Saturday, 25 May 2013

Two arrested for ‘eating’ chimp meat

Two arrested for ‘eating’ chimp meat 
Some of the residents skinned the chimp, skewered and then roasted
its meat, saying they would feed it to their dogs.  
 KIBAALE, Western Uganda - Two men sought police protection after residents tried to lynch them, accusing them of ‘eating’ meat of a chimpanzee killed on Wednesday.

The primate, which was said to have attacked a 52 year old man working on a coffee plantation was speared dead by the residents.

The village chairman of Mabale in Bwikara sub-county Kibaale district Julius Kabera said that two men – one identified as Wilson Kwoyenda and the other only as Dan – from Katikengeye are accused of hiding some parts of the chimpanzee for unknown reasons.

Parts of the dead male chimp that were allegedly taken by the two men include the private parts, tongue, kidney, lungs, and others.

Kabera said that they suspect that by hiding the body parts, the two men had ulterior motives, and likened the move to cannibalism, considering that chimpanzees are a close relation to humans.

“We asked them where these parts were and they could not tell and when residents turned rowdy these people ran to Bwikara Police Post for rescue,” he said.

Allin Bazira, who was attacked by the chimp in question, wrestled it after it rammed into him
unawares, and he cut off one of its hands during the fight