Monday, 12 August 2013

Acid Attack Victim Kirstie Trup Out Of Hospital

Acid Attack Victim Kirstie Trup Out Of Hospital
 Acid Attack Victim Kirstie
Trup Out Of Hospital

One of two young British women who had acid thrown at them in Zanzibar has been dsicharged from hospital after treatment for her injuries.
The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital said Kirstie Trup left on Sunday night.
Katie Gee - whose burns were described as "horrendous" by her mother - is still being treated.
A statement from the hospital said: "We can confirm that Kirstie Trup was discharged from the hospital last night. Katie Gee remains in hospital. No details on either of the patients’ treatment will be released at this time.
"This approach is in line with the families’ wishes and we continue to ask that the media respect their privacy at this time."
The two 18-year-olds had been working as volunteer teachers when they were attacked by two men on a motorbike, the first such attack on foreigners on the Indian Ocean island.
Medical student Olivia Moore told Channel 4 News: "They stopped for the girls and the two men then looked at each other, nodded and then the man on the back of the bike smiled and threw acid on the girls.
"From then on it's just chaotic. There was no incident that preceded the actual attack.
"Everyone was shocked. Nobody can think of a motivation or anything that precipitated this."
Witnesses have spoken of their desperate attempts to wash the acid off the two girls before they were rushed to hospital.
The girls' families released a photograph of one of the victims' injuries, showing dark burns seared across her jaw, neck and chest.
On Saturday, Katie took to Twitter to thank well-wishers, saying: "Thank you for all your support x".
Zanzibar's Tourism Minister Said Ali Mbarouk has offered a reward of 10 million Tanzanian shillings (£2,958) for information leading to the arrest of the suspects, describing the attack as "a shame on the people of Zanzibar".
Five people detained over the attacks were questioned over the weekend.
A radical Muslim preacher wanted in connection with the attack escaped on Sunday after being shot by officers in the shoulder with a tear gas canister.
However, there was confusion about whether Sheikh Issa Ponda Issa had later been detained after handing himself in to a hospital for treatment.