Thursday, 21 May 2015

Desire Luzinda gets new man, you won’t believe who it is

Desire Luzinda

Did Desire Luzinda just hint on a new relationship? The latest on the scene strongly predicts Desire must have landed herself an official man since she is seen around very many men who she claims are all her friends BUT everyone doubts it strongly.
She recently posted a photo on Facebook while holding hands with an anonymous man (See screenshot below) and captioned it with the following words: “Every body needs someone to hold their hand and tell them life will be ok”. The words sound so passionate and it shows there was indeed a lot attached to that caption and one shocking thing is this photo was taken from U.S.A where she is currently for 5 concerts in 5 different states.
As a few of us know, many people are currently attacking Desire Luzinda claiming why is it that majority of her friends (over 90%) are males and not females yet the actual truth is there is hardly any friendship with a man nowadays and most men befriend you and pretend to care so that they benefit after a certain time-span when you are more than close.
Very many people especially fans are strongly asking Desire to get a man and settle down and if this hint was true then its good for her. Just a few weeks when Desire posted a photo of her dancing with he daughter’s real father fans were asking her to make up with that man and raise their daughter together but the news just vanished like that.
You can see the screenshot of the post that hints on Desire Luzinda’s new relationship below: