Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Gossip Aziz Azion,Chew Lips.Drive Hot News

Spotted at Nakivubo stadium on Sunday evening, the two musicians were seen breathing into each other’s mouth as if they had just finished kissing each other.

Our moles who were on ground caught the two red-handed in each other’s arms but pretended to have been hugging.
We cannot establish whether the two are officially bonkmates, or just horny stars as usual trying to use each other for a night.
For the record she has, G Snake could have been high and forced herself onto Aziz or the two have a thing for each other.
By the time our moles found the two, G Snake was closing her eyes like a virgin babe waiting for a whopper to enter.
Later on, G Snake caused fear among the revelers when she hit the stage with her ‘harmless’ snake that left various fans wondering what her intentions were.