Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Gossip.Ray C slams dating rumours.Drive Hot News

Ray C and Lord Eyez in a file photo. PHOTO|
 Ray C and Lord Eyez in a file photo.

Rehema Chalamila, the sassy Tanzanian beauty who goes by the stage name Ray C , has slammed claims that she has started getting close to her ex-boyfriend, rapper Lord Eyez, who she admits introduced her to drugs.
Ray C has been struggling with drug addiction for almost two years, something she has now got off after serious rehabilitation programmes under the watchful eyes of Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who came to her rescue.
The rumours surfaced after Lord Eyez hinted last weekend that he is set to release a song this coming week on which he collaborated with the songbird, who once topped the East African charts with her hit singles like “Mama Ntilie”, “Umenikataa”, “Nataka Niwe Nawe Milele” and “Uko Wapi Nikufuate”, among others.
After Lord Eyes’ remarks, several newspapers in Tanzania have been running headline stories that Ray C is yet at it again trying to reach out to her ex, who almost ruined her life and career.
However, Ray C, who in 2013 said that she regretted meeting Lord Eyes, has come out with guns blazing stating that she hasn’t been in touch with Lord Eyes for a long time now and the song he is set to release is one that they recorded seven years ago on a visit to Kenya while they were still an item.
She took to her Instagram page to clarify the matter. Her post read in part:
“For all those who love me, I want to clear the air about the song ‘Matatizo’ I have just heard Lord Eyes is set to release in which I was featured. I know many will have different interpretation of this. But I would love people to know that the song in question was recorded SEVEN years ago on a trip to Kenya while we were still an item and that it is not currently as reported by few gossip newspapers”