Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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Hyena Consoles Heartbroken Babe, Shafts Her Lame. 2007 IS a good year for Hyena and like the Chinese say a year with a 6 belongs to a dragon, me i say a year with a 7 belongs to Hyena because the way am shafting women, the sky is the limit. If God isn’t careful, I will end up shafting with one of his Angels. God sent Prophet Muwanguzi to do miracles but he sent me to please all the unpleased women, to impregnant all the ‘un pregnantable’ women so all you ladies with, similar problems call Red Pepper for my directions.

Anyway today it is about Peace, some beautiful teacher and part time banker. She is so beautiful that I think God had a hand in creating her himself (no disrespect intended). I have been begging for her goods for 7 months and she kept on telling me that she was still studying me, how I hate that word ‘studying me’!As if I’m Egypt! She kept tossing me but later I got to learn that she was shafting with some guy called Tom who was working with the UN.A week after Easter, I met her in Angenior with this Tom guy and she blinked one eye, rose her eyebrows and laughed at me. I said a duwa for her. At 1am, she came running to me saying, “Please get me out of this place.

She was sobbing so I took her out to my car.“Hyena, Tom has been making a fool of me, can you imagine I’ve just found him fingering some bitch!” she cried out to me. “What! I wish Lubega had found him. So where do I take you?” I asked sympathetically.

“Take me anywhere, as long as it isn’t my place. I’m feeling so heartbroken Hyena,” she confessed. There’s no better chance to shaft a babe than when she is heartbroken and she runs to you! Off to Dolphin Suites in Bugolobi I sped. She cried all the way and I truly felt sorry for her. She even kept on crying when we got inside the room. I surely had nothing to say to her to feel well since I wasn’t good at baby sitting. It reached a point and I got bored and just wanted to sleep because I was counting that as a dead long night. As I was still trying to catch up with some sleep, I heard her say to me, “I feel so angry for having been used by Tom.”“I perfectly understand what it feels my dear,” I consoled her. “All I need from you Hyena now is a shaft; I believe it will make me feel much better,” she confessed to me.

“Are you sure that’s what you want? I asked just to make sure I had heard right. “Yes, you’ve heard, shaft me now or you get out of the room and find me someone to do it for me if you can’t” she said.
“Oh God, she’s damn serious,’ I said to myself. And for the first time, I was stuck where to start from! After a lot of thinking, I started by pulling off her mini skirt and I felt her smooth G-string. The whopper hardened as I felt her smooth hairy legs. I fingered her for some minutes and then condomised the whopper.

I started rubbing on her tweenies and this made her moan. She wrapped her hands around me making our chests get into contact. Her sharp boobs were piercing me and it killed me!I pushed in half of the whopper and I could tell that she had already cum! When I slid it in completely, ‘she died’!

I navigated all her walls; east, west, south I shafted, just like any other professional would do. All of a sudden, she let out a loud cry as if someone was strangling her. She then lay still like was had died. My heart missed a beat!I got off her, switched on the light and found her lying in el-nino, with her eyes wide open and pepper red! She was looking like she was high on drugs! I couldn’t believe that this babe was still crying! Tears were flowing uncontrollably! I pulled a bed sheet and covered her, she seemed stiff. I went to the bathroom and had a cold shower because my whopper was still demanding!

I sneaked into bed still scared that something wrong mighty happen to her in my company.As sleep was over powering me, I heard her move her slim body closer to my chest and she then coiled on me like a child on her mother.
“Eeeh… she has resurrected”

I said to myself. And since I hadn’t had enough of her, my whopper shot again. I reached for a CD and started the game allover again. We woke up very early in the morning and I dropped her at her house. Whenever I need her, I just drive to her home and she’s always welcoming. Now last week, I got a call from a certain Tom warning that I should leave his wife alone. Can you imagine!
Till then, I remain yours truly, the mighty Hyena