Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Former Ugandan VP urges opposition to unite

Kampala. Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya has asked opposition parties and those who want change in the country’s leadership to embrace unity and front one candidate against President Museveni in 2016.
In his New Year statement released last Friday, Prof Bukenya urged opposition political parties to forge a unifying plan to challenge the NRM government.
“2014 will also be a year for uniting all political forces that are fighting this nepotistic regime. I appeal to all political parties not to be selfish about their individual desires but to forge one united front with one leader to compete for the leadership” Prof Bukenya said.
The former vice president, however, said disunity and more factions are likely to emerge next year in the NRM party.
“I predict increased disunity within the NRM party which may even fragment into several groups. I urge all those party members whose agenda within the party is to create a stable and economically viable country to join me in the new forces,” he said.
He said 2013 had been characterised by poor social service delivery and a difficult political atmosphere.
“There has been increased movement towards a police state in 2013 amidst... incidents of extra-judicial killings which have never been investigated.”
He advised the government to allow freedom of speech and association, to avoid sliding back into anarchy.