream. 

CERTAIN PRODUCTS cause skin sensitivity bringing about adverse reactions such as rashes, itching and inflammation. Here is a list of some of them:
Perfume: This is the leading cause of sensitivity. It causes itching on the face and eye tearing. Highly perfumed soap causes vaginal thrush. If you react to perfume, select fragrance free ranges, or mild perfume such as baby products.
Essential oils: These should not be applied directly to the skin because they are usually strong and reactive. They should be diluted with carrier oils. The use of bergamot oil in the sun leads to the formation of brown skin patches.
Alcohol: Some products contain high levels of alcohol. This is extremely drying to the skin and may strip away the natural oils.
Abrasive granules:  Face and body scrubs are useful for exfoliation. If the granules are too rough and abrasive, they cause micro-tears in the skin which appear as rashes and bumps.
Use mild, smooth scrub for your face for one minute in circular motions, in order to minimise reactions.
Rancid oils: inasmuch as vegetable oils are a great solution for natural skin care, they can affect the skin if they turn rancid. Do not use oils which smell ‘off’. To keep your oil fresh for long, pack in an amber or brown coloured bottle. Store plant-based oils in a cool, dark place.