Tuesday, 13 August 2013

MP held for allegedly abusing President Kabila

Muhindo Nzangi, the MP for Lubero area in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC is under house arrest for allegedly abusing President Joseph Kabila.
Mr Nzangi appeared before the Congo Supreme Court of Justice on Monday, and was charged with insulting the President.
It is alleged that while appearing on Radio Kivu in Goma on Sunday, Nzangi made utterances which were prejudicial to the internal and external security of the state.
Prosecution also alleged that the utterances by the MP sparked a revolt in Goma. During the talk show, the MP talked about the ongoing conflict in the country and criticized government for failing resolve it peacefully. Shortly after, the talk show the MP was picked by government soldiers and taken to Kinshasha under tight security.
However, Ravice Masenda the lawyer for the accused says the utterances of the legislator have been politicized. He says when the MP appeared in court he was not allowed to defend himself against the allegations.