Friday, 31 October 2014

Gossip:Liz Puzzled As Juliana, Amon Rekindle Love Affair.Drive Hot News

If there is one lady having a hard time as far as lover matters go then it is gorgeous city socialite Liz Kabagenyi.
Amon Lukwago and Liz Kabagyenyi
Amon Lukwago and Liz Kabagenyi
Latest rumour suggests that Liz’s on and off boyfriend Amon Lukwago could have rekindled his romance with ex-lover and celebrated sexy song bird Juliana Kanyomozi.
Amon and the ‘Kanyimbe’ singer were said to have been brought closer by the death of their son in July, a thing that has not gone down with Liz who is said to be on suicide watch over the rumour.
This website understands that the loss of a child is so detrimental, but seems like a positive force is bridging the gap between two former love birds that once painted the city red with their love years back.
Amon and Juliana
Amon and Juliana
After the death of their son, Amon surprised mourners when he got down on his knees and apologized to Juliana for his wrongs. A well detailed message was delivered by his long time Roger Mugisha who said, “Juliana, Amon says he is very, very proud of you.
He says he has not met anybody in the world who has inspired so much strength in him than you.” Juliana also showed gratitude towards Amon and described him as a “great father.”
Juliana and Amon rekindling their romance is not surprising considering that the latter was said to be staying at the singer’s house in Lungujja weeks after burial of their son