Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Convenient. The application will enable users watch NTV on their mobile phones.

 A mobile phone user displays his phone to show how the new NTVMobi application works. The application is currently compatible with android phones.

Kampala. NTV Uganda yesterday unveiled ‘NTVMOBI’, a new product which allows viewers to watch television using their smart phones.
The service, which is currently available to Android phone users, can be downloaded from both the App and Google Play stores and will soon be rolled out to Windows and IOS phone users, according Mr David Ssembatya, the project manager of the service while speaking to the media at Kampala Serena Hotel.
Eight years of service
The launch of the product is part of the company’s celebration of eight years since it started operation in the country in 2006.
Mr Herbert Odankie Muchunguzi, NTV’s head of marketing, said: “We are going to have teams on the ground to help potential users download the app on their devices.”
He added that the company had partnered with mobile telecom operators to ensure that the cost of using the service reduces and also for people to be able to buy new phones with the app already installed.
With more than 50 per cent mobile phone penetration rate nationwide, Mr Ssembatya said embracing mobile television was no longer an option but a pre-requisite for the company.
“With more people acquiring smart phones and the number expected to significantly increase in the next few years, we have decided to move into the market and we think it will be trending, especially for the young people.”