Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Additional Advantages of Social Media

It shortens your attention span because you lose interest in what is in the real world because of Social Networking rapidly changes the way we think. The live streaming, the chats, the sharing of information or pictures, exchanging information is just too much and very appealing for us because we are open minded people.In social media I believe there are more advantages than disadvantages because overall the information needs to be heard and can be mined. Of course there are times the journalists, or news, or info being passed down can not be trusted, but we need to let the news through to get to the information that is real ,the social media, like facebook, you can reunite with people you have tost touch with. You can find family members, old high school friends, college friends and even co workers. It is easier to post and receive an event that is going on, learn about the birth of a baby, and post pictures.