Sunday, 7 April 2013

UK babe exposes Kenzo on facebook


In Hot soup; Edie

There is a saying that three things can’t be hidden; cough, love and pregnancy and singer Eddie Kenzo aka. Musuuza is now a recipient of the last two mentioned love and pregnancy.

As Rafiki was on his facebook page, a girl known as Queen Jill Blessing a Nkuba Kyeyo in the UK went on Facebook and exposed what she claims to be Kenzo’s unborn baby.

Mbu any time soon, she will drop the tot! A small bird told Rafiki mbu she is the girl who used to bankroll Kenzo to the extent of paying his rent and clothing him.

The wise bird adds that on learning of the revelations, Kenzo is now trying to dodge her but she has promised to die with him. Kenzo be very afraid. But if it is true, this dude needs to take lessons from his colleague Harunah Mubiru, well by just listening to his song, Taata Omulungi,  about how to be a good dad,