Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Selena Gomez was promised an engagement ring by Justin Bieber.Drive Hot News

Selena Gomez
Salena Gomez.

Just when it appeared that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were bringing new life to their tumultuous romance things fell apart between them. Gomez has apparently been feeling terribly let down by broken promises by Bieber. Hollywood Life reported on Oct. 6, 2014 Bieber promised Gomez an engagement ring. Gomez is said to have been ready to become Bieber's wife and than no ring appeared.

Gomez appears to have felt Bieber was going to propose and present her with an engagement ring during a vacation which they recently went on together in St. Maarten after he told her that he had been out ring shopping. The couple than had a dramatic fight because Bieber didn't propose according to a source. Gomez was prepared to take that next big step towards marriage with Bieber and instead she was terribly let down.
The source says Gomez got back together with him for their romantic vacation in St. Maarten primarily because she was convinced Bieber was getting her an engagement ring. Instead apparently Bieber flipped out when Gomez brought up getting engaged during their vacation. Another source says Gomez is giving Bieber a message that until she gets an engagement ring on her finger she'll be playing it cool with him even though she's actually crazy about him.
According to Latin Post it was really other girls which caused the most recent split between Gomez and Bieber. Gomez lost her cool when Bieber took Kendall Jenner out for an intimate dinner date at Ferdi restaurant in Paris. Clearly an Instagram which surfaced online of Bieber and Jenner smiling and drinking champagne didn't make Gomez feel very good. Bieber has also apparently been flirting with other women therefore putting Gomez on an emotional roller coaster ride.