Saturday, 15 February 2014

Defiled child may never give birth - doctor

Kampala- A gynaecologist at Mulago National Referral Hospital told the High Court that the seven-year-old child who was defiled by a 50-year old man might never bear a child in her life.
“At the time when the victim was brought to me after five recommendations from the gynecologists in Mulago for operation, the layer between her (victim) anus and vagina was totally torn that she could not separate urine and stool,” Dr Haruna Mwanje said, while displaying the photos of the victim before the operation.
Giving guidance
Dr Mwanje was giving information to guide the trial judge during the mitigation process before the sentencing, which is scheduled for February 25.
The accused, Edward Nsenga, was convicted of defilement last month but the sentencing was deferred until Thursday February 13.
Before convicting Nsenga last month, the trial judge, Ms Elizabeth Alvidza, noted: “It was the task of the prosecution to find out whether the victim was a child below the age of 18, a sexual act was performed and that the convict participated in the act. I am convinced that indeed prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.”
Asked by the judge what punishment should be given to her tormentor, the victim, who was limping, asked court to pass a death sentence. She immediately broke down in tears.