Friday, 31 October 2014

Earthquake shakes Fort Portal town.Drive Hot News

The Regional Prisons Commander Western Mr Allan Okelo showing Daily Monitor how the Friday morning earth quake damaged some of his property.

A terrible earth quake of short wave hit Fort Portal town between 4: 05 am and 5:10 am on Friday, sending residents into panic and scampering for their dear lives. 
The quake made some damages in some parts of the town among them is the old district headquarters at Boma.
The Regional Prisons commander Western, Mr Allan Okelo lost his car rear screen after his car garage collapsed on the car. 
Kabarole district is an area prone to earthquakes.
In July last year an earthquake and three tremors shook several parts of Uganda in the last three days. Lake Albert region was the epicentre of an earthquake whose tremors were felt as far off as Kampala.
Some of the past earthquakes in Uganda
The causes of earthquakes in Uganda are associated to rifting movements in the East African Rift System (EARS). The western boarder of Uganda lies in the western arm of EARS which is highly seismically active. Other faults such as Katonga and Aswa shear zone are weak zones that influence occurrence of earthquakes in Uganda. Various earthquakes that occurred in the past were recorded on the following dates as follows:
On July 9, 1912 the earthquake occurred in northern Uganda and had a magnitude of 6.7 on Richter scale. The epicentre was around Kitgum. There was partial destruction of buildings in northern Uganda;
On October 2, 1929 an earthquake occurred in Toro region. It measured 5.9 on Richter scale and triggered landslides;
On March 18, 1945 an earthquake occurred in Sembabule-Masaka region and it measured 6.0 on Richter scale. This earthquake killed five people and destroyed buildings in Masaka Town;
On March 20, 1966 an earthquake occurred in Toro region. It measured 6.6 on Richter scale. This earthquake killed 150 people and injured 1,300 people. It caused an economic loss estimated at US$ 1million (United Stated One Million Dollars);
On September 7, 1990 an earthquake occurred around the Lake Victoria region. The epicentre was at Nakiwogo on the shores of Lake Victoria. It measured 5.0 on Richter scale. This earthquake destroyed semi-permanent buildings around Nakiwogo landing site;
On October 9, 1991 an earthquake occurred in Lake Albert. The epicentre was around Butiaba. It measured 5.3 on Richter scale. The earthquake destroyed semi-permanent buildings within the environs of Butiaba; and
On February 5, 1994 an earthquake occurred in Kisomoro (Toro region). It measured 6.2 on Richter scale. The earthquake killed 8 people and caused destruction of property estimated at US$ 61 million (United States Sixty One million