Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Somali soldier executed for killing student

On Monday morning, a man named as Maslah Issa faced a firing squad at Scuola Polizia (Police Academy) in Mogadishu. He had been sentenced to death by a military court in the Somali capital. Issa, a soldier serving with the Somali National Army, was found guilty of killing a student last year.
A team of five armed men from the military and police forces were assembled while the convict was tied to a pole at a ground opposite General Kahiye Police Academy in Hamar Jab-jab District.
Officials from both the police and the army, especially officers serving with the army court, were present at the time of the execution. A crowd of people was also there to witness the event.
A court official in military uniform read a statement saying all evidence had been obtained to charge and convict the alleged killer. “Enough investigations were made to ensure that the charges against Maslah Issa killing a student were true,” pronounced the officer, who was reading the account from a paper.
He added: “He was found guilty and is now facing the full force of the law through execution.”
Further, the court official told the media that other detainees may face similar destiny if found guilty of having committed alleged killings.
Somali government soldiers and police officers had been accused on many occasions of committing crimes against the general public. Killing, rape and forcible taking of properties were among the cited crimes. The military court appears taking measures to curb the crimes.

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