Monday, 1 April 2013

Dont missssss,Hyena Hooks P-Square Fan........

At the recent P-Square concert, I hooked a holidaymaker, Genevieve. Of course this is a kiwani name. Genevieve goes to one of the top girls’ schools in Mukono. I had been ‘crying’ for her goods and she had been playing her naughty tricks on me and hard to get. So when I heard that P-Square was holding a concert in town, I knew this was my chance to hook her since holiday makers love these outings.

I offered to buy her a ticket and keep her company at the show. She happened to bring along three other babes who ate fish like there was no tomorrow. I felt sleepy as the Ugandan artists did their songs and I must be frank, I had never heard of P-Square until that very week he came to Uganda.

When he finally came on stage, people became so excited and jumped up and around like someone had arisen from the dead. By the time they sang their third song, Genevieve was so thrilled; you would think she had taken drugs.

I prayed that something happens so that these girls leave early because the rate at which they were consuming eats and drinks was draining my pockets terribly and besides there was nothing to indicate that I had any chance of taking any of them back home.
Suddenly and without warning, Genevieve pulled my head to my lips and whispered to me that she was happy and she wanted me to touch her bums. Haa…I couldn’t believe my ears! I looked around to see if any people were watching but everyone was busy having fun with all their eyes glued to the stage. I used that chance to slip my hand under her mini skirt where I felt the outlines of a pair of nylon g-strings covering a pair of small soft bums. My hands then explored the surrounding ‘areas of interest’ and she responded to this by turning her head towards me, smiling and planting a deep wet kiss on my lips.

She also unzipped my trouser zipper and complemented my actions. Naturally, like any healthy man, I ‘stood at attention’ and she conveniently came and sat on my thighs and started to rock back and forth. And because she was taller than me, it was easy for me to intrude the confines of her pelvic areas.

The action was slow at first but then the pace increased with the screams of the other revellers who were all at the time, taken up by the performance on the stage. At a point in time during this session, and for fear of these Red Pepper snoops who are known for having keen eyes and ears, I suggested to Genevieve that we leave and go to Airport View Hotel. Of course this was an obvious lie but she did not object and off we went.
When we were together, she subjected me first, to a ‘kimansulo’ show and I must confess that she was very good at what she was doing. She also did a strip tease and by the time she got to her g-string, I was more than ready.

Her teasing had stretched me to an unimaginable size and hardness. By the time we tried on the condom, it wasn’t fitting! I swear it was fitting only halfway. Thereafter, I did not delay to engage her. I enjoyed touching her small breasts which surprisingly had hard and long nipples. It seems to me that she had a liking for sitting on top and indeed that is what she did.

That love making session was hectic and very physical with both of us shaking, twisting, grunting, howling, sucking and humping. We both made it a memorable event. She then sat on my face for about 8 minutes and while we occupied ourselves in that position and style, she wiggled and giggled a lot. The person who sang “obukazi obutono bulimu ekyama” was right because I was able to turn her around like a Nokia 8210! I do not know if it was because we had over done it but she then became ‘dry’.

“You have to do something about this dryness” I told her. “I will”, she answered and then went on to employ other oral methods of making me wet.
I then helped her to bend and sent her several ‘Hezbollah rockets’ and while she screamed, I felt a Besigye-like hammer on my head immediately followed by a sharp sweet-pain going through my body and then downwards to my feet.

I realised that I was not being nailed by anybody but that it was my own feeling of release that had created that form of body sensation. I fell off her and concluded then that I had indeed been P-Squared by Genevieve.
Till then, I remain yours truly, the mighty Hyena.