Tuesday, 3 February 2015

UCE results out.Drive Hot News

 UNEB secretary Mr Mathew Bukenya speaks during the release of the UCE exams at Statistics house. Photo by John Ssenkeez.

10:40am: Bukenya: Exams were conducted between 13th and 18th November 2013. Theme for 2014 exams: Team coordination, fairness and commitment to quality assessment.
10:43am: Bukenya: 306,165 candidates appeared for UCE 2014 compared to 299,012 in 2013. 47.81% females sat for UCE2014, which represents 146,366 of the total candidates. The gap between female and male enrolment is closing.
10:46am: The number of candidates who were absent dropped to 1.4%
10:48am: Bukenya: 336 special needs candidates registered, with some having low vision, the blind and deaf among others. Overall performance has increased with failure rates dropping.
10:50am: Bukenya: Districts with the highest failure include, Namayingo, Bujiri, Bududa...
10:51am: 303,891 (3.2-2, 46.6-6, 74.7-8) candidates sat for English language compared to 286,202 candidate in 2013
10:52am: Bukenya: In English and humanities, overall pass levels improved with a drop in Geography. Performance in Mathematics and Sciences dropped at distinction and credit levels, but slightly at the minimum grade. The Uneb secretary ends his speech by thanking all the stakeholders.
Performance of Boys vs Girls in %
DIV 1 Boys: 9.2 Girls: 6.1
DIV 2 Boys: 17.1 G: 13
DIV 3. 22.5 G: 21.1
Div 4 44.2: G 52.2
Div9 6.0 :7.2
Male-Female Performance:
Grade 2: 3.6F 2.8M
Grade 6: 48.7F 44.7M
Grade 8: 76.7F and 73.0M
Male-Female Performance (Pass level):
Grade 2: 3.5F Vs 4.1M
Grade 6: 49.4F Vs 52.0M
Grade 8: 84.0F Vs 84.9M
Male-Female Performance (Pass level):
Grade 2: 12.2F Vs 17.5M
Grade 6: 71.8F Vs 77.9M
Grade 8: 89.7F Vs 91.9M
11:00am: Uneb hands over #UCE2014 results to the minister of Education Jessica Alupo
11:05am: Alupo: UCE 2014 were conducted following all laid out recommendations, I am glad no leakage was reported. Transition rate from PLE level to secondary level has improved thanks to the UPE program.
10:07am: Alupo: More of the girls remained in schools and took the exams. Allow me to applaud the improvement announced by Uneb in English and most of the humanities subjects, we must work on Maths