Thursday, 20 February 2014

1,200 miss Kyambogo graduation

KAMPALA-The acting Vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University, Prof Elly Katunguka has regretted the errors that were committed in the compilation of students’ names who were supposed to graduation yesterday and today, promising that victims who fulfilled all the academic and financial requirements, but were erroneously left out will have a special graduation mid this year.
Special graduation
Speaking at the 10th graduation ceremony yesterday, Prof Katunguka said, although about 7,913 students were supposed to graduate, only 6,713 had been cleared by graduation time.
“We apologise for the error as an institution ,but we have agreed with the students that a special graduation will be organised for them soon,” he said.
Worst still, even those who graduated yesterday were upset by the university’s failure to provide them with graduation booklets and this momentarily forced them to interrupt the ceremony shouting “booklets, booklets ” in direct reference to graduation booklets provided to graduands before the ceremony.