Thursday, 12 December 2013

The pastor was arrested and charged for impersonation.

Rakai- Renowned Kampala preacher and pastor William Muwanguzu, also known as Kiwedde, has been sent to prison for impersonation and extortion.
Grade One Magistrate Suzan Awidi found Pastor Muwanguzi guilty of the two charges on December 12 in Kalisizo Town, Rakai District.
According to prosecution led by Miriam Akite, Pastor Muwanguzi deceived worshipers at Nabisere Hotel in Kalisizo Town between November 5 and 8 that he was a Catholic priest and that his name was Father Muwamba from Kenya.
He deceived them that his prayers could cure and relieve them of all their illnesses and other problems, including getting visas, employment, wealth and a host of other good things as long as they paid money to him.
The court was packed to capacity with people trying to catch a glimpse of the dramatic pastor who kept making faces in a bid to hide his identity in front of cameras.