Monday, 25 November 2013

‘Kilimanjaro notorious for women violence’

Moshi. Cases of gender-based violence (GBV), including sexual assaults on women, have increased in Kilimanjaro Region, according to statistics issued by activists.
During the first six months of this year, a total of 73 women were reported to have been raped, 24 men sodomised, 27 women physically assaulted and three infants thrown away.
An official heading a group spearheading a campaign against GBV, Mr Hilary Tesha, said Hai District was leading in cases of violence against women and children with 363 cases reported last year, followed by Same District, which had 44 cases in 2012.
The official could not explain why Hai had such a huge number of GBV cases compared to five other administrative districts in the region, but said this was based on the reported incidents.
“There are so many unreported cases on gender-based violence,” he insisted when speaking to reporters. According to him, the figures are based on surveys carried out by the Legal and Human Rights Centre and other organisations.
He called for collective measures between the government and wananchi to curb gender-based violence.
were needed to be taken to curb the situation.
One of the surveys, indicated that 122 school girls got pregnant and that some of the pregnancies were attributed to rape.

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